This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

If OPEC does not drop its prices to a sustainable livable level for the worlds.

OPEC acts illegally like a single entity, in which it constantly sets floors for its prices, so the whole of the cartel can benefit from no other entity selling more than the rest. This does not create stability, and many times has actually caused civil unrest and actual world economic imbalances. We can see such civil unrest as it today's Libya. Where the OPEC member Gadafi who is not an actual representative of his people, as no one voted him in; he militarily took power then will never allow a proper vote to see what the new generation wants their leader to represent them for. Along those lines economic instability also comes from OPEC in times when OPEC uses its powers to get its ways, for things like causing the US and other free nations to be forced to do what they want them to do. Like secure one of their members oil market shares that defy's OPEC. Which they can do by many ways, to get the US involved.

Along these lines if OPEC keeps up with its high unsustainable oil prices and illegal floor settings it will cause a literaly opening of a can of arse whooping. Communist China, the US, France, Japan and many other countries have a proverbial can of electrical cars, waiting to be opened after OPEC keeps acting so greedily. This will mean that as usual the free people will take their best power and turn it against them. Which means if OPEC does not play ball and stop acting illegally, they will see their whole industry completely tank, much like they have tanked the world economy before because folks spoke out against their bullying. However, this time, we are prepared.

The thing is in free worlds and on the heels of free world tranistion worlds. The leaders do not run the country, they just represent the People of that county. As such in the US and other free worlds like France, Japan, and very soon if I keep kicking Communist arse China, the People are very smart. We can plan things 10 years a head of time without a government plan and with taking into account current leaders actions. Which means in the pyramid of life, arses' who bully people do not live long in international wealth.

If any thing OPEC will be extinct if they do not start to play ball, and substantially lower their prices in this necessary time of market expansion so the world can create more market shares for underdeveloped countries people to have a highe quality of life. It has nothing to do with the goverment it is the Peope of the free worlds. We are tired of constantly having to deal with higher prices of goods and travel because OPEC wants more gold guns, or emerald crushed rooms. It sucks, we the People of the world, live in poverty trying to make it each day in our mud and wood houses, and folks keep bullying us for more of our individual labors and our hearts beats times that we can be spending on our loved ones and family instead of some rich cartel group who does not even properly make sure their people receives the benefit of their countries natural given rights. ya run on.

As such, worst comes to worse, if OPEC does not substantially drop its oil prices below $80 a barrel. We will see Communist China's new found massive can of unfair eletronic cars hit the international market place at such a low level that even college students will driving, eletrical motorcycles and cars. India is ready, Communist China is ready, the US is ready, France is ready, Britian is ready. We will f'ing stand up and say guess what, pops goes the can o.

Tired of it, darn don't like cartel or monopoly bullies, and there is so much money for Communist China to make in the stand they will be first in line to say F U bully.

Rider i

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