This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saving the world from the Insurance service bell curve trough cycle.

     So I came up with this idea of how to save the US from going into a major trough cycle after the US's biggest monopolized service bell curve industrial peak. This idea is very new and something I have not seen in my studies. As you have heard about my service bell curve theory of the boom bust that causes us to go further into deficit. I have come up with a picture, which is a start. There is two lines, one line representing the insurance service bell curve, that bell curve is going to peak then trough, it is a given, like breathing. However, instead of having very deep breaths that casues us to pass out during the exhaultation, we should have normalized breathing patterns. As such, some time during the major service bell curve, we are going to need to create other lines in which to keep the US business cycle growing and out of the trough. In which would I wish I could draw it for you. It would like hills with no valleys, in which constantly grow, instead of trough out and cause us to pass out. So hopefully they will work on it.
    We need to stop another selling out like we saw in the green tech industry. Which was the newest highest energy technological feasable industry. In which we saw more than eighty percent of our tax dollars give to other countries. Which means our cushionary indutsry that was supposed to get us through the service bell curve will not be there as the Communist have taken the lead thanks to very bad ideas of giving our tax dollars away in our newest, for our, high technology energy. The problem with this is that, it was not better to give the world our industry, as it will not be the world that drags us into another trough cycle, it will be the US's ability to keep growing and consuming at a growth rate that will. Again showing where Communist unfair cartels have gained our tax dollars as our very bad energy economic analysis thought it would be cheaper to give them our money to create jobs there than hold them hear at home and create the worlds best and biggest green technolgoical centers hear. Now thanks to that, we have Communist MSS and SASAC Torch programs being built in the US as we could not maintain our own growth patter in high technology without their help, as they constantly beat us down and cause use to go more into deficit while we borrow more money from them and have to close down more military and intellegence bases, while not being able to keep up in the high technological defensive industries.
    This means the will not be able to sustain a growth period during those times. This is becuase if we do not stop that service bell curve from troughing out is is prediced via, our dot com trough taking our domestic military bases, and the mortage service bell curve trough taking out domestic intellegence bases, that, the insurance service bell curve will take our our international bases. Thus, leaving the world vulnerable to our economic disparity and the Communists and neo mercanalist to expand and to oppress other countries like we saw in Tiebet. Much like the Communist have their eyes on Japan, South Korea, and Thailand along with Vietnam.

   We need those other lines to create a growth cycle and not a trough cycle.

Just saying, two lines is natural, one is not. We have day and night, two mates make a family, two eyes, two legs; mainly things are natural in pairs. As such, the service bell curve of the insurance needs a buddy, to stop the trough cycle and the exhaustation from the exhaltations. Good luck, I wish I could get paid to explain this better. I am going to write it on the down so when I get to my MA in economics I can use it for my noble peace prize paper explaining how to balance economic legislation with service and industrial production in a mate scheme instead of this one sided legislation we have been seeing. I am your Druid King, crazy but peace loving and sometimes I come up with really good ideas. Good luck.

Dome disclaimers
I am not for the force of a monopolized industry. As it leads to way to many precedents like forcing everyone to be in the military as it is a much more necessary industry than a luxury health insurance. However, for those who take offense and can't get deep in depth. I am for the non discrimination and did send in my ideas that would have funded and had the same end game for getting those who need health insurance instead of forcing everyone to have health insurance. here is my main analogy for my beliefs. Health insurance is like car insurance for me, the car is analogous to a health problem once you get a health problem you should be able to get health insurnace. However, if you do not have a car do you have to pay for insurance. This then would be simple solved by causing the trillion dollar industry of the insurance just simple not to discriminate against those who need health insurance. Simple enough, if you need to get an arm surgey, then you go and get health insurance that helps you pay off the bill in a small manner, in which you then have to have for the rest of you life, or if you get some kind fo other health problem the same thing. However, for those who are in poverty level market shares or dierer straights of medical problems should get it at safety net.

Also, the idea of the service bell curve reliance is not something I was for in the first place. I prefered a staple reliance on industries like the green tech industry. In which, we could create a positive capital inflow without loss of domestic housing speculation booms, or masssive interests from investments. However, I voted and  lost and we voted again and i lost. and the last process of the courts is going on right now to regulate the legislation and I am going to battle on the ground of this country not liking forced monopolies, to the slipper slope of complete communism from food, to housing to military. However, then again I do agree with some of the other terms as I am a big union man and I do love employees rights. If an employer highers you they should provide health care. Unless under a poverty level employment market share at a certain amount of employees.

Disclaimer, I love Democracy and peace, if it goes through I just want to stop the detrements which will be the trough cycle. I can do this by creating another cushionary cycle to cause the trough cycle to be stopped and press us back into a growth cycle. Would I call for another force or something like that,hells na. I can create legislation that could easily cause a boom in an industry without using inflationary tactics or even having to give that industry funds. It is called down home loveof ones country and fair competition with others in our market shares.
Ok I feel better, as I know folks are nuts out there and some folks can't see the depth so links are needed for them.

lets see I have a body. That body is used every day by me, I have had insurance on that buddy for two years out of my life. If I was to get hurt badly should the insurance companies or tax payers pay for my bodily injury. as currently they would have to. Soif we are all forced to buy insurance then there will be enough money to pay for everyone. However, this is an over exageration.Currently as it stans inusarnce companies could pay foreveryone with the clients they have. as such a tired program of those who pre pay get it cheaper and those who pay after necessity pat more would still work. This would be why I used the horrible analogy of a car.

So how would we get the non discrimination end game in the new part of the insurance? Simple those who had preconditions should not be discriminated against. However then these companies would have less money to research on as they would actually have to do what they claim do to and that is be there when folks have health problems. How does it work then. Medicare is overwhelmed by illegals and so is the emergency, causing us health costs to go way above manageable costs.

If an arm and a leg surgery costs, $50,000 then that person, should be able to get health insurance to help thempat for it. Would they raise their rates yes, then the state could create allowances for national insurances to have bigger blocks. What do you mean by bigger blocks, well insurance providers could by and sell insurance debts like mortgages, In which they could become more competitive to help drive down prices. This then will create alot more health insurance agencies, as currently you have major players and very little mom and pop providers. How would they mkae money, well, on basic block insurance from the gov. The mom and pops or others could provide insurance and low payments at time of need for health insurance via contracts. Then theses same new smaller more competitive agencies would be able to thrive on emergency room contracts, in which guardians or even after compliant and before leaving the emergency room would have to have insurance and a payment plan, in which could garnish wages if not paid.

There you go, no force end game non discrimination, all happy, state shifts burden, and relieves debt, without force.

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