This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

The non systematic creation of nuclear facilties. (Nuclear Icemen Theory, outline spark)

Nuclear technology is not new. It has been around for over a hundred years. We have just now come to a point where we feel comfortable with it. Then the moon comes closer, or possible illegal underwater mining, or even possible cloaked tech weapons after a cloaked fly by a naval vessel have shown us again that nuclear technology is still but untamed.

The needs and necessities of a nuclear facility that can be completely sustainable during a pandemic is necessary and still not found to be done. This shows the worlds laziness. Much like what we saw with the deep water drilling accident of BP. In which they had no proper security measures and saved millions of dollars on scientific research outlines and security practices which cost them billions of dollars. We are again seeing this in another country. This time however, it is Japan.

Japan like most of the worlds countries have up to date security facilities. However, they are not adequate. next to the systematic ability for a nuclear facility to freeze itself in constant coolant pressures or to even be able to separate each block of the facility under the proper blow out pressures with three to four dome tops that compress blasts, is necessary. We are going to see many Japanese children and workers along with future genomes of the people in that area be affected.

The affection is due to once again the non spending of proper scientific research to fully secure the domes and reactors what we know can happen. Currently the world has an oh it will not happen to me attitude even though their scientific advisers who tell them and via competition for work and proper mind needs for further research for surely make sure they know. However, via non wish for spread out overhead expenses of safety via things like nuc waste recycling, proper blast domes, ability to freeze cores until they can be removed by robots and other things, we see penny pinching in areas that will eventually cost 100's times more when it actually happens.

As we currently do not have the international competitive collaboration for core research for thermal imaging like I sought for yesterday. It is well known that we can't predict her movements without even a seconds notice. This is mainly because we have not dealt with the roots of the security problem. In this matter, since we do not have the proper root prediction group of scientist gathered, we see a necessity to fully secure the molecules that move to fast and hot for natural consumption outside of the person made shells.

As such the necessary ares that we need to see are, exactly what has happened, we have used weather programs to create snow at no avail to cooling down the units or even getting close to the temperature needed to cool them down. Along with that they are using sea water which is why they are built next to the ocean at a very of the bottom security precaution to take ocean water to cool it off. However, we know we have coolant apparatuses that can freeze the molecules, as we have currently been experimenting with actually distilling nuclear waste via cooling and heating.

This would mean if we could take those coolant measures and apply them to the actual dome itself we might have an ability to actually cause the core to cool down and be workable by special suits or even robots that could withstand outers pace cold temperatures. Again, as we have created robots that can withstand extreme cold that could freeze nuclear molecules so they could be dismantled when hurting from mother nature, we should be able to do this.

What is necessary, the actual fact that we need to figure out how to take the same tests we use on outer space robot material via cold temperatures along with what we have used on space suits and ships. Then we need to look into the distilling process of how to dismantle nuclear molecules using cold treatments. After that a proper coolant precaution would need to be taken into affect. This can be done by roof domes with the proper molecular structure and algorithms done for all necessary measures, or it could be done with sort of human suit attachments for specific freezing via bad arse fireman style, instead would be ice men.

There, you go I have just created an outline of how to secure a nuclear plant from a melt down. The natural fact is that, we need to work better with our outer space robots and our cold temperature distilling of nuclear molecules.

Rider I
Now just get the science grunts to dig out the outline.

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