This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Turn the Lights on

 Now lets think about this. The US does not wish to be a fascist country with miltiary road blocks on corners or police officers on every second of every eyesight. As such that means we need to be really good with our sociological sciences. As such, making folks work for their welfare is one way to do it. I mean, if a person has a lot of children and they recieve money for that ok but at a certain age those kids will go to school and that person should then have to start working as such watching kids, or babies, or doing something of value.
That is the hardest opposition for folks having to work for what they get. Cause most other cases except for the sick and elder really are easy to overcome.

As such, these people who recieve money from taxes, whether theirs or not, should place themselves to work. This then will bring down the ability of folks who are at home all day to be more impacted by strategic economic warfare deprivation tactics. Which means if a person can't find a job yet they are getting welfare, there are numerous things they can do. I have walked many streets in this dear country and seen how poorly our society can take care of certain areas. This includes trash piling up underneath bridges, tagging up for weeks on end, all kinds of things.

The reality is that the US has lost its work ethic. I have posted this one before, but find it necessary to repost. These generations come from a time when folks were allowed to mass conglomerate on the streets and do nothing but protest and get high. Great times flower children great times for free speech. However, if someone recieved an earning they should work for it if they are able to. Unless elderly or sick.

So the unemployed should be placed back to work, most importantly the theory should reach into the bowels of having to extend unemployment beneifts. As it would cut down on lots of folks who would rather not take a job. However, when they have to go out and do remedial labor, they would much rather take a job than do that.

Because, if you understand my theory of the Service Bell Curve driving the American Business cycle into George Soro's boom bust economic model.Then you will understand that all those middle earning jobs, and other good paying jobs are gone until the next service industry is started up. In between those of course that is if America does not deal with the neo-mercantalist, then those that are taking home money need to work and appreciate the old owl in value and currency. As when money is given in a check because there are not jobs and they do not have to work it does not create domestic or international value. As such it will also place political pressure to properly deal with the macro economic policies that are effecting micro policies as people will be less content with their beer and $1 sadnwishes at home. If they have to go out and work remedial jobs to get them

Turn the lights on.
Rider I
House of I coming for you got it get it good baby.

Mission Simple Susceptable to those who have never been known to be part of the sytem yet are. Bring the fire baby bring it.

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