This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Comments to the House of Geogetowns Economic Blog posts that it is the US domestic policy that is the problem.

Blog refutted:


No, the proper areas is the internation economics.
I just wrote a full 5 page article responding to this but it was erased in front of my eyes.
So I will outline it as I have to go.
1. US is reliant on service bell curve and employment multiplier.
2. This is due because of neo-mercantalsit countries like the Communist.
3. This then leads the us into a capital inflows deficit. As we are based on servie industries and debt capital. This debt capital then creates inflation along with interest payments that crash the US's account balances.
4. Then as the service bell curve is started we see a feeding frenzy of credit, along with an employment multiplier effect to the economy. This then booms and busts, as per George Soros theory with my theory of the service bell curve leading the American business cycle. Which causes a credit crunch and huge amounts of deficits.
5. Which are then owed to the the Communist and neo-mercantalist countries of the world.
6. This then allows all the reserves the Communits and neo-mercantalist have created to come in and start purchasing free market enterprises, and market shars as they all bought into the service bell curve and lost during the credit crunch. As no real value was created for the free markest to hold liqudity.
7. Were as the Communist on the other hand sell real valued products and not services to cuontries. Allowing them to intake high capital inflows with low debt capital or interest rate of such.

There,fore I refutiat your blog as the US needs to concentrate on domestic policy. Oh contrair we need to concentrate on internatonal polices that are the leading cause of the US's high reliance on service industries and debt capital.
Which by the way the Communist do not want to stop funding our deficit spending or our debt capital. As it allows them to 1. crash and devour our business cycle. 2. Gain more internatonal marke shares than the free markest. 3. The Communist have proliferates more Free Trade Agreements under the false guise that they are a free economic country when they have the worlds 6th highest trade barriers. 4. Thus, why would the Communist keep funding the free markets debt capital. When they are gaining the free markets business, market shares and international marekt shares.
As such, you have been refuted.
Rider i
This is like the 20th time I have written full articles on something then it just dissapears.
Oh ya the international polices that are of current with Communist neo-mercantalism. Are the main leading factor for the US's inflation which then stops the US from having any savings. We see more people today living pay check to pay check than we do before the Communist world allowed into the very world socities that were created to keep them in check.
I will outline that for you.
1. Service bell curve leads to credit crunch.
2. Credit crunch leads to free market bankruptcy
3. Bankruptcy leads to inflation.
4. Inflation leads to a loss in US savings.
5. Loss of US savings leads to a loss in sustainable GDO growth rate which. If you know anything about international economics. IS because the US and free markets have allowed the Communist to proliferate their neo-mercantalsit reserves to building new developing countries. Why the US has been not at all or not even at a competitive level creating new developing markets for its countries free enterprises.
Thus you are wrong, the domestic strategy of the US is but a leaf in and the problem is the root which is the US's current international economic policy regarding Communists and neo-mercantalist.
You have been rode on the economists who will bring economic warfare into economica as a relevant study to each theory. As the US has fallen behind in the conception of economic warfare public teachings compared to France, China and other countries.
Thus Saint Cutherbert aka Rider i. will do it.

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