This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nightmare in Acapella

The begging shows this started a long time ago.
So the characters should be shown around an era were savings were high in Acapella due to a reliance on a service industry. Then after that industry normalized. It should be shown that the antagonist came into help. These characters however, should have plot foreshadowing before of a single dominant unchecked political party wishing to expand their countries wealth and booty. While Acapella was more worried about terroism and creating safety and security so families and chidren of the world can try and have a safe place to play soccer and cricket and baseball, and basketball and be kids. While the antagonistpoint of view of their safety and creation of such was just to conquer and implement their business and economics instead. While Acapalla just wants a fair chance.

I like this song. I should think about trying to do a scene around it with the characters. Which will be a family who had a house and a car and was able to go on vacation during the service industry boom. However after as Acapella had no ability to equalize their countries service industry bust, with production as the service industrial bell curve was relied on for 70% of their economy. Was hit hard, and many characters just like the main ones had to move into very small places and share a one room with their kids and live on unemployment. However the main characters will hold higher ground and they went out and found new jobs which paid substantially less. However, they were working and going to school while their familes helped out with the kids.

Then the antaganist should be shown of how their welfare is not spread out due to their wishes and desires of conquering instead of fair and welfare.

LIke that song I will think about a scene around it.
Scene one is diffentely a chill creator with the sin eaters floating above a free world scoiety council deciding to eat the sins of Acapella's enemies who wished for economic dominace through an economic book by one author. First scene should also have dramatic plays on how other characters deciding the the plan show how single books in history have cauesd pain and sorrow when applied to countries. So they then sin eaters incept them to eat their enemies sins to allow their enemies to become their friends. However, Acapalla will show the struggle of the eating of those sins and the affects when the eating of the sins are not denouced by the sin creators in a reasonable time period.

Saint Cuthbert.

The main character should be sort of Micheal Moore except without the annoying party Sorry Micheal. However, this individual goes about seeking investigative research which leads the sin eaters to see him as a possible way to try and help solve what they see as major problems coming. Thus another chill creator part could be when the main character can't afford a place for this family and is sitting in the one room with his wife and kids sleeping and he starts to use his neighbors enternet as he humble asked if he could chip in a small amount to use it. To start trying to figure out what went wrong and how to solve it.

Other acts, when the cheap shoes that the main charactrs daughter and son used to be able to buy to keep their feet from getting athletes feet as shoes are like underwear you would try not to wear the same underwear more than one or two days in a row, especially shoes became no longer cheap. While the parents.

Definetly a scene of going through the loss of a familes house and its roof and itrs roots and friends and neighbors that is darn right tear jerking.

Along with that when the new family moves into the one room in a lower end income area a scene of having to deal with criminals trying to get the kids to joing gangs to get those old kind of shoes they used to have . that is upsetting but true.

While the mother and father who once held a good job in a great environment now have to deal with bosses that take advantage of them and treat them very differently than what they were treated when they earned a living, as now they are just earning their pride of not being on unemployment so as to help the country try and get back on its feat by being less of a burden.

Another scene is the father having to listen to others talk about just staying on unemployment even though they were offered jobs just that were less than their last pay but more than unemployment. that is very upsetting to.

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A Saint Cuthbert starter Royal I production.

We will be alright keep you head up do right and be productive. Who wants to go through the ball around at the park?

Good part of an act before the father asks to pay partially for a neighbors wireless enternet. The child should be sbown to how the class size of the educational system have grown substantially meaning the teacher can't pay enough attention to the children and their needs for attention especially after the dramatic hardhsips of the parents lost income causes the child stress and thus acts out at school by having a hard time concetrating. Then the lead to the humble enternet scene should be the mother taking the kids to the library and it is closed. As the teacher could not spend enough time with the child's questions and the others as their stress levels increased so did the their inability to comprehend their educaiton and class sizes roared to high levels. thus the father seeks the enternet from a neighbor which he humble pays for out of his lunch money.

This is a dramatization of course.

This might be a good scene maybe maybe not. Showing the father going back to what he new as a college student which was boxing to get extra money. So he could go to Washington to present a paper on what he things. Which then actually does do something and a legislative act goes through to start solving the root problem that he stayed up all night after working two jobs and looking at his kids and wife sleeptrying to figure out. Maybe maybe not.

123 I will provide legally and properly.

Greys, sin eaters and dam fight in me. Darn things must be drawn to me. LOL

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