This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

China's crushing effects.

      China needs to become a deficit spending country and give up its international dominance strategy for a domestic welfare strategy. However they have not done this. As a matter of fact they plan to keep around gigantic massive SOE's basically to conquer and dominate international markets. Which will then create the proliferation effect. We can see this affect and its detriment over the last three free market crashes. As the free markets rose and crashed using service industries to create domestic quality of life. The Chinese used and maintained SOE's and high export production for their basis of holding reserves. However, the free markets do not hold reserves in excess as the Chinese do.

    This created a basic impact effect of free markets not having enough reserves to deal with the lose of jobs and taxes do the Chinese domestic reserves built on the importation of free market jobs. While the free markets lose their international wealth to allow China to become secure. This was done besides from the owls with the flawed reasoning of the free markets will retain high technological jobs while China will do the other materials. However, the red line which we are at if not passed was not properly planned by the populace media and politics to properly propel China into the next phase of civilized free market creations. The neo-mercantalist economic effects of this no planning events has left the free markets to their own demise. This is the basic effect of self feeding frenzy. As the free markets have not the ability to compete with China or even export at an equal rate of imports and jobs lose to China they have one area to create domestic value and to keep up with their own needs for welfare and freedoms.

     This one place that free markets can go is the financial sector. And when the service industry feeding frenzy starts that is where they go. This then creates a feeding frenzy of credit and loans and domestic quality of life with low and non international value. Except for those financial institutes that get involved with the new service industry. This then leads to exactly what I have outlined in my service bell industry bell curve indicator with the employment multiplier leading to George Soros, boom bust theory. Which at the end of this curve cause a credit crunch as employment multiplier heads to the negative and the service industry regulates. This then means that credit agencies, banks, and other institutions start to sell their bad credit to anyone who will take a risk in it as it is not yet high risk. However, that is just it. It is bad credit. This means we leave financial institutions at the end of the service bell curve which affects the credit and loan industry to eat the bones as nothing is left from the feeding frenzy. This means we then see a huge loss in liquidity and ability to pay jobs as the service industry normalized and the employment sectors go down substantially. As such, the Chinese at this time lower their prices and start to produce a lot more to keep up with the service bell curve industry which is just causing a domestic reliance on non international capital inflows except for the trading of a timeline and who will be left with the bones.

  This idea means the Chinese are then gaining huge amounts of inflated currency from the last service bell curve boom bust that the US was not even able to pay off its debt from the last one. This means that the Chinese gain high reserves from foreign currency. This is because the Chinese capital inflows as an international entity are gigantic. Which is then dammed up inside of China as the mass of exports is not equal to the imports of the free markets. This then leaves the financial sector at an even high detriment. As there is no place for them to gain or hold onto liquidity aspects as Chinese SOE banks gain the capital inflows to create and control international funding and business creation.
   As such the detrimental impact that the Chinese create when they do not concentrate on their domestic quality of life through deficit spending for more loans for small and medium private entities. This non concentration allows the Communist to keep huge amounts of capital inflows to through at SOE's and specific industries with much lower than normal loans as we saw with the Huwaei telecommunications companies. As the loan to Hu telecommunications companies allowed it to under bid its competitors in developing markets and developed markets by a unprofessional guesstimate of at least 70%. As such the root problem of the economic instability is not the free markets or even the US's financial market. It is the heavy reliance on a country that speaks about domestic quality of life and their own citizens ability to live well. However, mainly is worried about egotistical domination of SOE's and specific industries so they can control with their one political party rule.

   This is much like a gun fight. For all my walk abouts and cowboys. You know what I am talking about. The most important thing in a gun fight is to try and figure out what kind of weapon they are using and a guess at the clip size. This then will allow the proper gun fighter to count and listen why throwing back to keep going, yet at the point in clips change metal rain. This then can be placed to the Chinese Communist Economic Blitzkrieg economic model I have created. The Chinese Communist party, wait and count there capital inflows. Then when the free markets go to change the service industry as the previous one normalizes, they first start financial warfare through proper investments and de-investments, along with proper tariffs at certain key points of the industry business cycle. Like we saw with the Chinese government placing high tariffs on Russian and US steel, right before a high point of that industries build up. This then allows the Chinese to crush and destroy or at least make weak their strategic pin pointed industries of control for political, economic and military purposes. After the weakening is done then we see the strategic metal rain of capital inflows turn into heavy investments or a blitz. I mean if you have ever played proper paint balling with no more than drums or 30 round clips, you know what feeling when you know they are out, and it is blitz time. You have to do it cautiously though. Which the Chinese do. They do not start out fast. They wait till the free markets pull out of the trough and things are starting to look better. Then as the banner says they try to come as a helper and creator of jobs. When it will in the long run create less jobs. Thus we have the stage the free markets are in right now. Which is the booty time for the Communist. They can go around and buy what they want as the free markets service industries or other leading industries are not at a full start. Which leaves the US and free markets vulnerable to psychological, we are hear to help, and economical deprivation of other business not being able to compete for market shares.

Thus, we have the reason why the Communist Chinese crashed the world's economy. This is not because of deficit spending as much as it is because of a countries greed for more without proper dealing with their own citizens individual needs. Along with the a huge centralization of international wealth and monetary holdings to one country.

  As such the Chinese should start deficit spending to allow the centralized wealth their country has gained to be spread out and for their citizens to gain a higher across the board status of welfare and ability to own individual entities. Which then will increase their market size for international and domestic competition.

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