This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Renault's CEO's are set free by Communist infilitrated agents in French Intellegence.

The evidence that was collected by a professional trained retirred government espionage agent was sound and very good, standing on its own ground. The necessary fact that after the evidence was collected and analized that it has now been considered to be some kind of hoaxes by a professiona means he did not cya and he did not have a way out after going against big money and the worlds new Tryanical intellegence agencies the MSS and SASAC. As such, it is a sad day in the free world when the communists inside of Frances intellegences agencies are able to sqash very prima facia evidence and cause the allowance of CEO's who where working against their own free enterprises to better the Communists parties world economic dominace.

This again proves my point and my teachers along with the Cloud nines point of view. The Communist are not a Democarctic party, they have never been and the mind set and cognition left behind by Karl's Marxistss theory inside of them mind does not allow for it. The Communist idea is to erase all lines and to stop diversification and to force the non voting legal and ethical peacefull movements of humans. In which will be replaces facist economic and military rule based on the whims of a few elitiest leaders who will also control the capital mind set. This is a major problem.

I have found before in my reports to cloud nines that Frances economic intellegence units have been compromised by Communists members and are under constant threat of working against the free world to better the Communists party world economic dominace. Which is against the Frenches economic soverignty and the idea of freedom. As such these agents are the worse kind of agents. They are worse than the Muslim Brotherhood as they wish to cause more damage via root warfare than they do via bombs, or immediate short term detrements. These agents take evidence like in the renault case and completely dishonarate evidence that stood on its face.

This then sets a precedent for French intellegence officers to not want to attack any cases brought up against the Communists MSS and SASAC as they are now being treated like the SS or the KGB when it comes to cases involved in countries they have intellegence officers that have been infiltrated. This case was to stand out in the world against CEO's who are on their facist economic whims selling information to the Communists and other agencies to destroy their countries free enterprises economic competability. The mindsets as the underground trace has gone for these weak corrupt trillionairs and millionaires goes, is that the Communists have won why not side with them and destroy my entities that I lead as they will do it anyways. It is a sad time when the free worlds intellegence agencies can no longer protect the underground movement against facists or communists.

The professional analysist who find these things happening to root warfare end up dead. Like the agent that was going to oust the use of biological warfare by the US intellegence agencies in Muslims countries. Which would have created a bigger outcry against the US and its international bases. Then causing a major anti American movement bigger than the countries we see now who meet to specifically destroy the US via no military means.

These things are the reality of the world. I personally would never go up against the MSS and SASAC without having mutiple ways out and mutiple mac a valley changes in life. The reason being is that unlike free world intellengence agencies that just want a fair competition and for the world to not have religious or capital gangsters going around killing innoncent folks, the Communist and other dictorial parties want to literally control the world. You should read some of their intellegence Directives orders, that have been hacked by some of the worlds best hacking crews. Its no bull. The Communist deep down inside want everyone to be communist and run by a one party system, where voting is only for the poor and the rich and middle class have to conform to the one leading party.

It is amazing, I was so hopefull for this case against Renaults CEO's. They complain about the pressure and their white colar, oh my families name, well in reality what about your countries name. As you have just ousted some of Frances deepest covert Communist agents. Thank you for being corrupt, I want nano bugs on the agents that stopped the evidence the trapped worked perfectly I want monks on any Communist hitters and I want their arses dealt with old school. Leave the CEO's along, get the tracer out and deal with it,.

Rider I

The key to finding double agents is to find the country with the weakest entry point for the Communists intellgence like Greece, Italy or France. Then you set up a game, not in which any players are characterized on your side, but where the players will do what they are supposed to do. The CEO's being weak will crumble, the Communists agents will devour and the double agents in Frances Intellegence units will try and protec them as they see this as a major threat to their countries ability to deal with their mother countries Communist China's business without having to constantly check up on Chinese and their agents. Game check match, now lets see if the free world still has any hunger professional lions to go in for the kill, legally and properly.

I love being the Druid King.

I did not like the French Communists extreme maoist and a Gernal of the French army using my symbol of the Owl and the Communists symbols of the yellow stars in placement for their Marxist one world economic warfare school. Did not like it, now I just hope we have some kick arse double agent hunters going in for the kill. The set up is complete any double agent hunter could easily see this game.

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