This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Chinese theory of why they should not raise currency up.

"Many Chinese export enterprises have slim profit margins and "should the yuan rise by 20 to 40 percent, as demanded by some people, a large number of Chinese export enterprises will go bankrupt, workers will lose their jobs making it hard for society to remain stable", he said. "The world will by no means benefit from a crisis in the Chinese economy"
President Wus

Well if Chinese business went bankrupt China would just re-capitalize them like they usually do. Workers losing their jobs would mean that like the free market they would have to create service sectors for jobs. As the free market societies every time they need a replenishment of jobs after the exhaustion of the Chinese neo-mercantalist economy, have to create a new service sector. As such trying to say that China should not raise its currency because its exporters make little money right now makes, hardly no sense when those jobs that could be in other countries who have very high unemployment and no jobs and are in crisis makes it seem like China again is more selfish than outward bound. However, a slow rise to a competitive currency is understanding. As long as it reaches a proper market structure currency. For the fact of job los due to currency raising well. That will not stick by any means as that would mean your economy is based on exports if you are stating that it will cause your economy to go in crisis if your export jobs can't be unfairly treated. As such showing again the mens rea behind a neo-mercantalist economic mindset for the country of CHina. As in mirror of China the free markets are saying that if China does not raise their currency they will not be able to keep jobs at home. So the Chinese Presidents statement actuates the free markets statements by saying that the reason why China is able to keep up a neo-mercantalist economy which by the statement is obviously based on exports is because they have an unfair currency rate. As such the President of China has himself substantiated the claims of China being a neo-mercantalist country based on exports to keep and raise foreign reserves, as the statement ties in china's exports to the whole country going to a crisis if their export business being competitive and do not have an unfair advantage anymore. By the way when jobs are exported to China because of cheap currency guess what happens in those countries like, Greece, Italy, the US, Mexico etc they have no jobs and their economy goes into a crisis. President Wus your statement shows that very substantiated claims of the worries of the free world. The lost ability to keep up high exports as jobs will be turned elsewhere. President Wu your statement is against your very countries belief that China should be allowed to keep an unfair currency advantage.

Rider I
Becarefull there young dragon, you are playing with countries that are very close to upset. Presidents Wu's statement logged as a substantiated claim to the very claims the free markets are stating against China. That China's unfair currency advantage has allowed China to be able to keep high exports in which China is not willing to give up the neo-mercantalist benefit of high foreign reserves, credit buying and high political clout do to the reliance on exports for their countries economy instead of services which create more value for their citizens. As such the dragons heart is mine on this one.

oh and by the way your country still has a very high export quota of 70% rare earth. Along with that connected and correlated. China is using public SOE cartels linked together to create uncompetitive market places gigantic massive SOE's to create hyber cars and other high technological products to dump on foreign markets once they get an absolute advantage on those products. I see not faces, I listen to heat beats, sweat drops, eye dilation, finger twitches, movements attached to certain words or statements, eye brow movements, this is what we call gleaming. not seeing the face but seeing each part separately as connected and how they correlate together to be able to read motive and in metaphor heart.

At what point does China think that they should be competitive.
China has more FTA than the US
China has higher GFDI than any other country
China has the highest domestic and foreign resource contracts than any other country.
China has been able to obtain a very low unemployment through this recession.
China's foreign debt holdings and foreign currency holdings rival those of other market force currency value countries.
China's ability to mass produce rivals that of the US and other big producing countries.
China's military is able to quickly advance space weapons merely months after the US.
China is able to strategically invest in allied countries that seem to find the US in hate, at high rate of investments.
China is able to create some of the world biggest population of billionaires.
The only thing that is lacking is China's quality of life for its people and that is because it refuses to allow a fair domestic competitive market for its people or foreigners as it keeps a high 40% SOE market sharing, along with a non market force recapitalizing on a constant to cause price fixing. Plus high investment and financial backing for massive SOE's instead of private business market forces which countries with higher quality of life do not do.

As such I hold the dragons heart, and see darkness and wish for conquering and destruction much similar to what my grandfather's and grandmothers saw in the Soviet Unions neo-mercantalist wishes.

The fact of the nature is when we have countries like Greece with a 73% Service business cycle, US 70%, Canada 70% and I believe Mexico, along with countries like the UK and other free markets and China holds a steady balance between manufacturing and service of almost 50 50. I find that as the service sectors have not created enough strength over the last three service business cycles to keep the free markets from going into crisis. Basically that is because those markets could not balance out their GDP. As manufacturing and exports create foreign reserves and less national debt. Which means during times of down turn or troughs those countries can easily keep a low unemployment like we have seen China do. As such, I find that China is now a threat to international economic sovereignty and even stability if it is allowed to keep its absolute advantages and its currency training wheels. As such with all the major indicators of a productive safe civilized country much grasping and even shadowing other major countries economies that China needs to start acting like one, and stop being able to use training wheels for their economy. I am glad that China is here at the table. However, they now need to play fair for the international market stability. As China needs to open its publicly procured industries for market forces and also it needs to create financial regulations that allow for less rec-capitalizing during times of normal international business cycles, unbenounced to the down turns or troughs when foreign reserves and debt holdings are used to create new ideas and jobs for everyone countries.

The US and free markets will not fall under this pressure of rare earth 70% quotas, nor will it allow the show of force to Japan to threaten it. The US and free markets have dealt with much bigger neo-mercantalist countries and blocs than China and shain't fall pray to any bullying. It is a well know and statistically countered fact that China has been the biggest importer of jobs and the least importer of foreign products. As such this is because they will not raise their currency to allow their citizens to buy more foreign imports. As such I find that if China's currency was at a competitive level we would see less economic imbalance in the world, as China would be forced to stop their government procurement of domestic and foreign strategies as used by SOE cartels and then allow those cartels to be procured by proper domestic and foreign market places. This then would create the stream affects of more competitors in the market places. As those business would be forced to deal with market forces instead of constant SOE bank re-captalizing. then allowing in more competitors into the market place which then would spread our China's new found wealth. Allowing for more export and import room as their quality of life rose. Much like a stream my grasshopper. You have learned well. But your lesson is not over. Now we push for your stream to flow and for you to stop starving your markets with wishes of SOE champions in which to dominate foreign markets and centralize foreign markets instead of allowing your free enterprises to compete fairly in foreign markets with proper allowance for market forces. As again, if your citizens win fairly then it is an honorable win, if your citizens win do to training wheels and government subsidies along with, market sharing and price fixing via re-capitalizing strategies then it would be a dishonorable win. One in which would be honry folks up to see what is going on why is the match not being judged fairly.

The Galactic trade fleet can't wait to see our first long travel space ship from this world. I shall see many smiles when it launches. Please don't embarrass me. We shall gain many advances in production for all if we can show a good faith of our technological savy and ability to be a productive galatic trade partner, as there are many worlds uninhabitable that have resources that allow the inhabitable to be left un drained.

The statement that a competitive currency rate will hurt China's export regime is problematic. This is because of few known details. The idea as take to a point could then be applied to the US, Mexico, Greece and Italy along with others also. However, in applicable mirror form.

Thus we apply this statement to countries of other origins.

Thus the statment that a competitive currency rate would hurt an economy.
Well as applied to the US if the US had a substandard currency rate and it was dependant for its GDP on exports, then that would be a similar issue.
 However, the US's exports GDP is only 12.% or around there. Imports are at 17%. Service GDP 76%
 Were China's export GDP is 36%. Imports of China at 28%. China service as part of GDP is at 40%.

This agains still proves my service bell curve and Premiers Wen Points of why the US goes into economic crisies is because of its unability to properly be able to balance out its exports v. service GDP. Which as exports are usually manufacturing would again prove the point linked into military wishes of the Soviet Union to tie up resource contracts and manufacturing to be able to better build faster and higher manfuacturing technology than the US as such reeping the benefit of holding such high manfacturing by being able to gleam newer and better technology for future products. As there is more hands on with manufacturing and much more room and money in their industries for it.

In comparison then as stated by the Premier Wen, if China believes that raising its currency will create a crisis in its economy. Then how does that reflect the US economy which seems to have a much less reliance on exports and imports for its GDP than China. This would mean that the US should make the same perpetual claim back to China. That your reliance on such high exports and non relaince on quality of life for citizen services, is causing the US to go into a crisis, because we have lost our ability to compete in the export trade. Mainly due to China's ability to export without proper competition through its Currency.

This might actually further substantiate the threat of the old Soviet Union trying to box in the US through closing its ties to globalization through competition. Which would make it harder for the US to have sway in internaional politics as the US would have less couperation for economies as the Soviet Union would take up the trading partners.

As such with China using its low currency to create I believe even more FTA's (Free trade agreements) than the US. This worry could also be substantied by the perputation that China is not willing to raise its quality of life for citizens via services while allowing other countries to be more competitive in exports.

As such I the greater turner has turned your statment much like my favorite lessons of Bruce Lee and used your own energy and force against you.

Thus again, substantiating that worry of the US wishing to make sure that China creates a competitive currency level for fair trade. As the US is currently being boxed in one limb at a time.

As such I believe if the US wishes to regain its soverignty of foreign debt holdings and wish to be able to pay on its debts being held by China in bigger proportion than its back end interest first payments. The US needs to start competeting in the Export GDP category. As such we will only be able to do this if the worlds biggest exporter China, properly places its currency at a competitive level. Now of course that is only one part of the picture. However, it is a big part of the picture.

It is China's being afraid to liberalize SOE's cartels and their being afriad that they will not survive if they do not keep up high exports that makes China a very scary country. That is because the dominace factors for uncompeitiveness come from countries that are afraid to let go of neo-mercantalist economics. As they will do a lot to hold onto their foreign debt holdings, foreign reserve holdings and their constant ability to use their exports as political and military agenda's.

Rider I

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