This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Enterprises and International Stability are at a Huge Threat Level.

   The Communist Party is afraid to deficit spend.  They think that their country will collapse if they do not keep a neo-mercantalist reserve of economic power. However, as the US, Japan, and the other free markets have shown deficit spending helps poorer developing countries to develop while helping intra domestic welfare to rise. The US and the Free markets all did this for first, Japan, and now, China. This was done so they could become stable and have a high welfare system for their people. As such creating a security blanket for both of them. However, it only works for the next country if they pitch in and deficit spend for their domestic welfare. This then allows them to build up their interior security on their own and feel sovereign. 

    Now it is time for China much like Japan to join in with the free markets. As Japan spends high through deficits and so does the rest of the free markets.This allows poor developing countries to create a rise in their welfare as they produce more for the market place of the deficit spender. In turn creating welfare for their own country. It would only be proper and a necessary strategy for China to be with the rest of the free markets in deficit spending. This allows new countries to become strong and developed on the free markets deficit spending. While creating new countries ability to allow competition in their newly domestic markets. Then allowing the new market to become prevalent as China's domestic market shares grow with welfare spending; then  creating a gain in consumption for China. Which can allow free enterprises of new developing countries to feel theirs and China's needs while China creates service industries to better their domestic markets and quality of life.

   There are many strategies of how to do it. 1st the Communist can do it for basic good of international economies. As currently they are in the phase of SOE invasion tactics which needs to be turned inwards for domestic welfare tactics. This acquisition phase is much like what we saw with the Soviet Union's SOE business cycles. This then can can cause, and will cause, huge international economics instabilities and domestic negligence. As they use(d) their SOE's to envelope other countries resources and production without allowing those countries free enterprises fair ability to compete. However, the US brings free enterprises which means that the developing countries citizens can compete. As free enterprises do not hold national SOE powers of illegal anti-trust properties.

  The 2nd strategy is to stop the proliferation of state owned enterprises. If not, this will create a full new form of Soviet Union bloc. This is what we see the Chinese doing with their so called Free Trade Agreements.  However, ass they plan to keep high massive SOE champions in most all industries. This will cause their new Free Trade Agreement partners to create SOE's of their own just to compete with the Chinese. Meaning it will be more of a Soviet Style bloc in the long run than a Free Trade Agreement. After that the Chinese next step will be to bring in these new countries to the actual free societies that were create to check neo-mercantilism like the IMF and WTO. The free societies then will become more or less a place of mediation for neo-mercantilism and SOE battles. As the proliferation of the Communist economic model will create SOE's that go against each other. Instead of a country bringing forth one of their free enterprises causes of actions. It will be a country bringing forth an SOE's cause of action against another countries SOE's cause of action. State v State leads to higher tensions than basic business competition over time, or even over certain things.

   These higher tensions of SOE's or communist international economic models will cause more actual wars. Which of course will mean that countries militaries will have to become more prevalent in business and developing countries. As SOE's become the new military invasion for economics. There will be a negative creation of a loss in countries sovereignty as competition becomes based on State Ownership rather than fair competition. This is because free enterprises are owned by individuals or groups of individuals, who should compete against other free enterprises with governments looking to regulate and mediate their business. With the understanding that there are many other free enterprises if these do not get along (less tensions). Meaning the countries will be less likely to go to war over it. However, when a country uses SOE's it is a proven fact that the market's shrink to minimal levels. This is because SOE's gain and free enterprises have to gain in substantial size to compete; leaving out the small business and medium businesses in those industries. Subtracting while creating a loss in civil rights as individual ownership goes down and market shares become scare due to SOE proliferation.

       If there are massive SOE's champions being proliferated in the international market place there will be more international SOE's and thus more state v. state tensions. Which can On the other hand it can lead to a non sovereign one world order. As free markets or so called NWO's stand for sovereignty and cultural differences as long and peaceful. Thus, the SOE's will then be led by the biggest SOE's which will be the countries with the highest tax bracket. Much like the One World Order we saw the Soviet's trying to create out of their satellites being dependant on their SOE's.  

   SOE competition leads to other countries needing a higher population. As such, we will see more and more civil rights being taken away so population increases and the tax bracket can increase. This increase will be to help support the recapitalization of SOE's to compete on the international market place through taxes. The communist economic model is also not good for international and worldly means through the population boom because of unfair competition. Which will cause a massive further drain on resources of the earth before we can start space mining of orbital planets of non living organisms.

    Our resources to get China to start deficit spending should include a full study on how we properly enjoined Japan into the world of free markets so that other markets could compete with it. This is because they both had similar affects. Which is at the point when Japan was saturated, yet its intra welfare was very low. As now I believe Japan has a very high intra welfare.  If the Communist resist joining the free markets and deficit spending to allow others to compete in free enterprises and keep their greedy reserves high. While using centralized international wealth it will have to become an offensive maneuver. Meaning that the 3rd strategy will be creating defenses and tracing and proper competition against them if they do not allow fair competition of other countries. The competition will have to come from basic means as we have seen. Through understanding of what SOE's do when at a red line as China is. Furthering  the competition will have to be in high technology. As currently the free markets use a so called dumbed down version of the real world building that we trade with China for: so we can retain high technological jobs. However, the red line is when the cloak has become irrelevant and no longer true as free market jobs are being exported based purely on low salaries and their low quality of life for their citizen's. That is when China must move to step two or be properly competed against.

  Moving China to step two through the 3rd strategy will not be easy if they do not do it on their own, or chose to follow a similar path of high domestic creation of quality of life to create a bigger market. This is because China has the world's biggest market. Yet, it will not tap it and it protects it. So, to do so would take substantial amounts of intelligence and proper strategies along with political and international clout. As China in a whole protected and untapped is the size of two to three free market countries. So a proper sit down with free markets is necessary. This should be done before discussing with China the new competitive measures that will take place. This should happen if they do not move on their own for a domestic deficit spending for welfare. In this discussion things that should be called for would be how to allow countries with high terrorism a high production like we did for China to start to create less idle hands. As China was considered a risk of terrorism at one point. This would then mean that proper risk tax breaks, risk R&D and the such for new developing countries should be maximized and properly brought into the media. Further any strategies that are not at 2:oo am in the morning to bring value to that idea would be great. This then will help the free markets bring more free enterprises to developing countries.
     Another competition strategy for free markets to properly compete against China would be to stop selling their debt and bonds to them along with others. This then will create a slow decrease in value of the free markets currencies. Allowing China to diversify their debt holdings for the new developing countries. So the free markets can then start to have a more competitive edge against China's ability to infiltrate developing markets with little competition from the free markets. While China then diversifies its neo-mercantalist reserves into more loans for developing countries to build their market places for imports and exports for all countries.

    When China become a deficit spending country they will become less threatening to the free markets. As free markets are dependant on foreign welfare for consumption as they spread domestic and international welfare. This means that another country gets to become the new neo-mercantalist country. While all free market economies gain new places to export and import to. While China gains a highe quality of domestic life for more of its citizens. Which is very important right now, as we see a mass people calling out in needy countries via attacks on countries due to socio economic standards creating weak mindsets that are being manipulated by religious lectures who take advantage of hatred, mentally slow, dope addicted, economically affected or uneducated. Which need to be properly addressed through China's deficit spending a a good darn economic strategy to get those countries online and working.

   This then will allow the free markets to be able to pay off its debt to China. While China and the free markets incur deficit spending to a new country. As the US has bowed humbly and in doing so actually been able to keep a higher authority, it is time for the Chinese to deficit spend for their domestic welfare to spread. Thoroughly allowing more free enterprise to be competitive and to slow population booms based on Marxist economic models is a necessary worry and study. As economic reports have shown Marxist economic models create much higher population density in the international economic model. Which is bad for civil rights, the earth, longevity of the human population and comfort for her recovery of our improper production of materials.

    China needs to become a deficit spending country and give up its international dominance strategy for a domestic welfare strategy as the free markets and the US have done. We are at a red line with China and the Communist Party. They should give up their old international economic dominance wishes and join the free markets in deficit spending and non-imperialist wishes and create a better quality of life for their own citizens through deficit spending on welfare. They should also allow fair competition as the US and free markets do. So others can compete freely as the free markets have to compete as free enterprises which create more peace in the longevity of algorithms. This is due to the fact that free enterprises and international stability are at a huge threat level.

Rider i
This is not for the weak of heart of faint of eye's.
There is no conspiracy except the conspiracy to bring as much spread out welfare to the world with the highest form of economic freedom without uncompetitive SOE's to cause harm to market shares and competition which creates the highest form of equality and spread out economics. Their is no worse thing to a freedom scholar than to think about centralized international dominance via holding of production while their own countries quality of life is so centralized that it is not even spread out. Further, the idea that Marxism is still considered the best form of economic models to raise welfare after the free markets have completely destroyed that theory with freedom of economics spreading out more welfare and more wealth through freedom of ownership of labors and from fair competition is upsetting. The reality is that freedom brings the highest form of spread out wealth. Were slavery to the government and its centralized powers that be does not. It is simple, freedom creates many leaders and many owners. Where as SOE's and communism cloaks its ownership in payment and servitude while truly never being able to compete fairly with those who hold the hand of the political court. As America can show anyone can gain economic prowless. From a person sleeping in a car trying to be fun, to a poor immigrant legally coming to America. There is no conspiracy except the highest conspiracy of spreading of freedom v. Communism. Freedom is at a red line and we need Buckaroo Bonzi and the 5th Dimension. Demon Hunters and Rider I's and Indi Max's to properly open their eyes and move the next country into place for freedom of economics to spread out the security and their ability to compete fairly for their domestic welfare. We are not the threat we are the solution. We wish for individual freedoms sovereignty of cultures and just fair and safe business practices between free humans without government interests.

Things will get better if they do not deficit spend and keep up their high neo-mercantalism to the disadvantage of their own domestic welfare and the world's welfare. We shall flock from the trees with leaves of written pages. Late at night, I sat and wrote the declaration of Independence. I could not stop each nigh but sit and write to think of such freedoms from economics's, religion and soon color. My paraphrasing of the greatest minds every known to the world.

When I see we, it will be a push for educationally research as we have seen in the US as free markets lose their ability to compete at a red line and start to become fearful of a country that seems to not wish to share or for international stability but for its own dominance. As it is not creating a spread of welfare it is own country yet focusing heavily on foreign acquisition based on political and probable economic military strategies as major MSS agents have economic and engineering degrees and studies.

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