This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

I have decided to add another report to my list o mania.

This report would be regarding economic treason and how legislatures can pass the line between friendly state and traitor to their own people. My main example and specific point will be Senator Harry Reid. I have heard through the underground railroad of Druids, that Senator Reid went against the Steal Unions and other Unions representing high technological fields wishes to not give a communist entity $450,000 to expand in the US. When the domestic competitors where not gaining perks like the Communist entity was at home or even abroad.

I will finish this report after the list o mania. So fair it is treasury report, unless I sell my vehicle and buy the motorcycle then it is JFCOM, then it is a legal review on economic treason and how representatives can pass the line between friend state and economic traitor to their country. And yes, anti americans there is such a thing as economic treason, and yes it is a major thing. However, no one has ever had the balls to stand up to a major player and say, you have committed it. Then again, the last Druid King, was taken out after a very powerfull research report on how the Communist caused the world to collapse then a dull, then a vote to remove via intellectual and physical weakness, so there is a reason for this underground Democratic society. This reason is mainly to check and balance our public Democratic societ. I have seen many instances of economic treason which have caused major damages to the US's domestic share markets and aquistion potentials. However, again, we have seen a bunch of weak sheeps who have been to afraid to step up to the plate of the worlds biggest and riches single king domiante party the Communist party of China, and its agenda in the United States. Again, I have read their top secret report on their agenday for the US and how they wish to turn it into a puppet state of economic pileaging for their people and SOE's.

So that report should be fun. However, I still have to get the actual word and adobe program. Then I will set up a shield system of Druids so I will not be attacked by the main person I will writing at to seek econonomic warfare precedent set in research. The Druids are already ready and the system itself is being set up. I have also had the playing Druids completely bugged, and the real Druids, are at arms intellectually against this person for thei actions against their own side the Unions, and the people as a whole's economic market detrements, which was caused.

Rider I
On my algorythm like usuall the first one I presented after creating gold from energy then showing how my gold can actuall be pure and more able to be used for high technology than the natural one or even the replicated natural one to very small impurites. Mine is the same chemical compound and molecular structuer it just uses a different form of purer energy from the source to create it causing the molecules inside that hold the energy to act different and with more purity and fluidity than the other form of golden dawn creation.

Of course I am not the leader of anything because the female check and balance to me, is much smarter than me in technological advancments, that is why I am working on the plane shield, then again, she has already sent one of the ladies to take my ideas. However, the main one that I know she can't get is stored in a locked place inside of my mind that only a key indicator can release from my subconcsious as I was able to program my brain. In which can only be seen when I am at the barn. So, along with that she is not that mean. I am going to win, and then we will vote again, on who is the major and who is the minor leader.

To Democracy may someday the day come when children all over the world can go home without major mean folks trying to take power from each other through death. May the vote come to the world and our anciet society become a ceremonial activity someday.

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