This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Anti Supremecy clause in a real Democracy.

The anti supremecy states that no one party may use such high and strong legislation to destory the other. Along with this no one party may work with another party to destroy their domestic competition. If these lines are broken then it can cause all out war, and a full out civil war, causing the very necessity of Democracy to be broken and implaced a single party dominant system resembling a kingship or a dictorial ship, which is the very opposite of Democracy. It is the constant pull and push and struggle between more than one party that causes the very fabric of life to be protected from king type powers and allows all people to feel safe from corruption from one side of the other.

Lets simplify the factors, as I know a story. Lets say, that a person finds out that a representative of people are working closely with a foreign single party dominace to implement his party into power in a supremecy rule. Then, that person who has found out this is happening comes under economic attack which usually prempts a full scale assisnation by means of static aquistion in proven that the actual incident that killed the dissentor to a one party rule, just was in an accident. Well then that person goes to the opposition party and tells them. Then that person may not be fully shield from any attacks on his person. However, now the other party knows and they are able to start tracing players, characters and start to rip people's heads off legally and properly for gaining help from an outside entity to actually try and cuase a single party supremecy domestically.

See that is a basic debate war, gone very oppresive cause one sides player no longer wants to share or compete in debate to bring the best and most thorough regulations to writ for their people. And they would just rather have it their way.

Rider I
That is just one example that might be very real. How would one find such a player who is working with a foreign major single party supremecy ruler to try and destroy a democracy. Easy, just look at money and human resources and where it is all going. If you find a representatiave that seems to be going to a lot of functions where the foreign single party supremecy is, and then they are gaining huge amounts of money via enternet or they are giving huge amounts of money, then you have your player. Then you set up shop. You go to the Druid underground gain a warrant to tap their lines, and then access all resources for public officers to do the same. Then watch all the above to see what players are trying to create a domestic supremecy single party which would destroy civil rights committees and proper checks and balances.

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