This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

List of talking points.

Was not very long just some points I thought or hoped that would be talked upon with the Communist Party of China. It is taking a minute to go through though. Never mind the emails system would not let me send it. I tried it 3 times this is what I got a systematic error. I will try it again. then I will transcribe what the error says. 4 times here it is:

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So here is my list of wish for the Chief C of the US and the Leader of the Communist party to talk about:
For the Chief C just some ideas.
1. Shake hands then bow. Please do not Japanese bow to them. Either way shake hands it is important to show that the US stands along strongly as they stand and we shake hands.
2. China is heavily relying on SOE's in the car market place and in the high technological market place to cartel. Which means more than one SOE works with the other to create an uncompetitive market place for their citizens and the worlds.
3. China needs help on their domestic policy to spread out their wealth. I believe that freedom of economics is the best way. This is because instead of being relying on centralized SOE’s and economic planning freedom of economics means that those owning their own business have to go out and find it. Instead of the SOE were recapitalizing to keep prices low seems to be prevalent.  We might want to give them some good ideas or speak with them on how they are planning raise their quality of life. As I believe currently that is the main factor why they have not raised their currency to a proper level at such high production, resource holdings and foreign market share acquisition should have.
4. Their Currency. A SOE media station stated that they could raise it up 3-5%. If they can raise it up faster the better. As they are using their currency levels and neo-mercantilist strategy to aquire strategic foreign market shares. Which the currency level would allow for more sovereignty of developing countries economics, through the ability to compete with China’s massive infrastructures, centralized economic planning, SOE cartels of vertical and horizontal actions, and their strong hold of world resources.
5. Military ties between them Japan and Vietnam over disputed lands. Let them know we are just there to mediate it and stand between to make sure things seem fair for both sides.
6. The Noble Laureate locked away for writing regarding freedom of politics. As the Communist still vote from among their part for the lead position that is a huge problem for civil rights. Especially since you are the President that did a great thing in the world of 1st Amendment by protecting freedom of speech from tourism libel.
7. The allowance of US companies into their economic infrastructure like oil, and steel much like we have allowed China. This one however, is delicate. As I would prefer not to allow their companies in at this time with their massive uncompetitive strategies. However, it is the theory I believe of infiltration by infiltration that the Pentagon and the intelligence have been using. Not my theory.


I find after finding out that the Communist party does not allow the majority of its population a poll place or even a party Representative that might actually differ from the Communist that it does not sound like a real representation of China to me. At least coming from a country that has always two big parties splitting up the talking points for more specific representation of the citizens and then a myriad of other parties for the local and community leadership. The Communist party leadership to me is that. So that is my justification for my rhetoric of leader meeting leader.

There are other parties in China. However, the Communist party has around 70 million members and the next ranking party has only 82,000. So there is no real opposition. Along with that it would seem in a country with the world's highest population that 100 million voting is not even half of the population. Where as the US population of voters is around 307,006,550 gets usually around half of its population to vote.
China on the other hand would seem it needs some real Political reform:
Population 1,324,655,000
Political population around 100,000 million or less at least calculated by political party and voting registration by political party via open source information. that has to be wrong. What kind of country claiming to be a Democracy or even free has such a bad percentage of voting populace. They must think that it is impossible to vote anyone in or out. I mean with such a huge population could you image the political niches that are there. I mean farmers along could probable star their own political party and out number the communist. I wonder if the Art schools have a political party. What fun, a country that has such a bad percentage of voting people and parties of representation. At least from open source short research analysis.

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