This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Thermal imagining of the earths crust.

We have already stepped into the nature of thermal imaging of the earths surface, thanks to the al quackos. As columbian Nerda's have completely a very good study of how to start to look under the earth. However, the point we would need would be to see all the way up her, to the point of where she is hot. Thus we could see much like we watch the suns flares so we can prepare our satellites for it. We might then be able to give humans on the earth some more time to prepare for a possible earth shift when she gets hot.

Ok so at a depth of about ten to one hundred feet we can implement eletronic waves that can read eletronic signatures then mount a proper digitical signature, now thank you my fellow Columbian nerdas.

So now the point is how do we mutiple that by many many times to be able to use a digitial signature to read her heat cycles that is the question. I would figure the actual penetration of her heat cycle might hurt her and cuase pain to us. So it might just be better to watch her phemones, by a heat digital signature, so we could know exactlwy when her top heat movements are and move on the matter.

Much like a well documented Druid king looking for his baby maker.

Now we could create a earth crust net like we have an earth atmospher if the Communist Chinese and the Ruskys would just let us get that darn satellite off the ground for earths atmosphere watching. Then again, we just launched it under cloak of ground and digital and she made full orbit so f u baby. arse

Thus now the problem would be how to create an internationa collaberation of couperation that would actually monitor the earths curst via heat signatures and the errosion of earths core where the heat and hot magmas meets the hard earth.

I love my mother but I am going to penetrate her for hurting my brothers and sisters of Japan who have led the way to save her coolant core via eletronic cars and other renewable sources of energy. I am going to so hard.

Her arse is mine:

Council of VOTTS I want mother earth done right. On my call we are to gather all thermal imagine experts and create an international agency to proper compete at high compensation as it will save hundreds of thousands of lives over our stay on her. This agency is as thought of by a blood genome of Tesla macath, shal be American born if not already created.

The call is now I want all cognitioners to compete for very healthy pay scales and international couperation. Get it on, if the competition is not already, it is now. We do not allow anyone to f with the Druid King.

My lord you have thought my council my friend was supposed to move and she disrepsected me, I pray for you prays in my movement for a new competition to watch her heat cycles. May my blessings come from the highest and the most represented, if the competition is not already a foot and collabareted.

oglotosnotos, utostos hgimti wisjat repmecas.

This will also stop any country from drilling underwater and hitting a pocket of combustable natural occurance and trying to sneak aw f'ing way.

I am tired of her cycles being so vicious to our children and our people. We deal with her now.
Our vid drus og nos have the intellectual built upon we can do it now, I call immediately.

My accent is close, I feel the night and the day and my dreams feel like my spirit completely relates to my mind when I sleep and I can remember what my soul sees when I sleep. I have spoke with my elder Druids and they say that it is normal for a Druid king. Mother nature will be watched, it is in my life time to thermal image her heat cycle so she can't cause more damage to our fun and lives.

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