This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Does China's massive savings actually spur the free markets deficit spending?

  When a country has a massive savings in which it creates in positive capital inflows. This thus leaves that country with a deep pockets. This means that countries that need money because they are not creating money for themselves will go to the deep pockets. Thus, we get the US, Greece and other countries that received numerous amounts of loans and investments via savings in free market economies. Which are considered negative inflow capital. As this capital is in financial means. It is used to either purchase or invest in business which then allow China to reap profits off that business market shares. Which in turn create a negative capital inflow for the US. As over time the profits slowly seep out of the US and free markets. Also another form of negative inflow of capital is bond, and other credit type purchasing from countries with high reserves. These bonds then occur interest. Which stays high until they can be paid off. However, these bonds never really get paid off. It is more or less a way for countries that are being picked dry, bone by bone to keep up an inflationary economy. Which then allows the countries with the reserves in savings to keep up a sort of crash and devour economic model.
   The impacts of one country or a few main countries having the world's wealth centralized to them. Why the world's free markets crash and get devoured by them is very detrimental. The first reason why it is detrimental is because it is like an addiction for both sides of the game. One side loves the thought that they are getting loans and money to keep purchasing products that they incorrectly think it is allowing them to create new and better jobs than the reserve holding country. While on the other side. The reserve holding country loves the thought of keeping down the other market place. As it can see very easily the benefits of a necessary economic model that keeps blooding an economy until it explodes. In which it can then easily create a reliance on negative debt capital inflows. While they gain more market shares and more power. It is this power that is the addicting part. The scary part which is and has always been is that the Communist are a single dominate controlled political entity. Which means, there are no other political parties that could even if they wanted to check the greed. As the only other society that was big enough to check the communist's 70 million or so population in that political society was the Fa Lung Gong. Which has of recently been treated exactly how the Jewish people were treated. As the Socialist Party of German did believe that the Jewish folks were the only society in their area that stood a threat to their single dominate party rule.

   Thus China spurs the US's inflationary economy. As the Chinese only deficit spend at about 3.8% while the US and other free markets deficit spend at about 60% or higher. There seems a mere wondering why this is still happening. When most economists understand that deficit spending actually allows for more wealth to be spread out. As the wish is to build more places of commerce and civility. However, to much deficit spending is bad. Yet, not enough deficit spending is also bad. Still though, in the Communists economic model there is many reasons to believe that it is based on a single party dominate wish. Rather than a US style bi party check and balance that truly looks out for the civil rights of the people. As shown through deficit spending to keep the quality of life high. This quality of life does come at a price. Which is the Chinese have created a reliance on China's savings to keep that quality of life high for the US. As the US's quality of life is not longer at above a 50% rate of deficit spending reliant on self sufficient positive capital inflow creation.

   Positive capital inflow is the money earned when a business creates a product that brings in another countries value or currency. As such we take computer parts. A company in the US created computer parts. They then sell these parts to a foreign country for consumption. Thus the computer parts business has created a positive capital inflow, with no interest, or loss of market shares to its own country. This is important. As the Chinese know this and understand it very well. They are actually afraid to be like the free markets and create deficits to allow other countries to be able to take party and grow so that their economies can become sustainable for export and import, along with less economics that create terrorism. However, the Chinese do not care. What the Communist party cares about is its dominance. As its basic structure as seen through a 3 us service bell curve business cycle. Is to 1. first create a high trade surplus with many reserves to hold in stock. 2. Then wait for the service bell curves to crash so the Communist can use their unfair SOE's and carteld economies to grab more market shares. 3. They then take their new acquisitions and start to watch them grow while starting to concentrate on surplus trade reserves which bring in positive capital inflows.

  As such, the main idea missing is why does the US act so reliant on their reserves even when it is such a detrimental devastating thing. Well, it is easy. There are a lot of economists that believe in free trade. I am one of those. However, what those economists have not calculated into their free trade understandings is economic warfare. The basic idea that the Communist party has reformed upwards of 60% of their market with a high of 50% to a low of 40% of their market still being communistlys the US act so reliant on their reserves even when it is such a detrimental devastating thing. Well, it is easy. There are a lot of economists that believe in free trade. I am one of those. However, what those economists have not calculated into their free trade understandings is economic warfare. The basic idea that the Communist party has reformed upwards of 60% of their market with a high of 50% to a low of 40% of their market still being communistly owned. While also holding the world's 6th highest market place for protection. Thus what the Smithian's which I am proud to drink with that group seem to have forgotten is the age old Romanisc economic warfare. Were countries actually use trade to collapse other countries that are more powerful than they. This has been noted in many books coming out of China. Along with two from an actual Colonial of the PLA. Which in ego, much like the Chinese are known for stated the exact principle of their actions. Which can be followed while placing a test and an application to economically test the Colonials theories.
   As such we move to a point in case. The steel industry. China has been slowly owning the world's resources. They have done this through SOE's acting in monopsony style acquisition hiding under privatized laws of one owner to business purchasing. However, the Communist party centralizes their economics with massive reliance on unfair acquisitions. In which free enterprises or developing countries can't compete. Then the Communist party will create barriers on certain industries i.e the steel industry. This then will allow them to time properly any profits going up in that industry that will stop those business from gaining on. While they then wait for the free markets economies to trough at a lower and lower point. Much like a bull in a stock market with some kind of foresight. At the point in which the Communist think the industry could get no lower. They then go into the countries they have attacked and wish to purchase with their SOE cartels one of the industries steel companies. However, as some free markets have good watchdogs on the matter. They can't fully purchase the market. What they can and did do is: prior to the actual purchasing of a free markets steel industry stocks. They did actual merge with another SOE that had a very specific and rare earth mineral needed to produce a valuable steel product. Thus, then the real game begins. As that SOE steel industry as centrally strategized has planned it will no start to show favoritism for is host that it is now wishing to develop. This will come from, oh hey pats on the back, litte bit of cheaper resources than the other free market industries here and there. However, it will be centrally planned for specific peak and down times for the actually economic warfare will happen. This means we could expect Missouri Steel, to actually be doing better at a time of high steel purchasing than the other industries. At least that would be theory.

   This then means in conclusion that it is very probable that the Communists of China's reserve holdings to actually spur the US's deficit spending. As the us is losing its ability to create positive capital inflows. While gaining huge amounts of negative capital inflow. At the points in which the actually balancing of the US's sheets is based on negative capital inflow. Which actually means the US has a negative account balance. This has become so bad that the US is the world's worst account balance holder. Thus, this allows China to run a mock in the international economy. While possibly being able to bully out smaller countries for land and resources that they do not have. Even though China holds the one of the world's biggest land masses.

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