This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Draft of Letters to Senators to stop the Joint Forces Command Intellegence Bases Closures.

       I am the Rider I. I study economic warfare. I think I have found that the US seems to be closing bases at times when the US is going through a trough in our business cycles. This is not a good thing. As our competitor China is doing the exact opposite and actually growing a bigger military while we are currently closing bases. It has come to my attention that the DBB and the Chief Defenses Secretary might be trying to bypass Congressional research firewalls to do a proper research into the closure of the first round of intelligence bases during this Business cycle trough. Things I would find interesting to know would be:
Are there peer reviewed articles out there on the matter of the base closing that say different than what the DBB advises?
Do we have graphs of possible correlation between US Business cycle troughs and military bases closure?
Has a proper correlation been done regarding the Joint Command Base ability to properly balance out any Chinese economic cooperation. Which generally leads to military cooperation?
Why is it that our biggest country competitor which is now wishing to threaten our allies over land disputes and to use resource control quotas to conquer them that we now are closing our Joint Command Bases that specifically work with international cooperation of foreign countries and build economic ties through military preparedness and cooperation?

    I think I can create enough questions for a Congressional research to be placed together and I think the Senators wishing for the base not to close can do the same thing. It is funny that America thinks that China will not expand their military wishes and use their economic Free Trade Agreements which have hugely been proliferated to do so. I would suspect that China will start using its massive amount of reserves due to neo-mercantalist economic strategies to start buying military and naval bases for its country. As it has already started wishing to dominate its fellow Asianic countries over small island's even though China has a huge country and lots of land. They still wish to take over lands that are disputed between China and Japan and China and Vietnam. I would think that right now is not a good time to be shutting down the Joint Command bases as they specifically work on international cooperation. As China has shown military wishes of expansion due to resources dominance and obvious wishes for economic warfare (as per its rare earth quota at 72% and then its show of force against Japan using the complete embarog of rare earth resources over a boat ramming incident) I would say that at the Joint Command Base should go through the proper congressional research and not close.
   I urge the realistic enlightenmet that there are economic warfare agents. As the FBI and the NSA along with CIA understand there to be over 3,000 Chinese espionage bases in the US.
  Please stop the closures of our bases at least do it properly.

Ok that is a start. Now I have to create medal rain and then send it off. I will need to back every statement. i will think about it on my breaks tomorrow.

Good night.

Rider I
Midnight Ride.

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