This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Should the US keep it dependancy on foriegn financial aid?

   As the US has lost their old account balance with a very imbalanced GDP sector of mainly service industry. Foreign countries have had to loan the US money in ways of foreign debt purchasing buying bonds and other means of financial aid. This then means that the US's power mainly comes from deficit spending. As such this can be dangerous. As the Neo-Mercantilism of this world gain levels in such institutions as the IMF and even in the World Organizations which were created to check Neo-Mercantilist, the US should worry about it's dependency on foreign financial aid. This is merely because if the US all of a sudden loses its financial aid it will cause a massive financial shock. However, instead of having such a reliance on foreign financing the US should look to open new developing markets to higher production rate which can then also in turn create a higher rate of consumption. As of currently it would seem from basic main stream media the US development of countries is mainly relevant on military muscle much like we saw of the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Were Russia and China have reached their goal of taken the US's position as the world's friendly economic developer. This means that as Russia and China climb the ladder in free societies that were created to check them, they will have more control over the US than the US itself.

    This is because the free world societies are a big turn in financing the US's financial aid to keep up its consumption, reliance on the service industry and even its military economic strategies. As such if China or Russia do gain hold over the Free Societies, they will easily be able to crash the US,and leave it stranded. As we have a seen the US's trade balances seem to start to dwindle and sort of be closed in on. This then would show that the US needs to stop being the world's welfare country and start being a productive part of society by developing countries via, friendly economics. 

   The way to do this is for the US dollar to Buckaroo Bonzi. Along with this we need other massive countries to start to be more of a welfare country with more financial aid to even out the leverage between the countries. As such right now the US is in harms way and a very weak spot regarding financial aid. Thus it is in the best interest of the US and other free markets in the same position as the US being reliant on neo-mercantalist for welfare as the production and value is not there as shown by account balances and trade deficits. This can easily be done by standing the high ground and stating that if these China raises its currency and concentrates more on its welfare at home instead of production and market share acquisition abroad then other countries like India, Turkey and even Pakistan who needs it the most could start to place their idle hands at rest as China joins the consumption society of international welfare. Which then will allow a balance of the economic warfare tool known as financing. Currently the US alone stands with its only defensive abilities as to allowance to the US's market and its basic need for international welfare to keep consuming.

   However, as China has passed the US in Free Trade Agreements it will not be long before the new friendly economic creator of the new US character in the cold war will not be reliant on the US markets at all. Which is also a primary concern of the Communist. This then will devour the US of any real economic defenses from the Communist being able to control the US via foreign financial aid. As it gains more and more clout in the international markets like we saw the US do during the cold war. The US as the new Soviet Union and war economic creator will lose more and more political clout. This will create the same Soviet international effect we saw during the Cold War. As the Soviet's we defiant and dominate on their military economic strategies instead of peacefully friendly strategies like we saw with the US. This was shown with both Vietnam, North Korea, and Afghanistan being invaded. Along with the most of the Soviet's satellite or trade partners having massive Military bases inside of their economy.

   This war machine mentality, which again I am for being in the middle east I just believe that the US needs to share the burden for economic sovereignty reasons. We have worked with the Russian's and other nations we should implement them more. NATO is taking on a big roll militarily and that is good. We should turn from a military power into a business power through strategy. As currently we are not gaining anything except for what the rest of the world is gaining peace of mind and security in regards to number cost and benefits without the added value of friendships and working together with the middle east. Which could actually been done better if China would raise its currency which would then allow Pakistan or other terrorist affect country to step in and become a stable economic empire. Just as China and Russia were both under extreme worry of terrorism after the fall of the Soviet trading military bases, so are Pakistan and the others. Thus similar economic strategies and proper working together of the bigger nations need to be worked out to help these new worried countries regarding terrorism.

   To conclude, in my unprofessional opinion it would seem that the US has turned into exactly what they fought against. Except without the unfair SOE uncompetitive business. This then can cause the US to feel the same effects as the Soviet's did with lose of political clout and market places for the US free enterprises. However, this can be concluded and fixed by presenting a strong package of how China can look inwards to their own economy and domestic policy to raise welfare status. Along with that the war economic strategy needs to be shared between countries of brothers and sisters all working for the same thing. As the US has become seriously weakened and dependant on foreign financial aid which can render it merciless to a depression during a trough time after a service bell curve has created the boom and bust effects of such employment multipliers that service industries lead. Two major points are we need to be less dependant on foreign financial aid for national security purposes. We thus need to check our competitors to make sure they are not truly campaigning economic warfare against the US and free markets. Therefore, the US needs to know it is not being hung out to dry through financial aid and being left the main receipt payer for the world's safety. I would say that the US should ask its competitors to join it on the battle against terrorism and domestic consumption to build more societies as we did for China. Thus, no the US should not stay dependant on foreign financial aid without its brothers and sisters of China and Russia joining in on the dependency of the foreign aid.

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