This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

At least in the Cold War there was a hero to stand up to the Neo-Mercantalist

Now we have all the free world scoities high service economies while everyone is dependant on a few neo-mercantalist countries to control the international business cycle, while causing huge imbalances.

Who is the lead guardian for this? I want a dull with you. Properly, intelligently and legally. Resource conquering, SOE conquering, going back on obligations, creating unsoverign satellite reliance.

I don't like neo-mercantalism, however, I think that there needs to be a check in the international marketplace from the neo-mercantalist. This means that another country of free market birth has to be able to compete fairly with the Chinese economic conquering. To help defend countries from economic neo-mercatnlist attacks much like we did against the Soviet Union. I mean a true country would not say to Greece, hey we want more oil and things. A good first world leader would say, we understand that you country runs a high service industry. Which does not create much international value. We would then like to help you create free enterprises in your country that can compete globally in manufacturing and exportation. Not the China way of hey we want to dump in your country and allow you a little raise in exports but not a really balance for your GDP or trade balances. What happened, to my heroes of old. Flying around saving countries from economic attacks and conquering by neo-mercantalits countries. Were did they all go?

Rider I

I mean all those economists that used to believe in free enterprises and foreign countries soverignty and ability to stand on their own with thier won free enterprises. That I used to read about and learned strategy from. Were did they all go. I mean the old ability to pin point a neo-merc's advances via economics for intellegence espionage, and strategic government owned corporation economic warfare. Do they not exist any more? did those folks not teach anyone? what has happened? Why are neo-merc country with their Massive SOE's and strategic military espionage campaigns being allowed to run free on this world. Were are my down hard, 4x4 driving, boxing in the ring, jumping out of air planes, getting dressed on the side of building economists? Did we all of a sudden get a influx of economists that play patty cake and dress up, no offense I played that as a kid sometimes, however, most of the time it was down hard competition and getting dirty and getting the job done. Were did they all go? is the question.

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