This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving economic historical roots, of private property.

"Every fall in my Econ 101 course, during the last class period before we part for Thanksgiving, I share a lesson from early American history. It is particularly timely, because it deals with those we credit with the first American Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony.
Upon arriving in New England, the Pilgrims shared “their meat, drink, apparel and all provisions” in common. As inevitably happens under collective ownership, the incentive to work disappeared. The grim result was food shortages, hunger, starvation; indeed, half of those who sailed on the Mayflower perished.
With the colony’s survival in question, the survivors reintroduced the principle of private property. Each family was assigned a plot of land. They adopted the apostle Paul’s dictum, “if any would not work, neither should he eat” (II Thessalonians 3:10). Thereafter, food production soared and the Pilgrims prospered.
The political-economic lesson here is obvious, and I won’t belabor it. Instead, let’s consider another important lesson imparted by this historical episode: We humans need to be challenged."

This came from a website that was one sided politically. As I am on a bipartsian move to stop sin eating China's economic wickedness and to start sin eating the middle east. I shall not take sides, plus, being a wannabe hound means I have to try and stay as middle ground as possible. First we must remove the dark matter we have taken into out soul. For that we are going to need our brother and sister sin eaters to allow America to climb out of its last place account balances and grow to the top again. So we can sin eat another area of the world that needs our light and strong soul of freedom.

Sorry about the not citing professor, your heading is really biased. I need both sides to stop terrorism and China's world economic conquest.

Rider I
I am thankful for the citizens of this world that pay in their blood to stop enslavement of soul, body and mind and the hurting of innocent (Soldiers of free societies), I am also thankful for those less known heroes of mine who have to stay up nights and days worrying if their information is right and how many which ways and what ways the actual knowledge will impact the world. Plus, all those who know not the business cycle of America who are trying to survive in this trough between service industries. Fa(u)(r)ther I is working on slowing that cycle so it does not hurt us so much. Gonna take time, keep your self's good and proper, there is work, enjoy the little things until we can get the big things back. That is my thanks for this search engine, oh ya were would I be without Google, the open source heaven for research and presentation. Thank you too, plus all those leaders covering our butts from totalitarians when we speak out against them here at home. And the birdies, they fly. :)

I mean it was not that long ago that communist killed millions of free society citizens. Well we took them out with love and sin eating. The Extremist Muslims have not even put a dent in the death toll that the Communist had. So I think I can do it, plus I have to finish off the last extreme communist country North Korea with love and sin eating. Yet these things take lifetimes, as my old candle said, take your time and do it proper. I mean now look at the Communist they have come light years with our help. I know I can conjure up a good economic sin eaters theory for the middle east if we could get the last remaining communist dynasty the Chinese Communist Party to free up on its world economic domination and the brothers and sisters of the free society to help us climb back up to a healthy sustainable level. However, those are the first to big obstacles, as the Chinese Communist party still thinks like the old ways of dominance over sharing and carrying. Were free enterprises are ruled heavily by anti-trust laws that force sharing and caring on all. Long road I have chose, good path though, makes my should feel good. I have to get some more titles under my belt before I can become a bigger mountain mover and shaker.

Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget there is always someone poorer than you. Enjoy the little things, be happy with what you have, go to school, work and do right and you will make it up the latter. Just stay away from those that will weight you down. Fast and Efficient up the ladder. Sometimes fast and efficient when you are climbing to the top still takes time.

Stop enslaving my brothers and sisters in thier freedom of mind, soul and body. Or we shall ride. LOL :) on you.

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