This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.

This one is for Detroit and all those who lost their Childrens homes to Communist EW.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wenming Shebui Politicas introduction

In a civilized world, or even a city or society of people gathering together, it has long been understood in this world that there are two forms of power. These powers are known to English of the multicultural language of the ancient worlds placed together, as soft and hard power. Hard power is the idea that physical or certain oppression used be used to gain ones advantages for what they think is right. Soft power is the idea that one should step lightly and seek as many councils on the point as necessary.

Major points in civilized societies have always been the ability of people to get along with each other without causing major uprisings. This is very necessary for a wenming shebui. As such, the idea of hard power in Politics to a long ancient culture like the American Druids seems to be improper. This improperness is dealt with as the old English saying goes, and I for an I; if it becomes at sour point.This then causes more destruction, oppression and impoverishment of the whole, as the major hard powers gather strengths for their oppressive battles.

Battles happen every day. It is our way of how we deal with them. From our own waking in the morning, to our battling with our food to make sure it is editable for energy production.  These things can also be dealt with in a micro fashion must the same way. One can wake with hard power and already being oppressing themselves as the day will be bad or it is so hard. This thus usually causes them to use much more inner physical strength and causes much more neurological damage to their bodies and minds. On the other hand holding the key symbols, one can wake in the morning and think, I get to see the son today, the birds are singing, and no matter what happens, I will try and do the best I can. These thoughts as an inner battle brings happiness, less, anguish to ones innards, and more tranquility to those around them.

If we then look at soft power and hard power in a thought process as applied to a whole society, we can see much the same affects as one can see with their own inner beings. This is has the Druids have always worked via, international monk teachings and data collections for best processing of ideas and cognition's. The idea, that in a major civil area with millions of different beings, souls, and idea, that one should be have dark feelings of well today, I will not be able to fight to become a leader, as I do not believe in what they believe in or the idea of darkness and fear that if one states what they feel inside even though it will not cause harm to others, they will be hurt or oppressed causes, anguish and inner pain.

We can see these thought process of soft power v hard all through out time. There has never been a wenming shebui that has lasted very long with a hard power cognition. This is because of inner anguish, and what the international language of mutiplicty calls, civil disorder. This is because, all humans feel the same feelings, and want to be their own leaders. It is just how fairly they are treated in their surroundings and how they can gain the most satisfaction for their own desires. If the society as a whole, oppresses them and does not allow them to be heard or forces inner anguish through fear, then one can see a society that no matter how much hard power they use will erode itself and destroy its own innards.

On the opposing ideas of peace and ethical ideas of civil societies, via hard and soft power. We can see soft power. The idea of allowing soft power battles to rage, so as the hard power battles do not have to. This then creates a feeling of, civility. As civility is deciphered in definition in most terms as the highest form of soft power, and delineation of allowance of proper battles from within. As such if one can decipher the definition of wenming shebui then one would think that the highest form or civility via soft power battles, would be of the utmost importance to a civil society.

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