This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to distill Nuclear waste to a level of human contact ability.


First you have to start with the process of how to break down every molecule and atom in the nuclear waste, much like breaking down corn, rye or other materials used to create a form of human energy for fun.

Then once the molecules are broken down, one needs to figure out how to create a form of energy from each one or what each molecule can be used for. As such, then one figures out how to gather the necessary materials out of the nuclear waste, as such through heating, cooling, seperating, etc. Then the proper tools necessary to hold it and harness it for energy consumption via, machines and light production.

Then after that the bi product should be a safe liquid in which can be used as a coolant for the machines to actuall are needed to either heat it up to very high levels, or cool it. Or you can swim in it if you are crazy, it should not hurt. There is a lot of algo's involved in that though.
The best one is using the potent molecules to create energy, like Solium or something like that and other molecules that come out of the seperation process.

We are not going to get rid of nuclear waste, and it just sits there not being harnessed, why not use it like thrown out crops that no one would buy or eat, nor did the animals want, or left overs from re feterlizing.

Distill it, harness it consume it for energy.

Very long thesis needed for this. I'll make you famous.

Policy changes necessary domestically and abroad, and proper way to harness it via capitalism without causing an increase in price of energy. As such, I believe right now many Saints have given their life to produce this and lost lots of money, now I think it is time for the Druids to harness and capitalize on it.

Currently the cost of a 7500 kw generator is around $1,500, plus cost of gas and up keep. However, the cost of a nucell root tech battery project should be less than that at this time, as we can get one gram out of the nuclear waste, and then produce the proper battery. As such I would wonder if the level of has come time for the Druids to send in the birds to grab tech to make money and better nature.

What I really want to do once I get enough of the tech already been researched and the manuals, is to actually just create barrles that could store spearted molecules that could create energy at very high levels, I would guess the barrels would have to be created much in the sma fashion as the big nuclear reactors to keep the material from leaking since it is a very high energy molecule and can cause destruction to natures passive molecules.

That would take a lot of calculations and I am still far behind on the House of Levy war, JFCOM and my current up front and name rank and number project the Treasury rebuttal, so. I plan on getting the parts soon, then I start the Treasury while I can impact, as JFCOM will take some time to finish the economic warfare attacks on our soveign international couperation intellegence base, while House of Levy is not going no where they are an old school, intellegence house, they can hang out while I come back to whoop their arses intellectuall, while FACEbook has been outed to other Druids as i can not fight currently as a professional in the law.

All I can do is create cognitions.

Now if I can get the same or better kws per gram of distilled nuclear waste then lets see:

125,600 grams per barrel, that means 942 Million kwts per barrel of creation of energy.

So if it costs 1500 for a generator that creates 7500 wts, we times the gram of distilled nuc waste to the barrel in the grams to see if it will be profitable, plus we can easily depreciate overhead costs over 25 years of shelf life,


$188,400,000 is what the over head cost to generate if we where to buy generators that generate 7500 watts, instead of using nuclear waste for the civilian costs. that is if we can actuall store and create a civilian safe generator like we are doing for militar applications, yet, still it is a little more distilling for human mistakes,

However, I need to do a calculation on much it would cost to create 942 Million kwts from a nuclear plant, then I could create an overhead cost allotment of how much I could spend to create a barrel of distilled nuclear energy. However, I would need to substantially come under that price so I could take home profits, as I want a pretty moma and a fancy car and a ranch too. 6 degrees for nothing here, working on my cloud 9 with three more graduate degrees, these foks working on it so far are very passive or either are being held back by eagles, either way I can handle it.

So if I can create a barrel storage system of distilled nuclear waste, that is much cheaper than the cost of storing and having to create new energy plus being forced be more reliant on coal and oil then so be it, I will set up birds to watch my competitors and I will begin the battle, and I will pour some drinks with the Eagles to see if they have real concerns regarding renegade terroists organizations before I begin raiding the castle intellectually and legally.

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