This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

How to make nuclear waste energy a cheaper from of renewable energy.

First, I would need to know how much actual resources go into making, nuclear waste.
Would it be cheaper to just create new nuclear waste.
What is the storage cost compared to the actual ability to harness the energy that is just sitting there.
How much would it cost to mass manufacture barrels for the proper harness of the nuclear waste to turn it into energy.
How would one distill the nuclear waste to properly get the necessary items out of it to create energy at a peak.
How would one distill the nuclear waste to get lesser necessary atoms out of the waste to create a lower form of energy.
How would one create an implementation plan for nuclear plants to have these distilleries on cite, so they can transfer from use to distill to barrel, then hook the barrels back up the grid to create more energy, so they can use less nuclear energy and create thus less energy, and then on necessary needs of peak energy just turn the old nuclear silo back on, instead of using the waste.

How would I create a massive competitive market place to drive prices down for cities and states, to want to use more nuclear waste instead of new nuclear fuels.

Who are the main eagles i would have not upset in this adventure and what do they like to drink.
What kind of representation response would I need.
Who are the represnteres of our people that have incite to the areas of necessary movements and shaking to literally stir this up.
What are their cognitive process, weak points, word peaks, and worked booms, no's and yes, darkest desires, and fantasies, and how could I create a marketing scheme to implement the massive proliferation of nuclear waste as a source of renewable fuel to drive down prices, and save our caves and other areas for my other projects I want to start, like my clone army, and techno spider layers.
I want it out of my caves. Dam Communist and their feudal life styles with little freedoms and individual whims have the highest birth rates because that is the only whim they can do when they go home.

How do I create a stock market for nuclear barrel waste in international competition.

How do I treated nuclear waste like old hops, barely, rye or wheat and use it up to produce energy. As alcohol is good comparison. glowing gold.

What is the current mindset for nuclear waste in the dod ranks and do I need to create a cognitive stream to get them to commission it to slow the radical surplus's of nuclear waste being stored around the world.

What is going to be the necessary need for electrical vehicle and other transportation proliferation and how will it affect our grid system.

Over a long period of time how many barrels of nuclear waste if the program gets off the ground will be needed to not slip into a nuclear barrel shortage.

How to create a proper balance of reliance on barrel energy but still use, nuclear energy so as to not run out when the nuclear barrel half life is over and we can properly dispose of it in nature.

From the Rider I with love, the Druid saint of dumb dumb dumb. arse.

I will be your guide, through this conscious conception of cognitional perceptions.

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