This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I sent this to the

Dear ESA Policy Administration,
       There is a flaw in our economic business cycle, that I think I have stumbled on. I have read papers that show people are onto the flaw but just have not properly addressed the matter yet. Therefore, I would like to address the problem in this short written letter:
       The current problem is that the US is relied upon a service bell curve, historically including,  the savings and loan, .com and mortgage service bell curves. These then create a boom bust as they start to flow money into the economy through the inflationary spending that was created by the prior one. This then leads us to a trough cycle as any graph showing you the major cycle can show, if you compare it to the actually service bell curve created by major legislation. This then forces the US to have to save itself using inflationary spending; each time. As such, our deficit has been rising and rising without the US being able to actually pay off its bills. Therefore, causing a major detriment from lost resource contracts, to lost ability of the US to keep judges and civil workers, etc.
     Therefore, as my service bell curve reliance matter is correct. The solution is simple enough. The policy matter that needs to be addressed is with the problem of having the curve go up and then crash down. If we could possible create another industrial boom that could catch the service bell curve before it normalized we could then go into a major growth cycle. The idea I am having is in regards to creating a industrial production cycle right at the peak of before the peak of the service bell curve. The problem is we would have to keep those production jobs here at home. Thus, we could then shift the reliance on the service bell curve from a service bell curves to a production bell curve. Then as the production bell curve starts to wain, we could create another industrial boom.
   The example I have is the upcoming service bell curve reliance; the health insurance. This service bell curve is going to be the biggest boom the US has every seen. As it is forcing a monopolized industry in which everyone will have to participate. Which means if not properly administrated and caught at the right time it will also create the US's biggest trough cycle. Thus, turning into a recession as we still have not paid off the inflationary debt from the savings and loans trough cycle.
  So the problem is we rely on a service bell curve without it having a buddy to hand off the business cycle too. This means, it gets tired and crashes out. Which takes the US economy with it. Therefore, we need to learn how to do a relay with our business cycle, macro curve.
  I am going to be writing a paper on this matter in my MA in Economics next year. It is mainly going to be based on a buddy system and a piggy back style administration of economic legislation. The main problem is the adjustment cycles are not properly being dealt with in the US Economic Macro Cycles.
  Give me an email if I can help, I am unemployed right now and looking for work. However, I am also trying to set up an Internet business in which I can generate enough money to get me through graduate school. My plan is to get an MA in Economics, and a combined JD and MBA in law.
Rider I

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