This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jobs in China compared to Jobs in the US. Scoped high tech engineers.

I found an article that stated that Chinese engineers make exactly the same amount of the US except just divide it against the currency holdings of China.

  So if an American engineer makes $50,000 a year to start that would be $4,166 dollars month. So divide that by 6 and the Chinese engineers make around $700 a month.

Which is hilarious because they make around $730 American a month. Yet, they have homes, can go to school, have television programs, see Dr.'s have children and live lives. Their quality of life is less than Americana's but that is because of Chinese Communist economics which do not concentrate on the individual or groups of individuals quality of life as economics is considered a weapon for conquering in international arenas and something to be used as a Champion to control the world.

   So lets see, China can create the same technology that the US can, China has better resource contracts than the US. China has more manufacturing than the US. They have all the same amenities, yet they worry about domestic policy because they are not willing to spend more for free enterprise and market force economics but would rather force exportation policy through recapitalization of their SOE's and allowing them to take market shares from free enterprises by conglomerating them. However, free enterprises have been shown to raise the natural stream of economics and quality of life as compared with SOE's are used to raise exports and international control of foreign countries economics.

  Thus, I find that China and the US as they both produce the same products and with the same amenities and abilities could go 1 to 1. The only differences is the age old differences of Communist v. Freedom. The basic fact is America has a higher quality of life because of allowance of market forces. While the US has lost its welfare because of the non mmmm angels dealing with Chinese neo-mercantilist strategies of high reserves then crash and devour using those reserves.

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This is for all those countries with nothing and who need security officers. Papa is going to make it fair. Now.

As a matter of fact lets look at the Communist detriments that millions of Americans and free market soldiers gave their life's to fight shall we? Yes, we shall sweetheart cigar, and sipping whiskey

Ok so in free market countries since China can create anything we can just cheaper do to SOE style padding and currency padding. The free markets have to loosen their salaries to try and get a job because the competitors that are left in the free markets have to compete against imports from China. This then means that the price of products has to decline. However, that does not work in a free market. As we are not controlled by government centralized economics and are controlled by market forces. So in the area of homes that means that foreign speculations buyers and rich investors get to buy more homes and force more people to lose the basic natural freedom of home ownership as individuals can no longer afford to buy homes as their salaries have declined yet the prices stay high by spec buyers. Also this affects the industries of free markets which were used to creating products for a high welfare country with good value of production,. This happened to the car markets of the free world. Which did not predict the impact of the Chinese helping. As such the cars that were being produced were still the good times cars before China gained past the red line of not being a developing country anymore and cloaking their domestic quality of life in foreign SOE international economic control of market shares. Take this to pretty much all industries, food, clothing, the rest. We saw huge bankruptcy because the investors did not properly lower their investments with the lowing of the quality of life and welfare as we had to compete with Chinese imports for salaries.

  Then lets apply Communist economics to international development. How is a country that is trying to develop supposed to create products when the Communist own huge portions of resources or will just come in ad buy it. Witch :) then means that the truly developing country can't create a production infrastructure which is an important part of the system to growing secure and stable by creating the know how and proper labor work to quell civil unrest. In which China does not wish to raise their currency and act as they are a first world leader and already developed country. They can only expand. They produce high technology they command the worlds mightiest military they have the worlds biggest espionage bases. Along with a myriad of other economic serious national security issues for underdeveloped and developing countries which China is not.
  It is the basic age old communist v. freedom. China wishes and still wishes to take it slow that has create international instability over and over again as Free markets are not allowed to import at the same leave that their jobs and quality of life and welfare and and the free markets imports from China are rising. Which means that China has increased a percentage wise of all those things why the free market sees small increments of change and underdeveloped countries sit in poverty and disparage living in shacks as China will not level up and allow another country to secure. China is secure they join the table and they are humble about it or again we compete. Just with them, the Hartley tariff  (this is the reaction should not be spread to others. China is the biggest problem to international economic stability.

that is my opinion.

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Currently China leads the world in SOE infiltrating developing countries economics which they then bring their own workers from China and just pay royalties which does not give that developing country the ability to feel the natural effects of economic building as the money goes to a centralized economic planning commission again against free market and free enterprise proven strategies.
Hunt. I see the weight of it all, I thus started getting to the root. I am now sitting down with the roots and trying mend the roots of freedom.

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