This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Sanctions empower Dictators.

Dictators feed on fear and manipulation of minds to keep themselves and their heirs in power. The power is generated by scarcity of freedoms, materials and other normal goods free world citizens take for granted. An example of scarcity creating power would be a clothing company that sells their clothes for way above the ceiling prices. As such, this allows them to work less by means of production. However, at the same time it gives them a market power. This is because the scarcity of the item in public and the value placed behind the product means it is valued higher than other products.

Products are a means of how a Dictator controls its populace They either allow in more goods or less goods. Allow their people to create more or less and thus affects the scarcity of their people. This means, whether it is a full Dictatorship where an individual is ruling or a Dictorial ship where just one party rules, any scarcity gives them power. For example, lets take an individual ruling a country.

This person has a scarcity problem, as such those that are loyal to them get things and those that are not starve via military power in the hands of the Dicator. As such this means that everyone fears them via economic scarcity and thus learns to love them out of shear necity to survive. As such this then allows that Dictator to create a fear of the outside world as he blames the scarcity creation on them. This affect usually takes some time to sink in; as we have seen in North Korea. Where for such a long time sanctions have caused the mass of the people to fear those who have created the sanctions as the scarcity empowers the Dicators to control the few goods that are coming in.

This control via scarcity creates a complete turn of power on the very powerfull thing those thought they where doing to cause strain. As such creating a more powerfull Dictator rule, by turning the most powerfull thing against them. We can see this with the example of the Communits Dictorial ship of China.

As the outside world pushes Communist China for more ability of their people to vote and more civilian checks on the elitiest one world I mean one party control. We see the Communist creating scarcity of media. This means that instead of just dumping on the people on all the freedoms of the world without actually critizing the Communist Chinese at home. The media brings forth things that casue the Communsit party to have reason to create scarcity of foreign media. This then allows the Communist more control of Communist China's media outlets, as they have created a scarity of the freedoms of the world for their people to view. Thus causing the people to read something, they go to the only outlet they can and read how the rest of the world is bad instead of their own. However, this is getting better, the Communist are close to relenquishing dictorial ship in Communist Chian to a real voting sytem of non eltitiest rich party members.

As such the healthy and rich solution to not allow a Dicatorship to create scarcity is to dump on them with the things that will create more love and belief in their people than cause scarcity and fear in their people. We have used this with Communist China and it worked perfectly. We allowed them into the market as long as we could dump on them the ideas of freedom of civil rights and freedom of economics So far the worlds most totalatrian close to being Democratic/Republicanism pure voting system seems reverberting best to the dumping method. Where as the sanction method like we do with Dicators of Iran and other countries seem to actually make them more powerfull.

Power in leadership comes from the basic idea of Makievallian theory. The idea is if a leader that is hated can create an enemy that is bigger than them. Then they point to them the reason for scarcity and justify why the Dic only allows access to those who love him. In a real new wave economic warfare analysis, one would not allow that as the root game would be to bring more freedoms and voting and less hatred and anomosity from the outside world.

Sanctions do not hurt the Dicator nor do they cause the people to hate the Dicator. That is some suit, skirt wearing way to deep dumb shiat idea. Now let me step in with my slacks, my polo shirt, my sweat shirt and my timberland two tone yacht shoes and tell you skirts and suits how to do it. With my bearded face and my druid monk like haricut, and tell you girls and boys, causing scarcity is what empowers not depowers dumb arses. I guess non of you have ever tried to create gold using the old scoil methods, and had the your arse handed to you by a see through image, then sat down and lectured by three men in suits with black ties and shiny shoes. Let me tell you if you want to learn about scarcity and how it creates balance and power, then try and make gold.

As such, a true economic warfare analysis would be to cause more love for the oustide world by the people and create more anoymousity to the Dicatorship. However, the idea that by creating scarcity that the Dic will control via military will some how weaken or even cause the people to hate the Dic more is completely backwards and I have not seen a case where it works.

However, the Dumping method of love and afffection and attention, like we are doing with Communist China seems to work, maybe just a little to good, we might want to balance that out with my currency manipulation bill, dumr arse Treasury department. mo fo's.

Already, here we go


In reality how to deal with a Dictator. One should look at the possible outlets. If the Dicator loses controll of its power like all Dicators do at sometime, as in a Dic ship the only way to change power is through military power, then one should look at who the Dic's opposition is. Do they actually create more voting possibilites, are they willing to set up a Voting constition. If so then the best thing to do if one really wants to use the archieac idea of sanctions. Would be to actually sanction the Dicator and his troops, while allowing the People and their new government to gain a surplus. However, one would have to worry about the funding for such events. So one would have to look the opposing leader to see if they are fond of voting and if they are willing to take help from bigger Democracies on setting up their new Democracy/Republicanism pure voting system. If such, then as the world has the power to cause sanctions, the world also has the power to create loands and funding. Which would mean a substantial amount of intellegnece work to work side by side to help create the new countries ruling party, so there would not have to be wars in the future to change hands of the ruling powers.

Then one would have to look, at other possibilities, as usually opposing parties do not have actual ability to gain supplies, unless major countries help them out, which is hard to do, as no one wants to really invade a country.  So then you have the problem of actually supplying the Dicators country while he is killing his people which would never fly with pure voting systems free people. As such one has to do something. The idea then would be to specifically, do pin point economic warfare, which both Communist China and the USA are great at. Therefore, things like bank accounts of the Dictator but not the country, funding for his military personnel but not the military personnel that wish to create a pure voting system, then a myriad of other ideas that would be specifically addapted to new wave, economic warfare. As it is proven vague flat whole country sanctions cause more detrement than good by empowering the Dicator further.

The idea would be that if the Dicator does not wish to step down as his people would like a new leader, then if they are killing innocent people, should shadow squadrons be sent into help protec them, or at least make the battle fair. Then again, no one wants to get involve in another countries business.

As such the best thing to do is to deal with free enterprises in that country that wish to create a supply chain for the individuals that are protesting and calling for a change in power. This things have long feared dictators, from Hitler, to Stalin to Moa. As such they are usually just destoryed. So if one is to use free enterprises to create a supply chain for the opposition then one would have to also think that the Dic will take away more civil freedoms by forcing all business to be run by him or his heir.

So how do you erode a Dictators power without causing a pure turn in ideas of events. Well, then one has to look at those entities which the Dicator controlls tyrranically, then shut them down slowly and start to actually build up their opposition by pure economic contracts. This is hard to do as the Dictator will again shut them down or take them over like we are seeing in Venezuela, where Hugo is constantly shutting down free enterprises that become to big and speak out against his Dictatorship.

So then we get into black marketing, and how do we find black marketeers that are good at double agency so that they can act like they are working for the Dicator but really are working for the Democracy/Republicanism underground. Then this becomes a whole huge problem and needs much more professional analysis than I can give on my blog note pages.

However, the key ingriedent is that Sanctions empower Dictators and give them more power. The professional necessary document would need to address how to get around empowering the Dic by sanctions. Thus causing a necessary we do not like what you are doing, but not causing a major reveberation to the power of the Dic which completely crushes the opposing party that wants a real pure voting system, like we see in Iran and Venezuela.

The best thing to do is dump on them I will get to that.

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