This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Communist Chinese have just created a complete back stab in those who trusted them to become a Democracy.

Communist China has long spoke of becoming a full part of the free world as a Democracy. They have stated that in the new Communist bric that they are a Democracy with complete continous for free will and voting rights. As such, with the Elitiest party of Communist China thinking they hold power of the now spread our USA and their heavy puppets of Iran and Communist North Korea they proclaim they will never allow another party to ever vote them out. This makes them much more powerfull than the Socialist party of germany and their pre world war presumptions of consumptions for military.

All splinter cells are to be ready in a moments notice of they try and move past their boarders or take over Japan, Thailand, or further take over Vietnam. More than likely of not with the massive amount of pressure I have placed upon their Political reform as via WTO and United Nations contracts to politically reform into a voting system instead of Dicatorship party system, there is no doubt in my believe of what will happen this system.

The needle is in the hay stack, and as their predecessors of elitiest ruling parties and cogntions they have proclaimed their wish to oppress voting rights and further in this world the idea of enslavement to the elitiest. No matter what side you are one, this is a threat to Democracy and the voting system of the peacefull movements of free people.

All match stick men are to gather their allies in preperation for a possible, attack on US soil. I have personally seen on my day off a test of our abilities to defend off the coast of Catalina, via ICMB's and our very inadequeate ability for those Jets and systems to intercept the necessary missiles at a certain range. As such, our underground needs to hold ground and prepare more than ever. Any wishing for the USA and our ideals of freedom and voting to be oppresssed are to be seen as a threat to our cultures and freedom ways. For my Druid Kings if you find these soliders in adequate in listening during these very necessary prepared times, the eye duss cry.

All Druids holding Business professions if not attacking personal adventures as placed via the golden rights, you are to trace any economic warfare agent and prepare necessary rebuttals to their movments in our competitors. All I land folk are to prepare necessary beach parties and watchers for the under water gazers, all taps are to be created via Hoover, style dominace of freedom for those who wish to destory the US incase the FBI is to busy tracing top of the pile anti Democracy wishers.

I need all symbols of three to hold personal battles until we can get past this event over the summer. We are all to hold off. If any youngsters this summer start off, you are to properly adjudiate them and their oppressions. I want peacefull and watchfull domestic battle fields. If those wishing to cause offsets are seen, my fellow leaders are to quell with necessary reasonable force. We need all I's to the east and their idea of lying to the free world via their non compliance with their trade agreements that stated they would allow citizens to vote in and out leaders and parties.

Drain on the flow, all SOE's my loyal knight riders are to be taken as threats to the USA and all agents whether USA citizen or foreign citizen are to be seen through those I's.
Rider i

The natural bird of I has alarmed the necessary knights to proceed a threat to the free world's.

All world's freedom knights are to be prepared for possible premptive movements by the Communist Party. All hoods lieing in Communist Party member ship are to gather any necessary evidence of working with the Internationatl Communist Party of China for Communist world domination.

Democracy allows any party to be voted in, However, Communism allows only one to rule.

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