This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Nightmare in Acapella

There is an ancient mystic force that angels in the form's of human walk the planet. There primary goal is to be allowed to eat the sins of those that wish to leave behind a better place and have created a better place through great deeds. These so called sin eaters, are said to be the oldest known living human form. With knowledge and intellegence that surpases any machine. Their will does not allows come through their form though. Some times they puppetter through spirits of no angelic humans.

This is a play write about a country named Acapella. This is done in a musical setting Broadway play theatrical. It is based on a country that is relatively small as the protagonist as compared to the bigger antagonist country. This Broadway musical is based on a Acapella being economically attacked. This is done keeping its economic environment at a hostile status. The characters are a poor man and his friend from a part of Acapella's land that has been devastate by economic warfare. The antagonist are a country that is much bigger and wishes for dominance over the global economics instead of wishing to give back the same thing that Acapella gave the antagonist country. It will start with countries wishing to help the antagonist become a civil country for world security and peace. Which will show in dramatic song and dance routine how the protagonist eat the darkness to help bring light to the protagansist. However, that protagonist used economic warfare which will be dramatized to show that they specifically inflated the protagonist countries economic to cause a loss in jobs, and an crescendo for an economic implosion. The characters of the protagonist writings will be the poor couple that wishes to help the world develop by trying to get the antagonist to further its own domestic market place and to also allow the protagonist to level out its economics. The end game will be that the antagonist see's what the protagonist did and how their idea of positive reinforced economic warfare of develop thy enemy and thy enemy will develop to be they friend. The end game will show that country becoming part of the countries that gathered to develop it for a secure world and for the protagonist economic warfare destructed economy being fully developed again as the countries work together to develop a party of Acapella's world's hardship that creates negative energy and enemies for all of the countries as the economic socio economic structure of those areas is very under intelligence manipulation of a single book and hardships via countries without production. Thus the Protagonist and the Antagonist work together in friendly competition with other countries to consume the darkness of countries in need of civil and security development. The song and dance will be set in a now a day figure. The this is a start need to work on it. Like the end game and the character play just another way for me to inceptively create a realization of how countries can help each other while not wishing to destroy each other but develop each other so as to develop other countries in need. This ist just a play to show the importance of domestic consumption for China. As the US domestic consumption might have been to glotenous for its own good. While the Chinese greed of power and capital might have been to much too. Then again breaks down from a drama into world economic account balances.

However, there are mutiple facet of characters that should be overshadowed as being good keen players. India, is one, Russia, possibly North Korea, France UK and Canada with mutiple other players that need to be characterized into appripriate spots and places to show how economic warfare as played to create a new market place out of ones sin's by a countries consumption can work to develop countries. However, at this point in time if the US does not cough up some of the darkness it has consumed with high deficit spending round 65% I believe of GDP guess of old numbers, the US needs to compete and be able to play fair. CHina has been doing great and is moving on its way to become a Democratic/Repulbic freedom center of the world. However, there are other countries like India, who's marekt could also benefit the world for security as India still needs to spread the wealth too. However, it might be possible that China has overcome India. As such the balance must remain for the Giants as the  Sin eater wishes to bring peace, soverignty and wealth through spread of welfare for all countries. However, unless the Chinese political greed of power lessen's as its economic reconstructiong has been great but its POlitical process has seen little even though called for by citizens business and Communist Political members. This play in now way again represents any government or any form other than this individuals ideas of a play to create an understand of economic warfare, through new wave forms.

Sustance I Devoe, the play writer

Heed the warning the sin eater that eats to many countries governments sins of uncompetitive and greed of power and control becomes dark itself. Without being able to brighten its own soul from time to time.

Free with all yet if one forgets the sin's or negative actions of ones own then one thus becomes their actions. If greed becomes one then thus becomes that of greed and loses principles it wished to obtain such as spread of welfare. If gluton becomes one then such loses such principles that it wished to obtain such as soverignty, as glutong means one becomes to blooted to take care of business.


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