This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Economic Warfare Agents applicational hack of Business without being caught.

The applicable dealings for Communist intellegence units like SASAC and MSS to have agents who do illegal things is more likely than not for a free enterprises who is just interested in defense and more market shares. This is because basically the Communist SOE's have whole military operations. In an imaginary scenario,mmm sure. MSS agents have been caught, along with SASAC agents replacing computers in business under cloak of Communist government economic warfare tactics.

This is easily done. However, first we need to know what this is done. Communist China is a centralized economy. Where everything is based around one political party and its main elitist rulers and their intelligence units. This is so that if the Communist party can collect data on foreign intelligence for economics, they can easily figure out weak sports for their uncompetitive Communist SOE's to penetrate and conquer market shares to bring home positive capital inflows while creating a turn around for the market share in which they will dominate. This turn around usually leads to massive amounts of loans and more jobs for Communist SOE's as they do more business with their own people than other developing markets to gain the market shares uncompetitive via horizontal and vertical ant trust violations; through Communist SOE and intelligence units.

Now how is it so easy. Basically here is how it works in an imaginary scenario of course, mmm ya sure, I have no clue, never traced them, and I can't ride a skate board, surt, scuba dive, building climb. Then again who can, not me, fly in the water of the nodder! What. LOL.

So, this is how it is done, first of all all security systems are vulnerable to some kind of system. With the Communists 2 million intelligence units working for the them and most of their top generals being geared for economic warfare and dominance, as Marxism is the worlds most powerful one world domination and enslavement to state theory. Communist want to be the slave drivers. So first, you track the security system, if you are doing counterintelligence you set up unseen and untraced vhf waves on                 wave transitions. Then the Communist agent will easily loop or re feed or even just mess with the security guard long enough to gain access to the computer terminals. However, before this, they usually need access to see what programs are being run and what the actual units look like to build specific knock offs with malaware circuitry units to be implemented. Now here is where the fun stuff comes in.

There are currently many forms of cloaked malwarfare circuits in which, our current Internet virus security programs can't detect. As they are impeded in the mother boards or they can actually be stored in the screen itself via nano technology, I think that is more a western thing than Communist thing, though, as the complete viewing and monitoring of a screen is done best by you guessed it just malaware circuiting the actual screen. Then again, most of the time it will be actual malawarfare that is tied to the key board as they are looking for key strokes and pass words of how to get into the systems later on when no one is around, or even to to completely copy any reports being written. This allows, the Communist intelligence officers to have hot and handy off the press, full reports before any of our Democratic/Republican representatives can read them to know what to do. As the Communist are a one party system they move much more predatorily, than our system where folks actually think more about their individual whims than they do about one world Marxist economic warfare. Except a few arses, who are constantly attacked by Communist agents in so many forms it is not even funny.

As such, once they have gathered the intel on what the circuits are that need to be knocked off. Then they complete a full report and analysis on how to properly implement the new circuits or watcher programs that are untraceable. As the better ones can even take existing circuits that have free space on them and create a complete board or other areas of infiltration that looks very similar to the naked eye, and can not be detected by any current market programs.

So the main hard part is getting through security. As most federal agents have home computers, and work from home, or their officers are very scandaly secured, it is not that easy. I mean a level 4 hacker could easily hack into security cameras see exact computer, then hack each server and terminal and see what circuits are being used. Then all they have to do is give the old FBI the slip, and they are free and clear to create a proper strategy to implement the new key boards.

Some would say why would they do that when they can just create new software mal programs to eat and Analise data for an uncompetitive advantage in the economic world. Well truthful it is like using Nuclear waste for your cities energy needs as compared to constantly having to create new energy. The waste process, allows one to have a very long shelf life. Where as the constant new process creates much more spending, work, and constant security problems. As such. one can see very easily, where the US market is very far behind, in the actual cyber warfare. I mean for the country that made the darn Internet and the abilities of data transfer. We are very far behind the communist in electrical espionage.

So, I propose again, that you hire me and allow me to create a team to properly manifest a free enterprise commerical cognition to constantly take the Communists most powerful weapons and use them against themselves. Like the nuclear energy microchip hack I created in which I can use               waves to actually control foreign missiles and make them fall, or even implode before launching. Then again this is all imaginary and you are just dreaming that you read this. mmm sure, ya.

Rider I
Cowabunga, Rat fink, surfs up whos on the king of the waves. Not me, I am dreamer and a data eater.

and I am not going to ride my motorcycle across my state then country:

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