This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Essential Characteristics of a free market is tha the price of goods and services is determined by the play and forces in teh market place"

However, in China and other neo-mercantlist the price of goods and services are fixed rate and set for highest export and conquering of international economics. Which is then set off by recaptalizing of those business that are not affect by market forces as the government shields them. Which then it turn causes teh rest of the international maret place to have to recapatalize their business as the Chinese business are not being met with market forces, yet constant re-captalizing in the form of strategic economic intellegence to conquer and controll, via wishes for gold, resources, and international currency domination, which is all posted on the picture roll sheet down the side of this. That is good, my internet is down was attacked by an internet terroist it is costing me around $300 to get it back up as I have lost two nights worth of work and the pay that i have to pay to get it bacl up. TELLING YOU IF I CATCH ME ONE OF THOSE INTERNET TERROIST FOLKS, ME AND THE BOYS GOING TO THROUGH IN THE CAGE FOR A RUMBLE OR TWO. See how terroisty they feel with their fists, and cage fighting strategies. Dam terroist, this is my blog, my enternet if you don't like it don't read it freedom of speech don't go and terroize my home. Costing me money and mental anguish.
Foreign Trade Improvements act
Reasonable foreseable harm:

Further interesting thoughts I cam upon while strategizing for the JFCOM fly ball and the organization of the Rider I Anti-economic warfare engine:

If we take a neo-mercantalist country as a company, as the Soviet Union and old China were completely one singal company. And know China has the SASAC which owns, controlls, manages and directs major investments of the Chinese SOE's to the US free enterprise market place as a company. Then what we have is the Chiense SOE's which hold a high 40%-50%  market share of China's GDP in my opinion and belief. This then would mean that the indirect costumer not being the competitors which are the US free enterprise and the Chinese SASAC would be the consumers of Chinese citizens and the US's citizens. This then would mean that any anti-competitive behavior from one company such as the SASAC to the others free enterprises which do not act together as a whole, would then cause damage to the indirect consumer. The damages if my hypothesis is right would then come in the form of taxes. As the US's free enterprise could not compete with the anti-trust violating company. Which would then force the US to have to pass on higher prices to the US citizens in the form of taxes. Much like we have seen in higher need for welfare which in turn is passed on through a form of higher indirect tax called inflation which if I am correct forces the US to lose their ability to have more money to spend and save. This then would mean that the US citizens would not actually be getting cheaper products from the anti-trust violating company or Chinese SASAC centralized economic strategic intellegence. As such, were the believers in the allowance of neo-mercantalism to exist through weak foriegn anti-trust legilisations like the FATIA, would then actully be causing more harm than good. As the only folks benefitting from this would be those horizontally and vertically working together to create market share fixing and allocation through use of cartels that wish to strategically purchase international market shares of companies that were previously owned  by free enterprises.

Further, study is needed will have to come back to this one after the graduate test is full esteemed and ready for applicable competition between lecturers and books.

very intersting though, I would fathom and hypothesize that the US's weak international anti-trust applicable research and investigation of foreseable detrement is a main reason why the US market place is being so hurt by a possible anti-trust violating country. Very intersting must write a chapter in indivisimus maximus on that. Weak Foreign Anti-trust research and investigation.

My router was hacked and the ip address all changed and scambled, so I care not to sit down with my computer book and trya nd figure out the proper codes between the provider, modem, and enternet router, so there is a person coming soon to fix it. I SERIOUSLY HATE ENTERNET TERROIST AND WOULD LOVE TO GET ONE IN THE CAGE WITH ME. This has cost me two days worth of research lets see 8 hours at 26 anhour that is $208 dollars of R&D of my product, plus the cost to pay someone to come out here. I hate enternet terroist. To bad our darn government does not have able capabilities to deal with them. that is a whole nother study which I have a degree in but that is not for me, I have economics to worry about as my nightmares lead me to push this so now I have to do it or the nightmares come back.

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