This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Currently it is well agreed that the earths mineral deposit depletion is causing major natural detrements.

As such, we would need to look else where. However, at the same time, if the depletion of earths minerals is causing problems I am sure that the depletion of the moons resources is causing problems.

With the new rail gun technology the US can easily send into orbit space ship after space ship at the same cost it used to cost for sending one space ship to space. At such, this  costs has come down so much that mining space planets via free enterprises is actually becoming a very close reality. For example, if we can create drone technology like we know we can to mine in our solar system Then we could easily set up machines to mine and load pay loads and then have them flown out to space stations that could then load them onto pay load that could easily glid into the earth with the load intack. The major points that would be necessary for security would be the space laser we have already came up with which would have to instantly and precisely destroy any material entering orbit on rogue so as not to hurt human inhabitants.

Along these lines, the major costs will now be the actual technological build up to start the mining process. This will be based on the ability of space mines to produce enough minerals at cost to actually make it worth while. Then we get into the point of who owns the planets, we have many countries. here. Well that is easy, any mine being purchased goes into a earth fund for space security of the mining process from mistakes. Such things as space junk clean up would be costs, space police to take care of miners and cowboys, and hotels for miners to spend their money and sleep.

This is much like any other enterprises that has been started in remote areas. Along these lines, the funds from the mines would have to also fund massive amounts of research to the threat of brining into the planet any possible foreign living molecules that might cause a new form of plague.

These things would need to be done by an international space committee. On which they would have to come up with profitable sales of mines on foreign planets that would allow the necessary security investment by the company for the proper security and other matters to be dealt with from the international community.

For example take ..... industries. Say we finally see that the government has created a feasiable form of space commerical mine transportation. Then we easily find the necessary robots to do the mining systems. In which could easy be created. Then we seak pioneer grants from the government for my enterprise to start a base on the planet to hold humans. We already have the tech to create a sustainable form of energy, oxygen and food sources in foreign planets. The problem would be being able to bring the necessary long term shuttle to the planet as a trailer to actually be able to build the platform on the planets surface. This would costs lots of money. However, on the other hand a proper mine could generate tons of mony also, if it could properly be harnessed.

The major concerns as the cloaked president of ..... enterprises and the main voice for voting purposes. I worry about the disease possibility and the long term affect of mining on the planetary system. There would be a time when we would have to create it to be cheaper to actually mine in another planetary non intellegence system at a cheaper rate, as we could not strip bare other planets without causing a major detremental impact to the earths and our solar systems plantery alignment.

Everything else is elementry. The the economy has to be brought to scale via security measures. As we can now currently send about 10 space war ships into battle if we are attacked by another country in a matter of a few hours, I would say we are getting much closer to actually starting druid capitalization off of the saints of Space mining.

I just would need to know that the laser could actually destroy incoming flights of matter and material that could possible fly off target of landing for the space pay load. As I could not bare to have my enterprises be at fault for a missed or malfunctioned space pay load that the government could not properly secure from. I would figure our current laser would do the trick and be able to disintergrate the pay load carrier before it got even close to altidudes of possible detrement to human life.

Things I worry about before I presume the council to vote on my press.
1. Research on proper testing of any possible plague like material.
2. Laser to destroy any rogue shipment.
3. That the economic costs of the actual industry of space mining is worth it via economics of energy and fuel. I would guess I could easily use nuclear waste and store it on the planet as a form of energy for the machines on the planet. I would figure I would be doing the earth a favor. Then again there comes takening it off earth. What if the ship blows up in air. I know we have set off nuclear bombs in atmospher and tested. I would just have to read further to figure out if it is worth the cost of possible causing my enterprises name and good will to be jepordized. I figure with my distilling process, I should be able to get it down to a manageble form of transportation that would still create energy but not be harmfull to humans. That is the trick, safety and innovation.

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