This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

US Economic Warfare Instutute and DOD Collegiate High education.

The Leading economists in the normalized economic industry are those that have a complete understanding of the algorithms and how to apply actual data to theoretical application and then make a prediction. As such, in the Economic Warfare school there should be a substantial part of the study on Algorithms. I remember when I was taking my 6 College Degrees while working remedial labor at nights on weekends or taking days off; I would actually take the Mathematics part of the study first in the day. This was because I knew it was the hardest work for my brain. Along with that it is something that is very difficult for most humans to be able to sit down at the end of a tired day.

   As such for cognitive process military education algorithms should be towards early day or afternoon. As last classes should be those that all the full day student to occupy time thinking in the clouds of theories and strategic application. However, for public institute of open education, there should be a wide arrangement of times for the algorithms classes. As not all folks are the same.

  Along these lines to get my brain ready for my harder mass classes I used to read a book upside down inside my head, while listening to music and singing the words. This was my mental stretching exercise before lectures. Was weird but I found it made the harder math classes much easier to sit through. As trying to read a book backwards, listen to music and then vocalize while internally computing the book was very hard to do. I would not recommend it for all. However, the implications of this exercise was constant Freudian slips as my cognitive process was then always working on two levels. One in which I was crunching data and the other was interacting with society and peers around me. This then at times reacted in a way to make me look lets say in brain. The worst effect of this exercise was that I can easily run full scale games inside of my head and be completely happy and smile and laugh which makes people around me feel weird. This is I came to find out to see if I was sick mentally is a normal way for scholars and higher educated thinkers to break mental blocks. By creating different levels it runs like a hard drive in my brain. As I then learned from mental block breaking studies. However, trying to explain this to a linear thinker as compared to a non linear thinker is difficult.

These are just ponderings I had that I wanted to jot down in my brain storm so as not to forget while I am getting working experience outside of the applicable ivory tower.

  As such as I have not yet place my graduate degree on the front burners my algorithms are off and in need of serious exercise. That means I base most of my algo economic math on studies already done. I find that a good number of economists do the same. As it seems in the US, mind set algo's are not an easy thing to off the cuff. I would again say that this is because the US's cognitive process of economic warfare is not were it is supposed to be. As such, these things should be easily explained and placed in papers. Along with creating a full scope public institute regarding Economic Warfare. This then will create the necessary multiplier of cognitive creation. Which will then apply done the line as other economists or business majors will have to compete with the top. Thus creating a better economic environment in the US as we have seen a huge slip in the US's economic environment as Cold War warriors have been forgotten and then propagated through cognitive biases to have a bitter taste to them.

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I was watching a movie and thought of this. I then retained it and placed it down.

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