This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fossel to Renewable.

US I believe found oil. Thus, it would be true that it helped us catapult us into the world of other major countries. This then lead the way for major industrial sector jobs and whole countries based around the major industrial economic root base.

The problem is today we have the both sides fighting against the US being allowed to lead the world in a new industry. This is a major problem. You had the left wing and its folks give away the biggest stimulus package for our competitors in the worlds newest technology which allowed the US to slip into 4 years of high technological deficit. In which, I proclaimed very loudly that the green tech stimulus was the industry to balance out the necessary next service bell curve. However, some how we still gave away trillions of US tax dollars to destroy the next energy sector and root economic factor of the world.

This is very disheartening of course. As the basic next step in world industrial leadership is of course the energy sector. Which has been abused by a few countries cartelled together to make a few elitist rich and not allow their people a proper spread of security and social safety nets. Which has attacked the US and killed thousands of innocent lives due to the few countries not properly allowing their citizens to have their wealth spread out for more market shares for them to own their own labors. While their shares of the market are horded together in Sovereign Wealth Funds (citizens of I, monastastancaarchist), while also creating major SOE's. In which these people wish to use to further their ideological perspectives of the oppression of civil rigths of all humans.

This of course is a major smack down to the major cloaed souls of the world. As they prefer each individual to have their own and come together for safety but not for their own basic views without oppression by economics, unfavorable equal security of social nets, and many other forms. The most important to the Clouds of course since the days of renaissance has always been the voting point.

The problem instead of strong leaders and representatives leading their free people to a proper place of freedom. We have seen such weak sheepish follow the bad guys additudes as to centralize wealth via Soverign Wealth funds in certain states. In which instead of using those funds to go back to the citizen to spread out via their own individual whims we see those US Democratic non Communist states usee those SOE's and Soverign wealth funds the same way that enemies of Democracy do. This is a no no, pink panther,

The idea that a few burecrats should be able to own and make wealth off the citizens individual ownership of labors has never sat well in a Druidist, or lets just call it Demo cr at ic, view of spreading wealth out. As such the harm to the world is more than ever. These funds do more harm  than good. They proclaim to actually help build up foreign countries with their massive SOE's and soverign wealth funds. However, they are actually just invading and allowing a few elitiest in the major SOE SWF controllers to maneuver things away from a proper eletorate of the sovierng people who vote in that Democratic area. In which stands compeltely agains the ideals of freedom for all and individual whims and the idea that no one is keep down from being able to climb to the top; while also having the most spread of representatives in a workable voting forum. The institution has seen many Druids over the years from bloodly battle fields to high tech warfare stand grand on the ideals that each individual as much as possible will manage their own environment (economics). Thus standing firmly against, zombiest and elitiest ownership without proper spread of wealth via fair competition. Tell how can any free enterprise compete against a state with a military and laws being created by the very people who run and benefit the most via power delites.

Marcie Carice
Cody's Crush is good, to go.
 For the vote and the peacefull battle of Democracy through competitive marketing of personalities.

All readers where not tortured and they chose to go to the camp, there was no force, unlike the communist wish you to believe, all mind sets have been understood since a very young age, and yes we do play the baby boy blue game and the lady pink game. No shame no harm we stand via cognitable clear scenarios of voting.

It shall never fall into any one partys hands at the cost of the loss of Democracy it may stay at the first and foremost so that each side can use peacefull intellegence battles of personailities instead of blood lust and end trails.

Who taught who?

From the moon to the earth, to the skys to the wind, from fire to ice, earth to tree, human to thought.
Drew it.

On a four four earth beat under the trees with the birds and the bees and squirrels on their knees looking at the one with all love and orders awate, for the worlds freedoms fate, may the power be never and may the spread be fair and competitive. get it done.

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