This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Save the Joint Forces Command bases from merging and downsizing (Nice way to say closing). Stop Intellegence base closures.

Time to mediate:

Read this one to0. Ok resources collected. Time to produce.'The+Theory+of+Sovereignty,+Power+and+the+Balance+of+Power'&source=bl&ots=sLWmOLeMLI&sig=0LRwIMZdFjI2ipOb8YfWwxOuqhA&hl=en&ei=Q_K8TMfEM6GanAebm6WJDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CB4Q6AEwAg#v=onepage&q='The%20Theory%20of%20Sovereignty%2C%20Power%20and%20the%20Balance%20of%20Power'&f=false

This looks good think i will sit down and read it and see if any lights come on.
Ok data set comparison. The thesis is we need to centralize our military base economics and merge them while downsizing, so that we can spend more on technology and future technology. That is great all for it. However, these things that are being shut down or merged need to be replaced. Now, bases that are in the middle of greate towns or counties that have been created around them can absorb a lot of the deprivational models that are created. However, still though the other bases that are recieving more centralized economics could actually being causing a problem.

You see the money savings is not necessary the point. As we all know money is pretty much a fictional creation based on societal needs and wants. Which is tied to many theories depending on who is leading the pack.

As such, as narrowly applied to the Joint Forces Command base having its stars taken from it. I wish to show that allowing more NATO controll of US international cooperation is not a good thing for US soverignty. As such the US should have a command base that can check or balance NATO. As such the US did not become Papa because it was allowed to be weakened and have international ties take over the necessary national security issues.

This again is a bad mind set to allow to be created inside of the US. Especially with the the intellegence bases. As such, I know that everyone is looking for money to cut and hawk things right now. However, if we take a look back to the last big trough between business cycles we will see that the same thing happened. Further, we are spending a lot of money overseas as to compared to countries that are actually just spending money at home. This means that we must make sure to keep a proper balance of economic de-centralizing so as to create a higher quality of life.

Economic decentralizingn is what has worked for the US. When we first started this country we would create bases, forts and places of government spending around areas were we wished to create an economic stability. As such then we moved to creation of bases for such defenses againt Red Dawn or Red Strike infilitration. However, as of late, we have hugely been dependant on technological advancment, to the point of were it could be possible to drive us to further extinction.

Alright no sparks today, this is really not moving me. I will try again later.

If Congress was serious about having a safe and secure plus sovereign country and world in the future it would deal with the economic deprivation caused by China's massive ongoing trade surplus and acquisition strategy. Not shut down bases that are necessary to protect a country that has still an unstable neighbor and a country that harbors hate for America Venezuela, trying to economically through neo-mercantalism kill American oil industries.

I say again, merging and centralizing bases is bad for our economics. the reason why our economic model has allowed us to stay at the top. Besides the old owls chiming in when things get dumb. Is because we have such a spread out natural law economic model of stream economics. This means again that military bases and intelligence bases were spread out for a reason. This was to create pockets of government spending so that citizens could occupy those areas and create towns and cities so that possible guerrilla warfare would be less likely because we would have eye's in that area. However, with bases closing down at such a substantial rate and the spending being spent on technological and future advancements which are only good if you have eye's on, it really starts to defeat the purpose of the US economic model fo BOR style natural law of stream economics. This then causes New York, LA, Chicago style detriments were centralization of such heavy economic has caused massive amounts of civil unrest and guerrilla warfare. So much so that in a square area of New York alone there is some 1,000 civil unrested guerrilla's to a few hundred police officers.

Again the lord willing I am wrong or that someone of power is reading this. My theory is that after the next economic business model it is possible if we do not break fire, or quench before our business cycle could cause a massive economic fall out. Which then would link into Criminal Justice theories of natural law style aggression leading to higher civil unrest. As such, with our troops of shore and technology not being allowed to be used in our inner cities, it would be a natural disaster amounting to the size of Katrina however sociologically, instead of earthly. This then would be very hard to quell. The scale could be way off the charts if both depression and economic deprivation of aggregation of city guerrillas both combine to create such a natural disaster. Again, high human density of centralized economics is not the American Economic model. We are about spreading out the Economic across America so as to keep eye's on the ground at all times. Move forward, not back, of course some things need to be trimmed. However, at the tune of 800 bases, and now they are starting in on the intelligence bases. Sorry, General, you know I love you. But I am going to have to educate you. This young I is not happy with our current allowance of possible correlations of such strategic possible movements in the future of economics with military potential that I have to do something. I should be arriving in DC within the next two months.

I would like to do a comparison to China, however, I think they are still at the political instable point to which they are afraid to let their public and international public know where and how many bases they have. In America, it is freedom of speech. They are not going to arrest me for posting things that the public should know as we pay for it and we need to check and balance it.

The Problem I find with our government is they think that the invasion of the US is impossible. I have read that major strategic points of defense bases and country v county operations have been closed in the US, or downsized and centralized. This then causes pockets of weak economics. It upsets me that I have been brain storming on this matter for a while and have not found one paper that is written in the con for shutting down country v country military bases. As our national security advisors now seems to be think that our technology is the best way to go, and that wars will always be guerrilla fashioned from here on out. Humble I disagree. Economic warfare again is based on civil unrest. At such points were a country is weakened and without high military domestic occupation it will have to have another country come in and occupy it after the economic warfare has completed its tasks. Much like the game I am now trying to trace with MSS. It is not run in mere decades or years it is run in a systematic eventual decline in economics and defensess. As I keep hearing we are saving money by shutting down bases. for what so we can spend more money to fight overseas. Again, I add the Soviet Union circumstances, with a possible German style build up of industry and military. In this event if the US was incapable of defending a possible German style build up against China, we would have to turn and burn and rebuild all of those bases. In hopes that China's technological warfare could not destroy our economic and technological infrastructure. However, I have traced many tests of our system, from airplanes, to satellites, to communication loses, to controll of basic banking systems. Again. I find that if these base closures are being doen that we properly look at the reality of the situation and not the economics. As if economics is the problem, we have been failing in defending our American business cycle from heavy Chinese enterprise manipulation. Thus were some see, saving of moneis to be spent on more high technological weapons, I see an incapable defens department to keep the US growing at a good rate of economic strength. As china is growing at upward trends of 10% and the us is waining at 2%. This I find is the problem my dear national economists. That reality that if China so wished in less than ten years it could do a full scale campaign, with its new found economic allies through uncompetitive FTA's which will allow china to puppetteer its economic invaded countries. This then would mean that North Korea could easily puppetteer into South Korea, with the US saying it will use Nuclear weapons, however our nucs are pretty much last stand if we are nuced now as everyone has them. This would mean that our defense industry to fight country v country warfare would be substantiall impacted. While China at tis high rate of growth could easily pass up the US in strategic base placement at home, and strategic base placement abroad. As China's foreign military bases are not miltiary bases they are massive SOE business were they hold tons of military personnel and equipment via cloaked subjective ways. I say again, do not close our international cooperation intellegence bases, and re think your weak strategy to economics in the US. Instead of moving forward at a strong pace and leadership. We cut back while we lose huge amounts of economic growth, and our known county v country worry China is surpassing us at light speeds do to economic growth. I find you are weak and inable to take care of this country. I understand some miltiary base closure and alignment, but upwards of 800 movements and the economic loss of tens of billions of dollars at home to be poured into foreign countries is Romanistcly weaken our domestic infrastructure. There is a point when it stops. This point is now. At Chinas invasion rate of the US at over 3,000 espionage bases, and the US intellegence bases alone domestically not even touching that number of bases, we will and shall stop closing bases at the intellegence level. Along with a realization that if the BRAC is the the way the US finds money for its new weapons and technology we have become what we call on the streets a tweaker country hawking and selling things so we can get by. Instead of properly and strongly workin out our economics and growing our muscle mass, we eat at it and sell things to keep eating at it to self deprivate. As such coming from a muscle head background, we do not like tweakers, because they are weak minded and weak abled to do proper jobs. Therefore, you will stop tweaking (in the negative sense not the motor head sense but the street addict who can't get enough of the feeling of self deprivation, and eating away at their own muscles untill they become incapable of doing basic tasks.) the as the eyes of this country have had enough of your self deprivation. . . . . . ..

Thesis of the base closures
"larger effort to redirect defense spending away from overhead and contractors and toward troops and modernization"
"He stated that without the savings from

new rounds of closing, DOD would be hard-pressed to fulfill its missions and
responsibilities in the future.However, if the Joint Forces Command was a base it would be a modern base as it works towards international cooperation.
responsibilities in the future"

"if Congress was serious

about having funds for new weapons, it was necessary to reduce excess infrastructure."

If Congress was serious about having funds for new weapons it would take a look at a country that pepetuates a catch 22 and causes agreesion in the intellegence community about the unfair play that is going on. While China grows at a high end 10% military expindture. Places like the UK cut their military spending by 10% due to China's trade deficit causing economic deprivation and inability to create jobs or taxes for our allies.

This is embarrassing. We have the worst case scenario of economic warfare going on and:
"Nye and U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Chesapeake, have said they believe the Pentagon isn't providing details to back up the recommendations because they didn't do research before making the decision."
Pentagon wants my head I know. But I love them, yet I love my countries security and international cooperation too.
So let me get this straight we are shutting down the Joint Force Command to let NATO take over:
"“We need transformation today more than ever,” Abrial told reporters after a ceremony at ACT headquarters. ACT’s mission, aimed at fostering military collaboration among the NATO alliance’s 28 member nations, parallels that of JFCOM, and the two organizations work closely together."

So Chief D and the DBB, your figurement is that we will just let NATO take over the US Joint Forces command base position as they parrell what each other do. So let NATO do it? So we should say that NATO is shutting down JFCOM:
as JFCOM worked with NATO and other international countries separately but now NATO will just:
"ACT will need to work more closely with the Pentagon and the individual U.S. military commands." No biggy lets let NATO take over a US command base personnel commission and employment jobs, so we can just pay them do the US's job and then lose all sovereignty to other foreign national government cooperation as NATO will do it. Really I know I am seriously construing here but can you see what I am saying. How sovereign is that?

"Virginia leaders have been incensed by Gates' refusal to explain the reasons for his August announcement on the planned closing of the command, which is located in Norfolk and Suffolk. The closing puts in jeopardy thousands of jobs and nearly $1 billion in defense spending in Virginia."

Listen to this stuff:
"While cross-service collaboration, or jointness, is important, they said, enough progress has been made that JFCOM itself is no longer needed." Really cause I know two little countries right now that are pretty scared that their international waters are going to be soon become Chinese waters as such possible pinning them in. really glad folks have no clue about international cooperation and the never ending battle to create a stable line of communications and cooperation's as interdependency is the best practice. However, losing ones countries ability to create interdependency via its own Joint Force Command and not a NATO run command is important.

I hear it now it is just a base it has nothing to do with weapons or high technology. Well then my friend maybe you don't understand the power of cooperation and all the high technology and weaponry cooperation that JFCOM uses. that is what it is and now I can't get it out of my head you want NATO to take over the JFCOM duties. Don't you son, you think I am dumb?
"However, under questioning by House members, Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn conceded that a "business case" for closing JFCOM - the amount of money that could be saved - hasn't been developed yet."
You something, if the People of the United States ask you why you are shutting down a military base via economic information. You give it to them. However, the necessary so called technological need for what you think in your little pretty suit and office military structure if found confidential does not need to be. However, if they ask you should give it. Cause now, Congress I sure hope sits in your pretty office till you do with a fat cigar and a glass of whiskey old Charlie Wislon Style.  Where's my economic report?

"Hampton Roads' delegation used to the forum to continue to press their case that the military has refused to respond to numerous requests for information to support the need to close the command, which employs about 6,000 people and provides hundreds of millions of dollars for the region's economy."

You want to shut down 6,000 people's jobs and you think you are helping the country by then taking the bases and centralizing them. As such creating a loss of economic streamlining and spreading out by creating pooling and damming of US defense spending. Which then causes pockets of distress and poverty in which the bases had previously been spread out on purpose for guerrilla warfare and economic strategy you eat dirt, 25 pushes in your suite people! eat dirt now.

Before I star this, is the main reason why we are centralizing so many bases and shutting down intelligence research bases, money? Cause you know there is a little thing called economic warfare, I sure hope the senior policy makers get a copy of a proper analysis putting do rest any fears of economic warfare impacts causing these intelligence bases closures. Along with that, you best darn make sure that NATO does not go taking over any US sovereign national military duties. They are separate. NATO is NATO, JFCOM is JFCOm and we as the people and the citizens of the US reserve the right to keep a sovereign international and national cooperation base at high standardized.

It would seem only fitting for my blog to save the Joint Command base from being downsized and closed. As the Chinese wish to do a very slow raise of their currency rate. The US and international market place will suffer from it. Along with that China will be able to stretch out with most no one to actually be able to check them. This is a problem, along with hundreds of Military bases going on the Chopping blocks in the US, our national security with our justice system has also gone on the chopping block. As we have lost thousands of employees that work for the Justice system in the US. However, I find the Joint Command very important as to what their mission is. As such i will spend some of life line, and age working on stopping their base downsizing and closing.

This is an embarrassment to the United States of America that we would close so many bases while allowing China to actually be able to hold their countries massive foreign reserves of jobs and currency. Just an embarrassment and that is why this rugged blatantly brazen street man picked it up. Cause it needs some bravado. I mean can no one correlate US intra base closures to the Chinese Economic impacts and their economic wishes or has China's oral contracts with President Nixon gone so for lost that no one can even remember what they were. Lets correlate US base closures do to need of monetary currency and all things that the Chinese economy has impacted upon the US and the international marketplace. Shall we. This is an embarrassment. What about Roman style economics and how they collapsed to US economics and we are following in their footsteps. Believe just because no one has attacked us at home at full strenght or because we have high tech weapons that our opposition does not have them or even better. I mean Russia was the first into space weapons way before the US. China has surpassed the US's intelligence bases, high technological weaponry, and every time the US comes out to test China is on its heels in a few months. At least that is what I believe. Yet for some reason it can be found that instead of looking at the root, we just start tearing at the bark of the tree so other parts of the tree can gain what is left. This is so embarrassing. I mean our superiority complex has really become a detriment to the US. The Fact that we think that China is not  a threat is a huge threat. Embarrassing, our old defense guards would be upset as a matter of fact if I here proper from the birds they are not happy with the US for letting down its defenses. Yet they are happy that China and Russia have both come so far in their quest for freedom of economics. If I can still understand Carrier bird writings.  To hold the 평화.

At the United States Joint Forces Command, we are involved in both current and future operations – ready for today; preparing for tomorrow.


•We train and provide forces from all services to commanders around the world to work together as a joint team.
•We ensure the equipment each team brings to an operation is compatible.
•We provide teams with unique skills that can deploy at a moment’s notice to assist an operation.
•We coordinate our efforts with other nations to ensure we can operate together.
•We develop a blueprint for how our military forces will conduct future operations.
•We test this blueprint to ensure that it works
•From this blueprint we develop solutions that can be put into the hands of service men and women who will be engaged in future operations.
So economic warfare Were it is implemented it starts to force its target to eat away at its own defenses. Now of course not at enough of a spat to make a big scene but a slow erosion. Which after aggregated could cause a weaken of the defense system in strategic key points that the implementer wishes to focus on. Much like China wanting our west coast for their biggest intelligence base COSCO. Or much like China wishing to create a massive FTA proliferation in which the US international cooperation bases would be a great target to thin out so that the US could not have such a high communication with its allies. As China does the same thing it did to the US and create high espionage through SOE's like COSCO. In which the next victim I predict will be Greece, as they will not be ready for such high espionage and will not have the monetary or financial backing to properly protect against the high espionage that is brought with Chinese SOE's. As such the Join Command Base could be sued to better educate foreign allies on how to cooperate against espionage. MMM, however, I think I will go with some basic monetary ideas also. I still readily need to get through my material 1000 pages is so much. Oh.

Washington Post outed tons of intellegence bases. Which probable cost the US hundres of thousands of dollars and possible millions of lost data. Yet, we have 3,000 Chinese Espionage bases in the US, and the Post did not do any articles on the ones we need.,9171,1027457,00.html

No, the basic data I am collecting will show a need to properly stop the vicious cycle of base closures every time we go through a major trough in our business cycle. Which is caused by Chinese unfair economics, as they are stalling their transition into the next phase as much as they can.

It is not just an intelligence base it is a mind set and a cycle that has been allowed to happen way to long in this country. Doing without and weaken our infrastructure and defenses so that another country can become stronger, more political clout and a close ability to take the US on head on. This is about doing the right thing and keeping our military bases strong. As I believe we never re-build them when they close. As the West coast has shown. I know why China is after Greece and what black opts tech they are working on. I also know exactly why China was after the west coast and what black opts tech they are working on. These closures of bases allow more for China while less for the US. YOU NEED TO KEEP THE BASES AND FIGURE A WAY TO MAKE MONEY THAT IS IT I AM PUTTING MY FOOT UP SOME FOLKS BUTTS. A general talking about economics, to many bases, yet China is setting up espionage shops in our allies and tons of other countries at the highest rate every. And the US wants to close more bases while China opens more espionage bases. Love it, I say keep the Joint command. Have them start up an espionage defense unit and then properly teach foreign countries how to defend against it so that the market place can stay fair and competitive so that China does not become the next Persian empire via economic warfare.

I have maps in my head with green dots that see each of China's wants for countries black opts tech that they are creating. Again why I know what each country is creating is much a mystery to me than I can ever explain. I can just read certain data about a country and figure out what they are working on. I would figure that China has I's like me too. Thus Greece would be my first choice if I am right on what they are creating. Along with that a powerful presence on the West coast for espionage bases would also be a smart choice too.

Then again some general wants to shut down bases and further weaken our defenses because of economics. AS OBVIOUSLY HE CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET MORE JOBS FOR AMERICANS

do people think America is invulnerable. i mean i know all of our defense systems and centralizing bases causes less spread defenses against espionage for DOD as FBI can't do it all and for the love of freedom red strike and red dawn strategies. it amazes American thought and our superiority complexes but hey i have one too.

you know for that defeatist class up at the national college of defense i would have suspected that it would have concentrated for its curriculum more on us and Romes similarities of bad Econ war defense and the closing of intra country bases yet building of foreign bases. did not here it though. Rome thought they were above econ war too.

Soviet union thought that too. however their liquidity lose is what happened to them do to spreading thin much like the us is doing bow i believe. our business cycles are creating less valuable liquidity and more borrowing liquidity each time, because y'all cant figure out how to bring root jobs to America and our export import GDP ratio is being boxed in. but hey were Americans nothing can happen to us. bs pluss aa to the 5th. stop the self deprivation and non intelligent econ warfare. we need to stop.

you don't understand econ war or new wave war if you think closing bases will save you money. that logic comes from the same generation that gave us outsource to neo mercantalist and we wont go through troughs losing liquidity, military bases, technological advances, massive loss of funding to fight espionage abroad and at home and huge gaps in time limits for bases to base protection. matter of fact thus does not even have an economic warfare school. i should know i want to attend. well pretty soon once china gets everyone into fta's it wont be dependant on the us. dependency is good thing but the rev line is way over for a shift in gears.

future dig value of joint command product to the stability of the international marketplace through cooperation with allies on espionage from the biggest theft country china. i would presume, that Americas cooperation with foreign countries on the matter would create a very valuable product. as econ espionage costs countries hundreds of millions of dollars. i wold bet if we put together a good espionage defense package the product value would out weigh the costs. but you did not calculate the econ war part of it did
how much does econ espionage cost international marketplaces as it all funnel  money back to china?
does the joint force command have a econ war defen co=op unit that can carry iterating product value?
what is the value of smooth cooperation from one unit to the next regarding int co-op, much like a domestic unit there is value on the training of working as a team, that is what boot, and other schools are for domestically, JFCOM is similar as applied to int coop against such enemies as high espionage countries like china. or terrorism, however china has the highest i believe econ war terrorism, i believe.
create new definition for econ war terrorism if not found, send in to Websters,

 economic warfare impacts and how we should not take the blows so hard to our bases yet let them roll off us like water, with proper reforming of old tech. However, I'll just say I like them old 350 small block engines, so easy to work on. I mean I remember. i would sit there under my old 73 Chevy pickup truck with a Corvette small block in it and crank on that thing. Heads, pistons, polishing, cleaning, cherry pickers, headers, gaskets, gas lines, oh motor head, ah. Or the 66 Chevy Chevell oh let me tell you a big block 405 engine dark blue, smoothing chopped top about an inch, sing purr baby purr.

with over 3,000 Chinese espionage bases alone in the US. I found that the Washington's post on Intelligence bases was quit moving and in deed a contrasted comparison to a correlation of the last report on closing military bases. Ah yes, but they again, what is the price on keeping this country free.

How do you really learn that you closed to many bases. When their is a riot and the the only people around are the national guard as the military bases near the city was closed down, when a country infiltrates and then attacks, really these types of things have happened already and shown that we are leaving huge parts of our country vulnerable. Along with that merging different military intelligence bases is like saying that Boot camp should be merged with Airborne school, they are two different studies.

the reality is that econ war works on the country tearing itself apart then needing help, or having to seek help. It does not work on the theory of oh the bases are farther apart so if they hit a city it will not hit a base. Well that does not work. If the bases are farther apart that means if there is civil unrest lets say in a depression state, it can turn ugly fast. And if we can't obtain the amount of troops it is necessary to quell 7 million or so Americans with no jobs and massive inflation rates, that just up and decided they have had enough. Well then maybe we should have kept those intelligence bases separate so we could protect against economic warfare and stop weaken our infrastructure because of economics that have not been properly correlated to economic warfare. I mean if these reports don't reflect the value of economic warfare then they are child's play reports. So far I have been digging for a while on this matter at least 2 hours or so and I have seen more reports for base closure than I have seen against. This is much like before I started my engine on Chinese Economics and started a Galaxy revolution of data that seemed to be dragged to the top by my searching. Maybe this will happen again as I search for the more reports against the closing of the bases. then again so far like my last start it is very biased out there. So lets light up the other side. I will keep digging.

alright I found lead. I am going to try and contact some folks to get any docs on how to stop base closures or data, stories or analogies of why bases should not be closed. I know we had hard power bases on the chopping block last time. This time it is Intelligence bases with Washington post leading the research on the closures. telling ya, some folks have no common sense. Why would we need a military bases out in the middle of now where? If you can't answer that question and fully understand the reason of why military bases were created and spread the way they were. Then you have serious doubtful intelligence mentality and definitely should never be on a defense military committee. I could sit down with you and check you in less than 10 maybe 12 moves. Telling you serious doubt coming from the Pentagon's business intel department. Sorry doll this is business and my countries security is top priority right.

I need a list of allies to gather information from and cooperate and boil down their research. How you do it, teach me let me learn and turn and burn.

possible digs for information:
stand and be recognized for trying to protect your country from economic warfare Some unsung heroes oh by the way lads MSS might come after you seats so hold down the hatches and prepare:

Gerry Tarantolo, Mayor of Eatontown, N.J.,

Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J

Rep. Rob Simmons, R-Conn
He is going to be a little hard to find. looks like he got cut by a Democratic in his state.


"Under the proposal, 33 large military bases and some 150 smaller facilities from Maine to Hawaii would be closed to save money and to better suit defense needs."

Republican freshman Sen. Jone Thune

Senator Jim Webb

Senator Mark Warner

Congress  Glenn Nye the science guy
It seems I might be leaving my brothers and sisters from the red out I will find them soon too.

Congress Person Randy Forbes

Congressperson, Rob Wittman

Oh by the way China, more like 35%. I don't like having to do this and we all need new places to export too. LOL
Congressperson, Bobby Scott

This is important from Sir, Senator Jim Webbs page:

"“Alone among the U.S. combatant commands, JFCOM is uniquely organized and tasked to develop the joint training, doctrine, and capabilities needed to adjust to the demands of 21st-century combat operations,” the delegation contended. “Unlike the Defense Business Board’s [DBB] cursory review, several in-depth studies each assessed joint force effectiveness and requirements to improve combat capability, and all reached a different conclusion than the DBB. None of these comprehensive reviews recommended the elimination or realignment of JFCOM. On the contrary, they recommended placing increased emphasis on joint war fighting.”"

It looks like peer review is not with the DBB. Well in intelligence arena that usually means you might lose the Vote on the movement. Peer review is very important, by outside agencies of course not your own firewalls. By the way reminder this old blog is research firewall of one. Just Mr. I. Oh and if anyone ever wants to battle please let me know, as I let my battler warriors who I battle know when I criticize their paper so they can defend themselves to their peers. House of Levy was placed on notice of my attack. The others I have not yet attacked so I have not told them yet.

As a matter of fact I believe that the proper legal constitutional firewall for our intelligence bases closure, or nice way to say closure is not being properly handled.

 Congresspersons and Senators letters says it the best, shall I quote:

"Finally, we object to your plan to ignore the legislative intent associated with base closure and realignment limitations associated with Title 10 U.S. Code, Section 2687. This provision was established to ensure that Congress has sufficient time and opportunity to review DoD proposals that would result in the closure or realignment of significant military facilities. It also includes requirements intended to ensure that such decisions are made only after a comprehensive review of costs, impacts, and alternatives."

Now you at the DBB would not being trying to pull one over on Uncle Sam's I's would you. Ey. Crafting something in such a way to bypass proper legislation and firewall research as indented by the People of the US surely does place you in the light of possible treason, so I sure hope we do not have to pull a baby blue trace on you. ah DBB, such strategies are not proper. I would further hope that Congress would make legislation regarding the non permante chairing of the DBB as it is such a high council and should rotate to fixate a non proliferation of pin point infiltration by such that was found by previous economic warfare agents of foreign countries. Maybe, that might be a nice watch what you are doing when it comes to our security and defense, little growl legalisation to the DBB. Just a growl, as they did construe such a strategy as to bi pass Congress's research firewall. MMM, I think a growl is necessary. Rotating chairs if not already done.

"Although compliance with 10 USC 2687 would result in only a few months’ delay in implementation of your recommendation to eliminate JFCOM, your closure strategy appears to have been crafted to avoid the need to comply with its statutory requirements.

I think I should do an email to some senators.
"Fort Meade is among hundreds of major focal points in implementing the most sweeping BRAC initiatives ever undertaken – requiring twice the number of actions as the previous four BRAC rounds since 1988 combined"
Good to see that my theories are right on point. Trust me you think that this recession was bad. If China does not do the proper raising of its currency and then the proper losing of its SOE's we are in trouble during the next one.

"The plan, which took effect in November 2005, affects more than 800 military installations. It involves closing some, consolidating or realigning others, and ultimately relocating some 123,000 military members and civilian employees."

Pentagon's Failure to present a timely report on why the Joint Forces Command base should be closed
"Frustrated with Pentagon officials' failure to provide documents showing how they came to the conclusion that JFCOM must be shuttered, U.S. Rep. Ike Skelton, chairman of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, said his panel will not approve any money or other legislation related to the project until it gets the requested information"

"Republicans in Virginia's U.S. House delegation, Reps. Robert J. Wittman, R-1st, J. Randy Forbes, R-4th, Robert W. Goodlatte, R-6th, Eric Cantor, R-7th, and Frank R. Wolf, R-10th,"

The US lost its last major war which was Veitnam against China. Yet, the US still persists to close major abses of intra protection to spend more money on foreign campaigns. Which as China is doing the opposite to the US could become problematic.

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