This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Should Green Industralization become party of a the developing loan process.

  At current, there are many ways to help developing countries. The US's approach is to fund a countries development through deficit spending as it believes in the long run it will pay off for the deficit spending and loss of jobs. Their is the loan process through a country were a country gives a developing country a loan to produce products so their economy can grow so they can then produce products from the loaning country and other countries, plus pay the loan back. Then there is the World Organizations that loan to developing countries. Also there is the basic hand outs and philanthropy ways of developing countries.
    Countries have come a long way since the times of the dirt smoke stacks and the brown skys. Yet, countries like the US and China still use them for their manufacturing. However, the technology of being able to clean carbon out of the the production and smelting process has come a long way. There are numerous ways that carbon can be filtered. 1. Is through a systematic set of recarboning were carbon is captured for reuse in other products and scened out of the smoke stacks, then there is the algea process that can be used to filter out more carbon from the pollutants that have not been recaptured for reprocessing and manufacturing.
    Then for the liquid pollutants there is the same thing. Most carbons can be captured and reproduced for something or another. Or there is some kind of way to actually filter the bad carbon out of the liquid. Not to up to date on the liquid stuff yet. I am still trying to perfect the perfect manufacturing plant that uses its own pollutants for energy and recapturing to raise output and levels of income.
   Thus, should the loaners create loans for developers that any new industries will have to be green tech. However, this would be unfair and uncompetitive unless it started at home first. Or would it, I mean the loaners have the right to give out the loans as they see fit. If like economists want and some countries are actually doing. Carbon pollution is actually become a heafty expensive thing to place into the environment. With companies having to pay lots of money for their environmental impacts on the human life and eco-systems. So, would it be beneficial for those countries to be able to take out loans with proper new industrialization rules of green tech.
   This could create higher expensive products. However, this then could be balanced out in developed or developed yet being babied because of domestic policies. This could be balanced by bigger countries raising eco-economic impact fines for industries that do not properly adequately comply with full sustainable production. This then might balance out the developing countries products as their currency and other allowed developing handicaps still might make it cheaper to enter developed countries or developed countries being babied economies.
   The best part is that this would then create a two fold for the loaners. This would be because the loanee would have to take out the loan then buy the green tech and machinery to produce the necessary domestic quality of life and sovereign economy's they wish for. This would mean that the developed or developed countries that are being babied, would then get to sell green tech products and techs to developing countries. As such, this would mean that it might create more new high tech jobs for the developed or pampered developed countries.
   However, as the US does not even wish to implement more eco-economics as it has become so uncompetitive with countries like China and other's that devastate the environment just to keep up their high dumping tactics for the reliance on their country for manufacturing that it might be very hard to implement. The US has already started a good eco-economics program. However, I stand in the middle. I can see how we have created our own detriments for trade competition. Then again I can see how we can easily use standardization to keep out cheap products that do not meet the US's standards of production. Which would actual allow the US to produce domestic jobs while creating a higher quality of product plus leading the way in a new technology. This would also allow the US to keep more of its value domestically as jobs would stay at home and green tech products made at home would be bought to produce the economic impacts necessary to keep up. However, the ability to compete internationally would might be hampered micro as prices of the products would go up. As through individual analysis of business the prices are felt first and placed on the line for the consumer. Thus meaning that this is a real good think tank with some milk shakes and licorice meet me at the den this weekend. I have to give up on the old whiskey and smoke for a while. I have to let my kidneys heal. Been beating them up pretty bad lately. So Milk shakes and liquorice same effect.

Rider i think about it. I bet we can come up with a fully functional economic plan of how we could help developing countries develop greenier while creating jobs and productive economic impacts while funding the necessary programs with eco-economics. Dangerous stuff though, many an eco-economists has been attacked for trying to create green tech frenzies.

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