This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

JFCOM The Joint Operation Environment 2010

"Three very powerful motives .......– security, honour, and self interest. And we were not the first to act in this way. Far from it.4 -Thucydides"

sounsd like the we need money for high tech equipment argument is gone. becasue we also need comprehensive briefs and technical advisors on how to cooperate in the international community with it as a soverign US Military unit. So all your new high tech equipment needs folks to work out the glitches
Not down sizing. Make more money and get the US citizens so jobs that produce things and are not based on the Service industry. As service industreis do not help create international political clout, or military friendships, we need jobs that can help build countries strong and healthy.
"In our guardian role for our nation, it is natural that we in the military focus more on possible security
challenges and threats than we do on emerging opportunities. From economic trends to climate
change and vulnerability to cyber attack, we outline those trends that remind us we must stay alert to
what is changing in the world if we intend to create a military as relevant and capable as we possess

"Taken together, these documents will drive the concept development and experimentation that will, in turn, drive our evolutionary adaptation, while guarding against any single preclusive view of future war."

"The next quarter century will challenge U.S. joint forces with threats and opportunities ranging from
regular and irregular wars in remote lands, to relief and reconstruction in crisis zones, to cooperative
engagement in the global commons."

"Nevertheless, it is absolutely vital to try to frame the strategic and operational contexts of the future,
in order to glimpse the possible environments where political and military leaders will work and where
they might employ joint forces."

"The value of such efforts lies not as much in the final product, but much more in the participation of senior leaders and decision-makers in the discussion."

"The alternative, to focus exclusively on the here and now or to pass this mission to the bureaucracy, will certainly result in getting caught flat-footed, reacting to near-term crises as they arise, at great cost in blood and treasure."

"This section also suggests how senior leaders might think about creating a force that is suited to address the challenges that these contexts will present."
Lets see mmm I like the Japanese laser vertical holographics tech and the laser touch see through for my command headquarters. I prefer, a region with a river and some mountains so my kids can be country, close to a city for the lady, and enough room for me and the crew to eat and sleep if it comes down to it for days. Let me know. LOL

"Our goal is, by a careful consideration of the future, to suggest the attributes of a joint force capable of adjusting with minimum difficulty when the surprise inevitably comes."

"War, more than any other human activity, engages our senses: at times providing a “rush” of fear, horror,

confusion, rage, pain, helplessness, nauseous anticipation, and hyper-awareness. It is in these vagaries that
imponderables and miscalculations accumulate to paralyze the minds of military and political leaders."

This is like metal rain.
"Fog will result from information overload, our own misperceptions and faulty assumptions, and the fact that the
enemy will act in an unexpected fashion. Combined with the fog of war will be its frictions - that almost
infinite number of seemingly insignificant incidents and actions that can go wrong. It will arise “from
fundamental aspects of the human condition and unavoidable unpredictabilities that lie at the very core of
combat processes."

Every sentence is great. hate when I read report and it is like ah no you should just read the whole thing no need for me to brieg you on it. However, I will have fun anways.

"The conduct of war demands a deep understanding of the enemy – his culture, history, geography, religious and ideological motivations, and particularly the manifest differences in his perceptions of the external world."

"A quarter century ago, the United States confronted the Soviet Union, a truculent, intractable opponent with leaders firmly committed to the spread of Marxist-Leninist ideology and expansion of their influence."
Ah miss fire. They never stopped, they just changed the game up. Trust me China just stole their own countries private oil rigst that they allowed private citizens to buid, then they gave money to venezuela to do the same thing while US companies felt the impact of the spread of Marxist Lennist values in venezuela as they export more and more and the US has less room to import or do business with do to SOE's. Oh sorry no one is as good as me. However, the other metal rain would have torn me apart already.

"Just to give one example: in 1983 the daily transfer of capital among international markets was approximately $20 billion. Today, it is $1.6 trillion" It is working we were right to change the Soviet's and the Chinese game plan. Then again they think that it was all their own ideas. Yes China it is. now if I can just get them to play fair and stop with the greed we could double that and other countries could become more civilized and gain more security and produciton while increasing their quality of life. Just have to get on that plane again. 123 Rocky Road to Dublin I provide.

That is another thing we are going to cut JFCOM's funding yet they need to have all the new gear to keep up to date on all the glitches and need for internationa cooperation. That means they need more money not less. We need to create an interanational value to our products so we can bring back value to American labor. easily done by having China step up their domestic policy and level out their protectionisms so that other countries can compete and gain internal civilization which will then allow more exports to the new industrial revolution countries.

"As in a building, which, however fair and beautiful the superstructure, is radically marred and

imperfect if the foundations be insecure -- so if the strategy be wrong, the skill of the general on
the battlefield, the valor of the soldier, the brilliancy of victory, however otherwise decisive, fail of their effect.11 -Mahan"

"In the twentieth century the relationship in the United States between political vision and military leaders responsible for the execution of policy proved crucial in winning two world wars and the Cold War." Well if we call being able to sell weapons at a mass rate and creating hot zones of conflict for future involvement and trade winning, while losing many good intellegence fighters to cut backs. Then ok. Along with that a loss in US production value that allowed the Soviets to Complete their strategy of controlling international market places through such equipment and manufacturing and machinery that is necessary for developing countries to build and thus be loyal to Russia and China a win. Then let me quote some stuff from my economic warfare dig. I will be right back have to dig and poor some more whiskey.

You see the Pentagon and the Chiefs thought in now terms of political gain as they saw the Soviet Union imploding as a win. However, Russia and China did not see it that way. The way they saw it was like this. China was able to recieve nuclear technology and other weapon systems under radars. Massive Sattellites of the Soviet Union were able to equip their countries with heavy military items, and the Communsit were able to prepare for the next step in the Marxist manifesto which was collapse the world by being socalist until the world has to conform to communist socialist ways. If you look at the Free world in the entirety and see the SOE rate of ownership world wide going up steadily you will notice that China and Russia may have privatized many of their SOE's however, they have brought about the idea that using SOE's will actually accumalate wealth for countries. Which means that once free enterprise countries will have a hard time competeting against state actors as that was what the Cold war was about.
  So I laugh when I read Pentagon Briefs or DOD seminar manuals were the US acts so proud as if it won. When they thought in political terms and in the now. Were as China and Russia thought in a zen garden mystique. Which was to socalize much like Marxist states, then wait for the world to conform as they will not be able to compete with the hybrid economies of the socalist. Thus forcing other countries to raise SOE ownership which will then allow the Communist to slow raise international levels of communism as a whole instead of small little battles of countries. Basically it was a coffee drinkers mistake to think we won the cold war. It takes a whiskey and tobacco fella to see the reality of the situation. Then again, you would have to be following and have a real nac to be able to read about since one was a kid to have my cognitive process as a whole room full of Communsit generals deciding to fake implosion to sell weapons and then slowly raise the worlds SOE levels to a state of full comunism due to uncompetitive market places.
Aint exaclty like the Chinese or the Russian Communist lost power in their governments.

JFCOM is going to be a couple nighter. still have to get back to House of Levy and Stanford and that individual noble laurete who stated that China had nothing to do with the International economic instability.

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