This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

How does the Communist Party of China's constant concentration of international dominace affect its spread of wealth to the little people.

Well first of all, don't go teach English there because it will be like a jail go to work then go home, I mean the pay is horrendous for such a country with a massive consumption of intelligence and products. I mean, they are really messing over their teachers, and not treating their international guests very f'ing nice, f'ers.

Rider I

You fail on your left wing moderate Democracy side and completey win on your conservative capatalist side Commy's. Guess that is why it is called the Republic of China. Still giving you an f for taking care of my teachers of your citizens and the world citizens. F You darn facist dictatorial unfair slave drivers. allow another party to kick your arse legally, you suck at doing this by yourself, great at conquering and pileaging through economic communist fascism but horrible on spread of wealth via freedom of economics and taking care of the middle and poor classes.

You should just hire me to critize you behind doors, I am good at talking shiart  on you. I mean it is a skill to see how bad the Communist are with the spread of wealth via their fascist wishes to control and dominate via economics. Darn skillfull I tell you the Rider I has become the trash man of the Communist party everybod give it up for his skills to be a trash man.

The problem is that the Communist Party places more value on cut throat military economic generals instead of teachers, civil servants, and small business entities. This then forces the value to go to those who only think in major leaps and bounds, while the smaller folks who are the actual spread of wealth via many small thoughts and many small movments make substantially less so it is much harder for them to spread the wealth around. For example a Chinesee teacher making around $1,500 a month if they comparatively to what they pay foreign english teachers, would not be able to spread around their money to smaller shops or further destinations as much as say a teacher who was paid $2,000 a month. As that extra $500 would insulate their cognition for economic security and allow them to feel freerer to do things like save up for bigger ticket items, and for more travels which could allow the spread of value to smaller areas. This is a major interest in city building as the proper spread of wealth via pay scales is very necessary. Police officers should make more than a substantial amount of citizezns so they do not become corrupt, those working with in intellectual fields should get paid more than those in labor fields, and those who are smart and can run around and make ends meet doing their own thing should be allowed to. The Communist as they are a one party system do not have a buddy to check them. However, so the centralized ideals of the Communist party trical down the whole leadership as a one thought process with no checks or oppositions, as just like in a business one does not want to upset the bosses. However, now in a competitive governance that is the name of the game, upset the opposition, which makes the game stronger and healthier as competition causes the most debate and forensics into matters of serious delination like how much to pay a teacher. That is important, teachers, are humble beings who teach for reasons of likeing to do so. However, they make darn good movers of capital income. As they have three months off a year. If they are paid a healthy salary as they deal with the worlds most precious products, they then can go and spread that wealth out during those three months when the children are allowed to bee with their families learning their families teachings. Two semeters with gong, one semester with si, unless they are hard core then three with gong and one with si.

So I do not know, I know that, if China was to raise their level of pay for teachers it would become more competitive thus causing a bigger pool of applicants. Along with causing a stronger spread of education as cognition of education raises due to more interest. Thus causing a better spread of Chinese wealth and value throughout the world and globe as their teachings become better and better.

You ask why would I care so much about spreading Chinese wealth. Well, I have no problem with Chinese citizens or even most Chinese ideas. It is just the Russian and German political movements of Communism that have infilitrated and held so long onto China that is my problem. Both Germanny and Russia had dictorial parties like China does currently. It causes nothing but war and famine after the party felt egotistical enough via no domestic competition on political representation. So, it is a kind of fear, understanding of a new country that is now developed to equavlent levels of the other developed worlds and the philosphy that a buddy system, like a ma and pa, or two partners is always better than one intellectual entity.

Rider I
I love Chinese folks, i think they are really interesting, I just do not like the Germanic Russian philosphy of one party dominace ideas via Marxist economic warfare strategy for dominace over other countries and the citizens freedom via a few elitiest.

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