This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


  In American culture, it has been that of individual ownership and the individual freedom of all for their own things. Such as the ownership of property, food, animals, defensive tools, labors, economics, criminal activities (each case has its own individual case), and children. This is how this country was formed and one of the reasons why it has lasted so long at the top spot. It is because we dream and work for those dreams. That dream is that we can someday own our own business, or a house with a picket fence, and that dream is obtainable by all. I come from an age where the Communist Economic Dominance was allowed to go unchecked. Were Communist imports were zero to none and the American individual ownership values were high. It is a time after the time when people were able to compete in the world of Free Societies. Were it was individuals and corporations avoid of government ownership leading the helm of peaceful fair international commerce. While those who unfairly competed were heavily watched and regulated.. This allowed my forefathers and mothers generation to be able to support kids and grow a small nest for their families. However, once Communist imports of dumping tactics and exports of jobs to the Cartels sky rocketed, my generations parents and adults lost their jobs and fair economic competition. This was because the our communities roots they worked for went under to the Communist Cartel Strategy, causing individuals and corporations avoid of government interest to not be able to compete. We have seen the huge side effects of this for the last 20 years. As we started allowing more and more exports of jobs to the Anti-trust Communist Political ideological perspective, less jobs for American individualism and fair competition. Many free societies citizens lost their jobs to Communist Cartel Activities without an ability to earn them back.
       As such the definition of imperialism is:

  The  "creation and maintenance of an unequal economic, cultural and territorial relationship, usually between  states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination" as defined by the dictionary of Human Geography.

     After World War II the nations under our might grew to be some of the biggest nations ever, for civil and individual rights. As they grew to be bright shining individualistic countries with just our military presence there to protect them from Communism invasion. Their own cultures and economies where able to flourish and bloom. That is what America stands for and why we fought against the British imperialistic Feudalistic style Communism, the slave drivers with their unequal economics and cultural and territorial dominance, the Nazi's with their genocide to build up their cultural beliefs, then Communism and their idea of unequal economics and centralized power creating an equivocally unbalanced equation for international commerce. This has been shown through country v country economics, instead of business v business with countries regulating to create peace.

   Definitional, culturally, and economically it does not make sense to call the biggest individual believer of culture, economics and spirit an Imperialistic country. I believe we do not go into countries and buy up their economies with our State Owned Enterprises. We do not go into their cultures and say you have to stop believing in religion or your spiritual beliefs, and we do not go into countries to dominate them and control them. America goes into countries for just the opposite reason. When imperialism is high in a country American steps in and tries to give them individualism and proper economic balance. America does not stop their beliefs nor does it encroach upon its economies through huge massive state owned enterprise.

        People want to live like America because they are free, and able to believe freely and economically compete fairly with each other without government oppression of belief or economics.  It is just that. We are the better rootology economic country with our beliefs in fair market and individual ownership.

    As my Afghanistan is Peacefully nation article goes, we should make a better show of it to create a root economic structure to free the middle eastern countries we have helped. Then again, America itself and her economists have forgotten about root economics (see Guarda posts). I still hold that a true definition of imperialism would fall much closer to the side of Communist Political theory and ideological movements. As we have seen with Communist Economic Warfare, coming in and using their whole government and SOE cartel strategy to compete unfairly even with the American individualist intellects. Plus, the theory that the Communist hold as they use the name and it is in their Constitution through application of SOE Cartels; holds against cultural values of religion and spiritual belief for the better of the imperialistic motives of economic domination to enslave the commune to a few leaders that believe strongly in their political motives. Truly, Communism is the imperialistic movement. As even in utopia as old philosophers way before Marx, and Locke, showed that utopia in human nature does not work. Communism is based on utopia and Lockean ideas are based on the specific science of human nature and evolution with as much freedom as posible.

    Further, if we look at most American military movements our bi-polar political movement has made sure that we treat the country we help out economically fairly. Israel, Japan, and the others we took care of took off. They all have excelled via individual economics, and their own cultures. Even some of the laureated scholars on fair economics and individual beliefs in their ow cultures were actually able to surpass and economically dominate the US through fair economics, like Japan (except today it is currently being crushed by SOE Strategic Debt funding, I will get to that on publish day). Even the very imperialistic motivated users of Communist Economic Cartels like Russia and China also favored our none imperialistic motives of individual freedom of economics. However, we have allowed the Chinese Communist to go to far with their imperialistic ideas of Communist unfair economics as applied through the narrow scope of SOE cartel activities. As the motives of communist economic domination by use of cartel abuses has crashed the world economy through rootology.  They are destroying countries economies, unfairly amassing an SOE Economic Cartel armada in countries economic infrastructures, and they are using their untapped military as a check to anyone who would properly address their unfair, uncompetitive economic imperialistic SOE Cartel motives.

     Imperialism is an abuse of power for ones economic, cultural, and dominant wants. American ideals, motives or movements do not fall under this scope as an intellectual and a none popular idea. I see that Communism in theory, & application, has, and is, the embodiment of imperialism. As it wishes to unfairly economically dominate the individuals through a communistic style business strategy called SOE Cartels. Instead of equal leadership and equal work force with proper compensated levels  based on competitive and productive means. Individualism like the old philosophers believed, is the closest thing to nature and peace with harmony that one could get. As competition is natural.

   The belief that Communist Cartels has bettered our society, or even that it is a fair economic competition, when all the red flags of a country under economic warfare have been flown, is a detrimental economic theory to fair and competitive international commerce (see Guarda Posts). Why we have turned on our natural beliefs in a fair market, is the nature of a imperialistic civil and political theory grabbing hold of one of the worlds most interesting places to study militarily strategy over the worlds history: China. Mind manipulation is at play if you have studied old stratiticians from different parts of the world.

     It is the biggest mind manipulation of our time. Which is, Communist Economic Imperialism being al it is well known that the fight of the mind is all that matters. Communist Economic Cartels have been allowed to flourish in our world unchecked and unregulated to create the biggest ever Cartel Abuses of anti-trust legal doctrine since the threat of Soviet Union bloc activities. This would prove that Communism is closer to imperialism as it creates an unequal economic balance in the world.Thus it unfairly wishes to create an empire via international Anti-trust abuses of SOE Cartel's through communist strategies and activities. Truly a world committee needs to without fear seriously divulge itself into the study of Communist Economic Cartels and the effect it has had on the world economy, for which the Rider I Has dubbed the SOE Crash of 2008-2010.

   Rider I

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