This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

JFCOM; this is America.

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Other News

Command names senior military member of the quarter

A network control technician at the Joint Warfare Analysis Center was recognized as USJFCOM’s Senior Military Member of the 3rd Quarter.

USJFCOM demonstrations recognized for outstanding achievements

Two of USJFCOM's Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations (JCTD) received top honors for their role in major Department of Defense projects.

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Command names Junior Civilian of the Quarter

An economic analyst at the Joint Warfare Analysis Center earned top honors as USJFCOM’s Junior Civilian of the Quarter.

Command names Junior Civilian of the Quarter

An economic analyst at the Joint Warfare Analysis Center earned top honors as USJFCOM’s Junior Civilian of the Quarter.


By Air Force Staff Sgt. Vanessa Valentine

USJFCOM Public Affairs

(NORFOLK, Va., - Oct. 6, 2010) -- An economic analyst with U.S. Joint Forces Command’s (USJFCOM) Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) distinguished himself as the command’s Junior Civilian of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Jeffrey Binggeli provides analytic support to planning and operations for combatant commanders.

“I work to develop and adapt analytic methods to fill any of JWAC's analytic gaps, in order to provide our military decision makers with the most accurate answers to the issues facing our nation's security.”

Michael Menke, head of the social science advancement branch, said Binggeli is as much a leader as he is an expert in his field.

“Jeff is a one of the most outstanding technical leaders here at the command,” Menke said. “He took that technical expertise and applied it to a problem set directly tied to the warfighter.”

During a recent crisis the JWAC was required to stand up a crisis action team (CAT) which required an economist.

“Jeff volunteered to take the weekend shift due to conflicts in scheduled leaves. Once on the CAT, Jeff not only led the economic analysis but he led the effort to fuse a variety of analytic disciplines to provide a holistic analysis to the supported command staff element,” Menke said. “Jeff is my go-to guy to take over leadership for the social science research branch when I am unavailable.”

During a recent deployment to Afghanistan, Binggeli provided direct analytic support to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Joint Command (IJC) Afghan Assessments Group (AAG).

“The JWAC analysis had a direct impact in theater by gaining firsthand knowledge of the operational needs of the supported organization, working at their operational pace, and understanding the data and analytical limitations,” Binggeli said.

“During the deployment, he worked extended daily hours for virtually the entire 60 days,” Menke said. “He had to deal with logistical issues and he showed considerable patience and understanding as these logistical hiccups were resolved.”

Binggeli volunteered for the deployment. He said spending two months in Afghanistan was a sacrifice, but it was the right thing to do.

“Given the sacrifices being made by our men and women in uniform, a relatively short separation from my family in order to try and make a difference in the fight is the least I could do,” he said.

Binggeli said the award recognized the work of his teammates.

“Winning the award is a great honor. It’s very humbling thinking about the number of people as or more deserving of this award,” Biggneli said. “I stand on the shoulders of giants. Whether it’s working directly with others on projects, or seeking advice, feedback or fresh ideas, without my teammates I would not be as successful at my job as I have been.”

Binggeli said his goal is to provide the best support to the warfighter.

“Where and how I do that may change over time, but as long as I am helping make our nation safer, then I will be happy,” he said. “Having your work brief at the highest levels of authority and knowing that your work has shaped how our nation approaches a problem is something to be very proud of.”

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Work hard and be proud of your countries ability to stay free.

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