This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

How to stop the loss of owernship of labors and individuals ownership of their business's.

The US is like a house of soul for freedom. In which it has blossomed. Here freedom has become the best and brightest theory in the world. Many elder countries have fell in line behind the great land of freedom. Yet, we are finding again and again, that instead of the people of this country living happily we deprive our people by raising the take from our ownership of wealth and labor. This is as each individual owns their own labor with as minimal as possible given to the whole for the sick and elderly. In which the poor are supposed to give for themselves. However, as of the US's last major three business cycle curve crashes it seems the the US is more likely to sell its house and deprive its occupants of economic infrastructure.

This is seen through a  basic study of the last erosion of our infrastructure. In which we can see through each service bell curve leading way to more and more civil losses and higher taxes. As we allow the opposition to freedom which is dictatorial back words, circular, win win Communist theories of a two class system those leading and those working to play unfairly in the system. We have allowed those in sin to be saved by giving our house so they can build theirs like a good soul full country should. However, at what point does it become a sin in itself to give to much and for gluttony and greed to kick in. It is well known that country folks of the US will and do give the shirts off their backs for those in need. As the US has set the way for philanthrophy and volunteer systems.

It becomes a sin in itself when the inhabitants of the US lose the very purpose of its values. The well groomed spread out welfare of the US. With fair and competitive market places for the majority to be able to own their own business and be their own bosses. However, to compete against the Communist we have gone the other way. With Walmart being created to compete against COSCO. In which the US's only way to survive economically was to allow corporations to take more shares from the individual and the medium size infrastructures to compete with the massive sized SOE's of the Communist centralized economics.

This can easily be seen as the biggest employer in the US is a single business. Which is Walmart. Which if you understand economic intelligence was specifically created and allowed to be created to keep up with the idea of Communist soe economics and a defense to international market shares. The theory was to allow a the Communist to have their sins eaten so that they would become free and be less of a threat to international conquering and dominance of military and political motives. However, this theory has worked for the economic principles. It still has not yet worked for the political and international dominance principles. The Communist show strong ties to not wanting to reform the single dominant imperialist political party. As its opposition is a bi party system with political checks for different kinds of people.

This has become a huge problem. As the US does not know when to stop giving its shirt off of its back and to stop President Nixon's strategy against the Communist. This has allowed the US to be torn to tatters. I have seen this with my own eyes. Walking around the US and following JAC's teachings of walk abouts and keeping the spirit free like the birds. The very idea has created a backwards theory inside of the US due to redlining the helping of the Communist political party to transform into a freerer society and less of a totalitarian society.

However, this has caused the US to become more totalitarian. This is because the US has to inflate its economy to keep consuming a countries goods that due not play fair and are the world's 6th highest country in the domestic protection scene. We have left our fellow Free societies and developing Democracies/Republics in the back burner while the Communist centralized economic strategy has been allowed to thrive and develop huge amounts of economic warfare weapons. The mere fact that both Germany a former Communist country now turned neo-mercantalist and the very last surviving Communist Dynasty tried to blame the US for the worlds economic instability.

This then was the last straw. The mere fact that China had an ego at such a point that it would not even think about helping out the world with its problems until right before the very event in which would become all about them. Instead they raised up their currency just enough to pass world inflation rates. While then both Germany and China try to focus our leaders on our domestic policy. When in reality the infrastructure for our welfare and least amount of loss to individual ownership of labors is already stable. The only thing that is missing, besides of course the normal every now and then revised policy, is the international positive capital inflows.

This is shown through the US's account balances. Which are extremely low for a so called developed country. This strategy of relying on consumption and sin eating to help totalitarian countries has become detrimental to the soul of the US.

We can see this by both the Republicans and the Democrats stand point. Not to mention the weak scarce warriors to anti-trust as Walmart and centralized single dominant business like the Chinese Communist theories have been allowed to dominate the world international market place. The Republicans have a hard time voting against the Communist trade surplus as they see that free trade will trump everything. While the Democrats can't figure out how to compete against them without destroying the US's ability to keep a majority of citizens being able to own their own business with a smaller group of centralized single business.

Nothing less than royalty I will provide for you. The key is in Senator Sherman's wishes to fight capitalist unfair market places structure of fairness and competitiveness. Not to allow the Communist into the battle field but now to force them to play fair. This is easily done. There were and is societies created in the international community that were specifically created to deal with the Communist wishes for single currency dominance and unfair SOE centralized economies. The Chines love their new found freedom of economics. It has allowed them to become the worlds new super power. Thus, it should be easy to structure a plane of further finishing moves to make sure they dissolve all SOE's that are not for poverty market share levels. However, the Communist wish to take their new found weapons and allowances to create specific international dominating units, along side their already protected free enterprises.

One theory is to engage them in their SOE and protected market place centralized economics through business like Walmart. This is a sin in the idea of freedom. As what it does is crushes the ability for Americans to own their own labors or business. While dropping the quality of life substantially through the loss of a class system. In which we see in Walmart there are more lower wage earners below the ability to live than their  are middle class workers.

The business cycle of the US is like clock work. There are very few extremities in which can't be predicted. This is easily seen by how many including Dr. Doom who predicted the rise and crash of the last service industry. Along with all the Bull's who had less soul than me and made money on the matter. I could not, some of my friends told me that you should make money now so you could do good when it comes down. I could not do it, along with that I did not believe them.

However, this means that each countries business cycle is like a jig saw puzzle. In which they all fight together for a fair place for their countries business. However, some countries use more centralized economics than others. These countries play unfairly and it is easily traced on how their scale of centralized economics and use of state owned enterprise in the international market place cause huge amounts of devastation specifically for them to pick up more property and shares during the free privateers down cycle due to an inability for their governments to make sure that the market place stays fair for them to compete in.

Thus simple what needs to be done is show them the nature of unfair market places and what has become of the world's economic freedoms due to their use of neo-mercantalist centralized economics and massive SOE cartels. In which the affects of shying away instead of jumping in the cage of economics is, well more loss of the ownership of labors, with centralized free enterprises and higher taxes, and at the worst point would be complete loss of freedom and competition with SOE's gaining higher than poverty market level shares in industries, at a saturation point in which 1984 or even the worst dreams of the cold war come true. In which a one world currency exists, a single dominant political party takes over the world and freedom of labors and love are gone back to feudalistic style kings and queens.

Before I forget, to all the Che Guevaras and Lennon's and Mao's out there. Remember don't end up like Che Guevara and get sent on a suicidal mission after finding out that Communism's is the ruling classes theory and Lockean my cap wearing friend much like the Grey's say, is, well, the people's theory. .

Rider I

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