This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

China is a selfish trade partner.

The US's belief is that a developing country unlike what China is not contrary to its baby high seat it gets from the world trade societies that have been swooned by it. From a specific example of a country in which China killed millions of Americans to invade the free part of Vietnam we see exactly the real nature behind China's selfish trading ideas.
  It has long been held by me as a major critic of the Communist party and its feudalistic cloaking self serving wishes that China's trade is based on selfishness with less carrying about a country and more caring about dominance, control and destruction. The ladder mostly on its enemies, but it uses economic destruction of industries and sovereignty to get its dominance and control.
  For example we take the US's trade with Vietnam. The US takes in more imports from Vietnam than it exports. As Vietnam is a smaller developing country that is completely normal. As Vietnam needs to be somewhat protected to develop their markets.

Thus the US is allowing Vietnam to have its economic sovereignty and to give it room to grow domestically to create a fair market place to compete internationally. However, China on the other hand does not care nor wish for those things at all. As China is the world's richest country it would seem that it should also consume more than it exports to Vietnam so that it's citizens can have a better quality of life through credit and consumption while giving Vietnam the ability to create a fair and competitive market.

However, at last the Chinese do not care. Vietnam has held a very high trade deficit with China. Even though China is the bigger country and could easily consume more to help develop Vietnam while producing a better more spread out welfare for its domestic policies. However, China as worried wishes for dominance and control before sovereignty. This is primarily due to the cognitive process of the people running China. The Communist, have long been the dominate party in China and are just used to conquering and controlling all others. This cognitive process of not wishing to share, care or compete competitive has been seen through his small analysis of Vietnam's ability to grow and become sovereign, through a natural trade.

Then again China wishes to be babied while the real babies have to starve and be conquered while China receives undue protection.

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US trade with Vietnam lets a real developing country have protection.

However, China who should not receive any and should receive punishment for its unfair centralized, cartels SOE strategies
China cripples Vietnam with its massive exports while only allowing in not even about a quarter of what China dumps into Vietnam.

What a country it can't conquer you with its military. So it uses its government owned SOE's and cartels to properly control countries via economic warfare. Which is as of current a very dark study in the world as proper light has not been brought to it.

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