This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

New Business Idea

Which means the treasury report rebutting the idea that Communist China did not manipulate their currency is still a far way off. Along with JFCOM saviors brief, as the next trough, the Bric set is going to move and we are going to receed like we did with our militray bases after the .com service bell curvec and now our intellegence bases like we are doing during this mortage service bell curve. And since dear old three gov worker syndicate of not understanding the serivce bell curve, gave away all of our green tech stimulus for the worlds newest high tech energy sector. We are in trouble. I could have told you a long time agao that these countries where going to want Democracy, it was only a matter of time that other countries saw Saddam Dictatorships fall and the new bright shining star of Iraq with world trade and massive new embassies from all around the world working there to help the Iraq's gain a vote and fair competition against all competitors. That is why the green tech was so important, right now we should be about a billion dollars ahead in the green tech sector ready to balance out the impacts of the Iraq war Democracy win. Instead we are doomed, which means we will feel the affects of the next service bell curve.

As such, I figure I might as well fight against it like I always do as I love Democracy and Republicanist ideas of pure voting systems. So, I have found professional looking business cites where I can start my research cite that I have always wanted to to while still posting economic warfare traces in a professional manner that will hopefully win me some awards or at least some good interns in research firms, as the firm I am currently in which is the firm of me myself and I, is no good at paying I just get cheap wine, bad times, and really upset I have to sell my jeep and can't afford the cool books I want to read. Poor me, who cares, so the cite I think I am going to work with is this one.
I like the idea that I can set up a business on it. I want to create a business of what I do. Which is I think I am good at finding key issues in reports then searching for other reports that are key to the issue presented by the person wanting the research. I figure, I can do it for $10 a page. Which means I could easily earn $40 an hour if I can write four pages well. I could even charge more for different styles, for example if they want in on lined papers with head notes I could charge $10.05, if they just want ideas and notes I could charge less and give them an outline, like at $6.50 a page. I do not know, it sounds better than being broke and having no job. As the economy goes up I probable will specialize in start up medical industrial areas. Maybe I could even get a contract with some big named stock agencies to do reports on possible start ups doing well in the upcoming death bell of US recession out of the international world.

Save JFCOM, Mr. Professional and save the cognition of Communist Chinese are still manipulating their currency. I mean they admit they are, they have whole SOE';s and Soverign wealth funds and government agencies that specificially manipulate the currency to better the cartel activity in my current unprofessional vulgar opinion. Don't believe me this is a story telling cite, I am King of One for all those crazies that means I am a Druid which means and I am my one King, like all other Americans.

So one last time before I move on to the pro style, f you.

I have to get myself a gig.

I have to find a symbol and a name. I think the Royal I Research and analsis not commreically marketable at all. So I have to come up with a symbol that when folks think research they think me, when they think anlysis they think me. I mean, postits, Coke, and many other companies spent lots of time coming up with a name that was so marketable that it just became generic and the brand became a keystone in commerce. So to take my mind off the negativity I feel, I will think of a good name, and symbol for a couple of days before I start to erase the vulgarness and fictional stories, intertwined with relevant no professional ideas.

Ok here is my moto, straight forward down to earth truth.
Here it is, When you Think Research and Analysis I want you to think of me. Plainest brain washing in the world. My card will also have to circle around the cognition of the worlds research and analysis so I will do an etymology of the sounds and the prouncination and the linking of the worlds to see what I can get to make my card the, card. I figure I will have to evidence of my report skills, so I will place some economic warfare traces that I did that cognitioned the Mc's to do a proper computer trace of the Communists, along with the SOE trace of Ansteel and possible the relization of an OPEC member mainly Venezuela stabbing OPEC and the world in the back and doing special business with them at $5 a barrel. That one is stretching it though the first two are solid. Then as I go through grad school I want to perfect my service bell curve theory and show how the US could have saved itself from the trough if it could have capatalized on the new highest technological energy industry green tech. Then show how certain characters might have completely caused us to go into a adjustment cycle without anything to help us along in which will cause a depression. That should be good, I will refine my issue papersa and pick up some of my tools off my book shelf to refresh my professional side, as I am very deep in the side right now.

Rider I

I think the best thing I have done for myself was invest in my 6 degrees. I have spread my knowledge out as much as possible with a way overload of credits in education. Thus, also with my plan to obtain three more, I figure with this wide array of knowledge I should be able to break blocs where others who are just adapted for one study are stuck. This is what I thrive on the management type of the business, in which others have problems and I can come in look at it and get it done. Would be nice then again

Ah sh sh it one for the road f you.

So when I was merandering around the trees, and looking at the stars I found a new way to present to the people who will pay millions in the future to hear one of my speeches. Of course you have the ile and chair laser projections for near cited and those who liked to be fully enveloped in the seminer. Then on another note I could do a nature one, where the birds fly in and the project after flying around in pattern making chirping noise then land in front of the stage and then project my slides while I present behind them and smile, thinking dam I am good. It would be even funnier if one of them pooed on me, and one brought me a laser pointer.

My competition business, seems to be a very small niche I have found once again, as you have major companies which costs thousands of dollars, but it is the poor market shares I will advertise to and hopefully gain market shares. The profits of the company are about, $110,000 a year. So that should be good that is what I expected. the main thing will be gaining contracts and proper aliances. I figure I will have to do research reports on the necessary market niche I wish to work for. I have some great ideas, like actually walking around and handing out cards of my business to folks who have trouble using the internet for business and actually help them and offer them one on one lessons via tutoring to do their own research or have me do it for them. I mean I have worked at so many small businesss where the people who own them can barely even research online and pay so much money to these people for easy two minute searches that I could do for $20 or so. I mean this is a niche, I am posting this as I love competition and I understand in a matter of such that all folks need to make business and there are hundreds of millions of folks out there so lets compete if you have the ability and you think you can out due my massive ability to analize and report. By the way, game is on are you playing.

The idea here is that anyone can do this if you have the ability to prepare very intense and specific reports, I currently can trace like no other but my report writing skill is bad. However, at a point when the economy is going up and the new service bell curve will bloom me through my graduate school I need to start a business I love. I love to search and trace, and write, I love to help folks be competitive in business and most of all I love to make money. I am currently doing all except the last one. So I need to capatalize, the only thing is I am very nice and have never been good at making money off of people, I am better at fighting and controlling money than I am at charging people. Then again, I am the bravindido of navido, I can do it. I will hire my friend who is a latin speaking person to help me as I live in a predominate spanish speaking area. I will pay him one dollar less than what I recieve so I will make one dollar off of him for each page, unless he just cuts my throat and goes and does it himself, however, we are good friends and he is more of nice guy than I am, so I doubt it, we will have to work up the courage to ask for money together.

I got it they can pay him a smaller payment pay me in food and I will get the big contracts for the poor middle class and I can allow him to work on the spanish levels. Then we can collaberate ideas when necessary. I will create a set of business and ideas of how we can write reports for them. I figure that if a report is about 10 pages or so that it costs them about $100 it should not be that bad if we can promise them very good information. As most business do not even know where to get help free advertising or how to do it. I have seen so many small business go under because they did not have the proper report writers working for them. I mean, if they are a smaller shop we can do the pages for $5, if they are bigger $10. I will speak with my spanish speaking buddy and see if he is game to start. I will have to legalize my slogan, tradmark and copyright my ideas. Then I will speak with him, as he loves my marketing ideas especially when we helped that                 to almost compeltely dominate against a major player when we where in school.

Ok so two people will not hack it we might get end trails, especially over snacks for the shop as I have found a place for less than $80 a month with eletricity and enternet plus water paid for a small office with one office and a front space. That would mean my friend who speaks vietnamese would be good as I live near a place there, however, they are very frugal people, that is alright he can get money from people, then I have a friend who speaks Hindu, which would be good for artesia business, so that is now up to me my spanish speaking friend, my vietnamse speaking friend and my hindi speaking friend, need one more, I could get my buddy who is good with fashion and style to help out yet, I no he is to much for poor market shares, I know this really cute women who needs a job and writes great reports, for the beach scene. So that is five people in a two office space. I figure I could have coaches, couple of wall desks, a refrigator, a phone system, video games on the wall mounted tv, and of course, a bar in my and my spanish friends office, cause we wil be the big bread winners. I think it will work, then we can go international as they all speak international languages and we can start to help foreign poor peoples companies to compete against big, still vulgar website f you.
I bet you we could hundreds of millions in places like India, or even Vietnam teaching folks how to stream line research on the enternet, or due reports for them. The thing is we would have to set up a loyal work team so the atmospher would have to be Big niche style, so they want to stay on, which means, if I go international I will just get houses to work out of with swimming pools, and throug parties for nerds from the colleges, as my team wil be the prime rider teams for poor business to expand. Along with that with my connection in the many facets of street to marble, I could do well through grad school. Just hope I am not caught napping and one of my fellow folks does not take it from me, my vietnamese friend who is very competitive might run with it, so I have to lock it down some how. I can't wait to drink jagger bombs and write reports to help small business expand. I mean if I get enough client tell in certain areas I could network whole places against major entities like Corporations or even SOE's. I could also do entrapment marketing where I market such things as the economy is doing great there are tons of marketing shares via news article reports and papers dropped in front of possible prey and then have one of the properly researched and etiquetted team members drop by to see if they need any reports.

Remember when you think of research and analysis I want you to think of us. Can't see me if I have a team, better for voting anyways, I would hate to get in a fight over dorrito style and lose my whole idea.

Freedom Marketing Reports at Poverty levels, would be a good search term it seems. As the best words for my online business would be to actually to use the words free as those wishing for free reports are the market share I am looking to get to buy my reports. Free would mean I might have to drop my prices down to prewritten reports that I can sell over and over again for less than ten dollars, and then specific reports for a page number which would be based on the specific area as each area would have a normal page research collection and production number for the clients accounting futures.

That is a major thing I saw in small business was their inability to be able to actually predict their next weeks pay scales and create a constant flow of funds. This is a major part of savings for people. Like a restaurant I worked with for a very short period. The owner when things where good would go out and splurge on vacations and toys. Then when things where bad his employees had to deal with it then it affected his product. As such, I kept trying to tell him when things are good you need to save pay roll so that everyone will stay happy, along with that you need to invest in a bigger market net so that more people will cycle through your business. He did not listen to me, it is like I have 6 degrees and because I am hired to wash dishes or some like that because everyone else has PHD's and Masters who are the waiters and accountants my opinion on business does not matter. What ever, if folks pay me they will listen.

Actually no that is wrong I read the data wrong. It shows that the best play around with words would just simply be Market Research, as my competitors seem not to use that for their wording. So maybe I could do just simple name like "Freedom in Market Research for Poor folks", Even the rich folks like that. I like that, then I could place my logo which could be somebody on a beach on a beach chair, with a cell phone in hand.

My key goal here is to obtain the poverty business level market shares. Those moms and pops that are barely paying their mortage and given their kids money to go to the movies. These are the people that are plentifully in my country and most countries. I figured this out when I was searching why Kawaski and the other Asian motorcycle companies did so well and Harley was barely moving forward. What I cam up with is well, there is more poor folks than rich folks. So it would make sense to try and get into that market share, I figure, if I can sell prewritten reports of and data mines for $5-10 of along with a collection of titles of websites and other materials specifically to business to help them out then I will be doing good. Along with that if they want specific research reports they could then contact my company and ask for a page by page with them in mind. This is how I think I will do my break out. Just create plain out data collection reports on areas that all small poor business should look at to help their business, then walk around and try and sell them for $5-10. I used to do this when I was a door to door sales person. However, I had to try and sell some really crudy stuff, and it was not my product. The whole time I was like I do not even believe in this product so how can I sell it, I was like I could create my own product some day and walk around and sell it. I figure, if I can use my motorcycle which gets horrible gas mileage at 60 mpg a day I could about 30 miles each day and use a mutiplier affect for over head and bring a PBJ with me and a water bottle along with my music player. Then I could just hit up every strip mall and small business area around. I figure by the end of the weak I should at least covered around 150 miles. I believe I should create a mapping of all business centers then create an epic center, and the circle chart in which I can follow. Summer is comming up, so I could definetly write the reports based on how to get the biggest market share which is teens from 15 on up to collegte students as they have the most expendable income and need to feed their adventure sides. I could make a five dollar report, which is smaller then create a ten dollar report which is bigger.

I would need to make it look professional then ride my bike to an area, lock the helmet and wheels and then walk around, I mean I like going on walk abouts and as I am not going to be able to get into grad school for some time, I could use this time to be selling my own product while I am looking for a job.

Well, there are more streams and rivers than there are beaches in the US , and world. So maybe I should have a person with a cell phone near a river and some trees, with a bird flying in the air. That would probable be better, then again. Everybody no matter what culture you are loves to go to the river, in mass of course there are those that hate water and outdoors. Maybe I could make two symbols, front river, back beach, same type, the human would have to be a non male or female character with less emphases on the characctre and more on the stream of water and outdoors as again no mattre who you are unless the few of course, being outdoors in open spaces usually makes the human soul feel free, of course there are the exceptions. I am going for masses hear.

I think I would want to also wrap my reports in a sort of sealed bag to make them look nicer and so they do not spoil in my back pack when riding around in hot weather. That means overhead goes up, I have gas, rent, motor, insurance, food and chasing possible wife, along with ammo, MMA, and Gym fees, and wine, maybe a cigar once every six months, oh ya off road vehicle, lincoln low rider, jeep 4by4, new camaroe, college funds for children, constant schooling and 3 grad degrees left, so all in all, I will probable just overhead the first three, rest are just dreams.

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