This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Developing a countries economy as opposed to Conquering a countries economy.

    The US idea from of helping the world economically is by creating a soviergn civily free developed country so that other countries can do business with it. This then opens up that market for new competition and thus breads progress. This is done and shown recently done so much in care to the point of US detrement. It truly is like we do give the shirts and clothes off our backs to help others literally. That is being handled as we have folks at home that need help. Thus to the opposition point of view of this is the negative economic warfare. Which is to conquer a countries economy. This is to make it dependant on one's economy through creating high exports while intaking low imports. This then forces that developing country to stay in a negative state of development while the conqueror recieves all the benefits of the trade. This idea of conquering of a country through trade is not new. The Roman's used to do it before they would attack to take a country over. However, today it is less likely we will see military action for basic economics. In opposition to the US in the middle east, we are losing more money than we are making there.
    Thus, the true form of new world conquering is done through economics. A full centralized strategy of a myriad of ideas briefly outlined in the Chinese Communist Economic Blitzkrieg theory. We can see the US point of view of developing to create new markets and stability in many of its trading partners that are not considered hostile or belligerent to it. However, in opposition to that point with the Chinese economic model it seems to take on the point of conquering. As China's domestic market could easily become a consumption market which would spread out their domestic welfare. However, China prefers and does keep its centralized economic strategies with very high trade surpluses with countries that need to have trade surpluses to build a better place for their people to cause less civil unrest and creation of world terroist. However, China seems not to care and thus pushes forward with their high trade surpluses to create a crash and devour (See CCEB theory). This then can be seen in many facets of analogues military movements of old. Which used physicaly government entities as humans and machines. Which into today are seen as financial institutes and government entities of commerce.
   Thus the difference between developing a country and conquering a country really comes down to how much economic soveringty the proposed economic warfare analysis allows. If thy analysis allows soverign reserves then that country grows and flurishes as the tested theory of China has shown the free markets. However, if that country is keep in trade deficit it becomes civilly unrested and creates terroism as we have seen in countries like Thailand, and areas of Vietnam, which still have very low civility due to high trade deficits with its supposed watcher country, seems more like it is not watching but pilleging and conquering.

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