This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

It is not easy being the only person speaking out with such disgust.

I started out very professional and low key. Then after I was laid off and could not find a job, I came closer to this cyclical game I have been tracing. As such, even if the players do not see it which I doubt becuase they pay belly full stuffed folks to sit around and trace things all day. As such, I started writing and reading more the cursing just came out naturally so I let it flow. The ideas of tribes, clans, parties or what every you want to call them having more power over the other tries or parties seems to be such a disgusting thing that I could not help it but curse. No one has every said anything regarding the matter, as they are either to week or to scared to engage in intellectual combat with me. The idea that some punks out there in their own cultures and ideas could suppress others from being able to have peacefully battles via voting upsets me to the point of such disgust that I just f ing cause. Then I traced very big entities in which I found where key players. I started playing the game much like a cloak and dagger affect. To my detrement know I have been hit for over $20,000 worth of economic damage. Yet it does not stop me it just evovles my intellectual battle more. The first time I was hit I became scared, and thought I had done something wrong. Then I realized no, they are trying to bully me into stopping talking tash on the real tribal or parties or religions or what every the f you want to call them. I will not be bullied, as a matter of fact after this last one, which has upset me very deeply. I am just taking the cloak off and putting the gloves on which all in all will make me more powerfull much like I was when I first started this tracing blog. I have lost ability to engage via persuasion but gained movement through anger and inner soul. I know will move where I need to move before I get into graduate school which is a professional power hitting entity. In which I stand strong on professional and properly backed research and presentation.

I am not an oppressor but in my legal name I wish to professional theoritical hammer the it out of them with my briefs, presentations and properly cited work.

It has been a long expression of anger for what I have found via words and my first amendment. I have kept the proper entities in touch, sometimes to the point of being a very big pain in the arse. However, as always before I started I had read cases where folks let it all hang out for something they believed in a peacefully yet vulgar manner. The Supreme court stated it is a civil rights battle, legally and softly, no biggy, wish they did not but they can. As such I have felt great, each knight before bed carrying on in my vulgar ways reading and writing.

This has to change, there are folks out that that wish for me to partake in their end trails and devour them. However, I would rather be a good christian budhist more christian, than a darn good Druid. As such, two days i will collect the data from this cite. and I will create another one.

I will then erasee all vulgarity and leave it standing as a statute to this part of my life in which I said f off to all tribes, parties religions or what ever they want to call themselves that wish to oppress people or even not allow a proper peaceuflly battle of voting. So again one more time before I take it down, f you all.
Rider I

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