This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who am I joking this is all I think about.

I read an article today in the Times magazine regarding Premier Wen. He stated that if China raises its currency that it would not help the US with China's trade debt because the US would just have to purchase the same goods from another country as the US does not produce those goods in the US anymore.

Again Sir Premier Wen, you do not understand the basics of globalization. China is now a flourishing economy that can easily stand on its own at an even toe to toe currency. However, as the US economists darn rugged self included we are nice and only wish to raise the currency to a 20% from were it stands. So as to allow China more time to grow and expand.

So here is your litte globalization educational lecture Premier Sir. This is is how it works. China is doing great, however, the only reason that I have found to be good enough not to raise China's currency has been its quality of life as per say compared to other countries. However, that is because China does concentrate on its trade surpluses and graphs have shown that this is true. So instead of China raising its Service GDP ration to expand its quality of life they would rather keep the export concentration going. This again is shown by Premier Wen's statements. You should have read this article with my mind and scope. I wish I could afford it. However, I was passing by and of course it was just right there with that page open as I passed by. Amazing it was like walking out of a liquor store and seeing it laying there with two old Asian men smoking cigarettes. I asked them if I could read it seeing it was already open to that page.

Anyways, if China allows other countries to start exporting and importing more in a competitive manner which by the way Premier Wen agrees will happen if they have to raise their currency. Then that allows more locations for Chinese and US products to be exported and imported to. This then goes with the same reasoning that Tricky Dick and the watergaters, reasoned. That if we trade with China it will open up more trade routes. It did. So now it is time for China to do the same to its brothers and sisters who have not as China has. China will do just fine as it works on its quality of life and service sectors.

I wish I could do a line for line but it was not my magazine and I am very poor, not of mind and spirit of cour es but of wallet. Times are very tough right now but they are getting better.

I am telling you light bulbs were just going off right and left as I read the article in the Times magazine. Kind of weird how it was open to that page as I walked by. Those old Asian men sure did smirk as they saw me dig into the article.

Rider I
I am telling you China raises their currency to a competitive level and it is good for all sides China's intra quality of life, other countries security and economic infrastructure building and all big market force countries as we will have more markets to export and import with as other countries quality of life rise also.

By the way, I should call those gentlemen Americans with Pacific Islander decent, as one was flying an American flag on his hat.

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