This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, October 1, 2010

The House of Levy battle will continue tomorow. Then finish on Sunday.

Then I will properly attack the House of Stanford University Economics. After that as I believe I have some tunnel vision. I will start to concentrate on why the Chinese believe that their Marxist, economy of high neo-mercantilism is the right economy This tunnel vision was properly created so that the balance could be as such. As it seems in many graphs and other readings I have collected that there has been a high bias to allow China to keep up its neo-mercantalism without properly majority balance.

However, again like any good investigator I must start to balance this page. However, the pulling out of a tunnel vision mode will be with further attacks if I find that the opposing side is truly as blatantly obviously one sided themselves that it call for another side to be blatantly one sided.

Thus this will create a balance on this web page, and cause the tunnel vision to start to take into perspective all accounts. From other countries and their ability to compete with China and the effects on China's economy. As contrary to the believe I have no problem with Chinese folks. I just have problems with neo-mercantilist, that wish to cause unfair trade for their own self serving interests.

So two battles, some work on CCEB and then a proper incite into the balance. I will wish to concentrate hugely on why countries think that free trade without the allowance of protection from their massive SOE's or neo-mercantalist economy is being allowed. As I think that will be a side I wish to research into.

Rider I
The balance must remain.
Who am I joking. I am going to attack the logic behind why countries think they need China's cheap products. Along with that. I would say again that it would be better to have two counries that actually are producing machinery and materials for nderdeveloped countries than one. So That is my theory. two countries producing machines and technology for underdeveloped countries is better than one. This would mean that the US and China would both have to chage stride. The US would have to stop being a service industry at 70% of its GDP and go back to creating technology and machinery for underdeveloped countries to purchase. Along with that China would have to let go some of their comparative advantages, for other countries to pick up so that those countries could become high producers of jobs and exports like China has. I can't see anything but faire globization and productivity that creates security. However, Levy, Stanford, then countries reasoning for allowing cheap dumpable products into their country.

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