This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The reality of the communists wish to expand is a very serious threat. As they do not expand without fully owning.

As of recent we have seen huge aggression coming out of the Communist military command. They have done things like fly stealth fighters past Japanese Naval ships, bully Japan with rare earth embargo's, and constantly threaten Japan if they did not allow them to mine in Japanese waters,which the Communist claims are there because they are bigger.

We have seen before what happens when the Communist military command becomes aggressive. One of the worlds most peacefully country with no threat to anyone was completely invaded for no good reason of anything except the Communist needed the country to expand their military conquests. The Tibetans where not terrorists to China, they where not even armed, nor did they even care to be any part of Communist China when they where invaded.

I personally I have taken looks at Communist military expansion wishes. It takes into account both Japanese and Taiwanese country land holdings. As such, the Communist much like they attack with the Communist dream of using Karl's Marxist theories to weaken everyone else to their knees so they can lead. Are in my thoughts and opinions starting to go it again. It is very funny that less than 5 days before a Communist Chinese stealth fighter came war threatening close to a Japanese naval ship in Japanese waters, there was a complete gathering of Communist military members on expanding Communist oceanic properties. Before this the Communist had sought permits to start mining the ocean floor near Japan in very huge proportions. Then after the, the war threatening fly by, came a disaster which seems to have been caused by probable tectonic plate weapons, perfectly scheduled with the lunar moon, even though the moons gravitation pull is usually not strong enough to cause harm to the the mantle or crust.

Tectonic plate weapons have been around since the 1900's. Most of the bigger countries like Russia, France, US and India have them but would never use them except Russia they hit New York once with a electromagnetic weapon and destroyed power generators across the sea then they also tried to cause a massive tidal flood during the same period. However, now Russia is way more Democratic and as we have seen with Russia voted in representatives they are starting to become more hearted and caring as understand an eye for an eye.

These actions taken by the Communist party are very upsetting.

Rider I
As usual I do not think we should stand by and do nothing if they are actually bullying via wishes to destroy Japanese dissent to forced monopoly of mining for the Communist like the German Socialist party (NAZIS) tried to do before it hit the rampage.

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