This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to protect China from Currency Speculation.

   As it is seen that the US see a solution to intenational economic instability by furthering China's economic restructuring through the next step of market force revaluation. We must also see that China is afraid it will be ripped apart by currency investment speculations. This is not what we want to happen. Now matter how much I think that it is possible that MSS did infact create a Blitzkrieg economic model. I still wish no harm on my China or the Chinese people or any harm on anything. I feel that this is a necessary proposal if we wish for China to bump up the percentage rise, or we must be able to treat their currency as a tarriff to market places or we will keep being unfailry competeted against and other nations will not be able to go through the necessary industrial steps so we all have more places to export and import too.
   As such before I go out and sing to the stars, and sit on my little stone hedge in my garden with my pipe. I had this thought of protection while creating more quality of life for China.

They must have done it last time they had to go up a step and start taking off the training wheels. I bet I can find it, or hounds can you dig for me.


  1. China's economy the strongest in the world.
    Most of the peoples of the world respect the great Chinese people, Civilization in China, one of the oldest known civilizations.
    Chinese people are the foundations of the economy in cooperation with the peoples of the world, we did not know or hear that China has sent its army to fight other people and steal the wealth, did not hear this , Salam

  2. Woa someone,actually posted a comment. Cool.
    Umm ok, well. That is not true. China has sent their armies to steal wealth from people. Unless you have forgot China invaded North Korea and Vietnam for political and for military purposes. Along with that, this page is not about Chinese military actions as much as it is intellegence actions. Then again I guess you did not read my page as it states taht China has invaded the US alone with 3,000 intellegence bases as it wishes to steal wealth via technology and strategy. So if intellegence officers are considered militiary you are wrong.
    Before you speak on my page I would do more research.

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  4. Um my comments at last as I wish not to speak on the war on terroism. However, I find it that as your previous comments are uneducatedly presumpted to be true however, false. I find that I must educated again.

    The US is not stealing from the Middle East. The US is losing more tax dollars than they could ever gain from contractual relations from the Middle East or so called sending in armies to steal its wealth. The US has actually lost massive amounts of resource contracts to China in Iraq and Afghanistan due to unfair contractual bidding. See my monopsony style contractual relations as to SOE cartel activities analysis. Again I must reiterate, the US is not gaining economic advantage from being in the middle east. The only advantage that the US is gaining is the same as the Middle East, the world and any other country. That is a more stable region and properly checked and balanced area of the world. Which prior to the US being attacked was the worlds biggest historical longest lasting region for war.
    We are no stealing, but protecting and restructering for safety and security so that folks being brainwashed by religion will not hurt others. As think not that Muslim religion is the only religion to try and use brain washing of innocents to cause them to be bringers of death. There are none Pagan religions, Catholic religions that used the same mental manipulation and perspective to try and create harm to others in the name of a book.
    Salem, with my clean hand over my minds eye.