This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why a single international currency is bad.

Ideas Soviets tried this, i's are completely against a non bi-Parisian international currency, ideas of checks and balances when different currecneis are allowed to be used for international trade like we have the Eu and the Dollar.

  The basic theory of life is that there are opposites and they exist in majority for a reason. This is a basic element of balance. In the most basic molecules to the most advanced molecules, along with relation ships the best relationships are found with checks and balances. The world is to different to be under one international currency.

   These differences come from wanting everyone to be free and safe all the way to wanting to control via one sided control. Thus the international currency has be built upon a system of using more than one countries currency to use as a standard for product values. This then has allowed countries that the world deems the most balanced economy of civil rights, and freedoms and wishes for such to have a stance in the area of being used as a balance.

  Lately these currencies have become the Euro and the Dollar. This is mainly because these countries have found a good balance for freedom. Which is heavily political. As such these countries try and allow a balance of competition and economic fair competition. However, the Communist have long wished for a single international currency. This is mainly as the Soviets wished so that they could use their economic centralized strategy to control other countries. With the dark aura which is funnily seen around heavy communists. Thus the Soviet style one international currency did not have a balance our a check. It was mainly a domination currency, which was used much like Rome did to conquer other countries. We can see the same principalities coming out of China currently with their Communist and the idea of one single sided control. However, the Chinese Communist have not been able to gain the singular currency that the Soviets were able to gain against their conquered satellite countries.

    The check and balance of a currency left to be used by the trader or the trading company is freedom. As such if Australia wishes to trade with the EU as the bases for their trading then they can. If they wish to use the dollar then they can. However, this allowance makes sure that it is much harder to use a single currency for domination. Yet, I am so serious about the communist aura thing. Unless, they have been trained how to hide their aura, sometimes it just comes off really dark.

  However, on the lighter side. When we use a free international currency denomination. It allows countries not to be held under the one world dominance of currency. i.e. lets take the Chinese wish for a single currency. Their idea is heavily backed by their dominance of centralized economy and a long term plan that would allow more domination than actual fair competition and freedom. Then lets take the current idea of freedom of international currency. This allows a country lets say anyone country to choice between more than one currency to use as a trading post for their products in the international world. This decentralized international bi or tri currency of trading allows countries not to be stuck in Soviet Style one international currency economic warfare.

  Therefore, George Soros, you are still one of my heroes. However, I found your public conversation about one world currency very on the outs of the free society idea, along with a very lazy way of saying we should all work together to make sure that China becomes a healthy part of the world trading. I know this George, because I know you spoke without researching as you thought you had knowledge on the area However, if you had knowledge on the idea of one world currency you would have remember the Soviet Style one currency order and how it was used to heavily sedate and then conquer their satellites.

  Thus, a one international currency is not freedom, it is communism and a very old trick at that. The idea creates an allowance for easy economic warfare. Along those lines, China's Communist parties economic strategies are mirroring the study of communist idealists aura's. For the trained mystique in aura's it is easy to trace.

Rider i

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