This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is China trying to out gun its neighbors by proliferating Free Trade Agreements.

China has 20 FTA's it seems that the US has only 19 FTA's.

What does this FTA proliferation mean. As China goes around and creates ties to countries for cheap products, and a hope for a new market place for the countries signors. Does this mean that those countries will not be able to stand up to their 40% protected market by the government ownership of SOE's. As smaller countries SOE's can't compete with China's SOE's. Would this also mean that China can easily keep up its 90% or higher resource monopolies as it creates false inflation of we can do it cheaper so just let us own and controll the resources. While other countries are dependant on China. What does this mean for national economic soverignty now that free trade agreements are being proliferated by the world 6th highest government subsidizer of its domestic economy. I wonder, who wrote the book.

Make sense to me. China comes to my country. They say we want a free trade agrement with you. That means you can't protect against our economy we will not protect against yours. So I think, as an educated economic warfare person. Let see. China is a huge country. Which wishes to build SOE Champions. My country is small and barely making it. Should I allow such a country to be able to controll my economy through such massive exent of government subsidies and controll or should I say well I have to protect my countries economic soverignty. However, I am all for globilzaiton and I will be glad to trade with you those things that we have in comparative advantage for the things you have. However, a complete free trade agreement seems a little harsh. Then again. Maybe I am the only one who sees economics in a military style fashion. 

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However, then again the US has FTA's too. So trading is good. However, the US I believe does not have such a high standard of government ownership of market place, massive SOE's or shielding of their market place. Were as China still does, as it is still birthing from its communist years not yet a free country. They still hold political communist single dictorailship and 40% protected market place.

I think we should compete with them and not be a satellite. As the resource monopoly thing is a huge national and international security risk. Ok again not a professional economists. 'That means that we are going to have to buy our own debt, keep our money low, bring back manufacturing so that our producers have a reason to start purchasing resource contracts, then becoming just as big a producer for underdevevloped countries as China is. Then again, we had to foroge a huge amount of African debt a while ago, and now look who is benefitting from that. China has over 800 SOE's in Africa, and the US forgave African countries of their debt. Yet China won't they want their resources and good contracts as such.

Again this idea of China's high proliferation of FTA's with a neo-mercantalist wishes and desires and past historical representation of actions ameks China a very dangerous country if not properly checked and balanced.

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