This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How has China benefitted from the US's deficit consumption?

     Start of an article. If the US has been holding a high deficit so as to keep consuming Chinese goods. Then it would that the US has done a favor to China. As articles have been written about how the US's deficit spending actually is a two pronged sword. Which raises inflation yet spread out economic welfare. It would be thought that the US had benefited also. However, it would seem that China has benefited more form the US's deficit consumption than the US. As the US's deficit spending has spurred a mass exodus of jobs. While gaining a mass entrance of negative capital. This negative capital has allowed China to create influence inside of the US, much like the influence we saw in Granada when the British tried to invade and the US held high amounts of British currency in reserve. Which stopped them from creating a war between the Soviet Union and the free markets.

   This means that the US's deficit spending for consumption has led the Chinese to a have win win. This is because the US has lost its influence in the international political scene while China has gained a huge pry bar. As the selling of US debts could flatten the US. Along with that the Chinese have gained the US's mass infrastructure. Which has been dwindled out of the US very slowly. As we have seen the destruction of once prosperous cities. Those cities jobs have gone to China. While the US has gained service jobs to sell the Chinese products at home.

 The US deficit consumption has spurred Chinese growth and international clout. While the US has gained a deficit consumption with a mass entrance of imports without a balance able exodus of exports. Thus the US has wished for a fair balance to allow them to right what they have done to help China become a producing country. Thus to do so the Chinese would have to become a consumption country along with the US so that the Chinese can do the same for another developing market as the US has done for China. This will then allow the free markets to have another place to export too.

   However, the Chinese have benefited so much from the US's deficit consumption that it seems unlikely that they will want to share in what they might presume to be soully created by them.  This power shift has been due in part to the US's ability to keep deficit spending to consume. As such forces would be if there was not a deficit spending, the political and economic push would have been to bring jobs back to America or at least to create a competitive market. Which is what we are starting to see now as the US sees that the Chinese have gained way to much power. So the Chinese have not just benefited from the US's lose international power. But they have also benefited by becoming the US's competitor in the international arena. This has taken the place of the Soviet Union which used to hold the US's competition.
  This has competition will have a two fold effect on the Chinese in a beneficial way. The first will be of course that the US will cause itself to start to have to compete against China. This will mean that China will start to have to create more domestic quality of life as the US seeks for more places to trade with it will also pressure China to keep up its domestic welfare spread for their citizens quality of life. This quality of life push for the US will mean that China will keep up its interior growth. This is a sort of Check on China who could without a proper check keep going outbound with its exports. Which means that countries like the US and others in deficit will not be able to obtain a fair market. However, as the US competes against China. China will see that the US's domestic policy will start to pressure the Chinese domestic market to either open up more or lose market shares at in the US economy. As the US will seek partners that are fairer in trade through export and import. This is a primarily best effect possible for both countries. The Chinese get a check and balance partner. While they receive a higher domestic quality of life as the US's push is going through and the US will gain new market shares as China levels out to a developed country. The second tier effect will be that the US's deficit spending for consumption is going to start to lessen through basic domestic pressures. This then will mean that the US will thus start to stop relying on the Chinese to fund its deficit through negative capital inflows as the US seeks to balance out its  economy. This then will also allow the Chinese to diversify their debt purchasing as it will start to buy and invest in other countries debt. Which then allow the developing countries to develop as China purchase their debt. Which will then allow the Chinese more markets. While also opening up a multiplier effect of other market places for the US and free markets.

   Therefore, the US and free markets deficit spending and trade deficits for consumption was done to spur China's production. Which opened up a new market for all countries to import and export too. If the Chinese play the economics correctly in line with the other big pillars of the world. They will now consume for their market place and allow new market places to open up to the world as the free markets did for them. This creates a balancing affect for the US which will then have to Check China to make sure that the US's international competitiveness and political clout stay in line with a health growing country. Therefore, the US's and free markets deficit spending has incurred many loses for the US. While the Chinese have gained much. However, if the Chinese do not play the single economic warfare dominance card and spring board the free markets economic strategies we will see a healthier economic environment. This will allow the US to become healthy as new markets appear, and the Chinese domestic market to grow and create less poverty as they are checked by a healthy US and free market place.

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